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Surely there are some old timers who remember 1960, when this gun was made. If it is "the gun great-great-grandad carried on the Chisholm Trail", someone has replaced all the parts. Can't give you any of the family history, but there is a lot of information about the model 94 in the Blue Book of Gun Values, Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms, and the Standard Catalog of Firearms.

model 94 lever action carbine:serial# 1,000,000 presented to pres. Calvin Coolidge in 1927,ser.#1,500,000 presented to pres. Harry Truman in 1948,ser.# 2,000,000 to pres. Dwight eisenhower in 1953.predates the gun being made in 1960. designed by john browning who sold the patent to Winchester,initially offered in .32-40 and .38-55 cal. black powder cartridge.spring of 1895 model 1894 was chambered for new smokeless powder cartridge in .30-30 and .25-35 cal.first offered in .32 cal. in June 1902.

If you "Google" Winchester 94, you will find more information than you can shake a stick at!

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Q: Where can you find information about a Winchester 94?
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Where to find information on Winchester 32 model 94 with serial 1130015?

What information are you seeking? I have a rather large database containing a lot of information about the Model 1894/94. Contact me at Bert H.

Where do you find information on a Winchester model 94 32 serial number 1522075?

How do you find the model of a Winchester rifle?

Model 94 winchester 30 30

Is there away I can find out the age of a Winchester rifile 94 - 30 30 model 94 by the serial on the gun?

I would like to find out the age of my Winchester 30-30 model 94 by the serial #2907348

How can you find manufacturing date model 94 Winchester serial number 4060181?

Your Winchester model 1894 was made by Winchester in 1974.

What is the age of a Winchester Model 94?

what is the year of winchester mod 94 sn 3295692

What is the age of Winchester 94 ss?

94 winchester 30\30 3503591

How can you find the history of a Winchester model 94?

Contact the Cody Museum.

What is the date of manufacture for a Winchester 94 30-30 with serial number 3992958 and where is a site where you can find that info?

Your Winchester Model 94 Lever Action Rifle in 30-30 caliber with serial number 3992958, was manufactured in 1974, making your rifle 36 years old, as of 2010. I hope you find this information helpful.

What does the 94 stand for in Winchester rifle?

The 94 in the winchester model 94 carbine stands for the year of its start of manufacture which was 1894.

Where can you find information on a Model 94 Winchester 44-40 caliber serial 4933357 with a saddle ring and a 16 inch barrel if it is not referenced in the Blue Book?

The only Winchester 94's made in .44-40 that I am aware of were commemorative models. What other markings are on the gun?

How old is a Winchester 94 32WS?

when was a winchester mod 94 32ws ser# 978991 made

Where can you find information about a Winchester Model 100?

have you tried the Winchester web site

When was the last winchester 94 ranger made?

The Winchester model 94 ranger was made from 1985-2006.

How do you find a buyer for a 1940s Winchester Model 94 lever action?


How do find out if your 94 is a pre 64 rifle?

Contact Winchester with the serial number of the rifle

How can you find the age of Winchester model 94 Wells Fargo co?

The winchester model 1894 wells fargo commemorative was issued in 1977.

What year was Winchester 94 30-30 serial number 2744409 made? has sn information.

What is the value and age of a model 94 Winchester serial?

Impossible to answer without the serial number and more information.

When was the cross bolt safety added to the Winchester 94?

The crossbolt safety on Winchester 94 has been introduced in 1992.

How much is Winchester model 94-44 mag worth?

Winchester Model 94-44 Magnum 3199687M

How old is your 94 Winchester 4219878?

Your Winchester model 1894 was made by Winchester in 1975.

What caliber is a Winchester model 94-32WS?

.32 WS is .32 Winchester Special. A caliber peculiar to Winchester 94's. They're still available, but not easy to come by. You may have to call around to a few gun shops before you find them, or order them on line.

Where can you find information on an old tube fed semi auto 22 Winchester Model B 1077517 rifle?

What is a Winchester Model B? With a serial number that high, I think it could only be a Model 12 shotgun or a Model 94 rifle.

What is the age of a Winchester Model 94 30-30 serial number 2394468?

Your Winchester Model 94 was manufactured in 1959........