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How do you find information on a Puerto Rican unit in the 65th Infantry Regiment in North Africa in World War 2?

Information about Africa?

There are many places where you can get information about Africa. The local library has a lot of great information on Africa.

How did Europeans get their information about Africa?

They explored Africa.

What is the origin of the information superhighway?


Which of these cultures was located in East Africa?

There is not enough information to answer this question. There are hundreds of tribes and cultures in Africa (including East Africa).

Can you give me information of regions of Africa?

Africa can be divided into a number of regions or sub-regions. One common approach categorizes Africa in directions, these are North Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa and South Africa.

Where can one find information on aids in africa?

One may find information on the subject of AIDS in Africa at the website "Global Issues". The site provides information on the current statistics, history and success stories.

Where can one find information for Africa Tours?

There are several websites where one can find information on African Tours. The two that come to mind are Safari and Go Africa. They both provide a wealth of information on this subject.

Did Ghana fight in the world war 1?

because they wanted to __ Yes it did. When war broke out the British formed the Gold Coast Regiment. It fought in a number of campaigns in Africa.

How is Africa diverse?

In what respect? The question does not have enough information

What culture provided African religion?

Well I'm not from Africa but if you go to Epcot, their is an Africa and their is a lot of information.

Where can one find information regarding vacations in Africa?

If you're looking for information about travelling to Africa there are many resources. Much information can be found by searching the internet, but you can also stop by your local bookstore or library and pick up a Lonely Planet guide to travelling Africa, or choose from many others. These books contain a lot of useful information.

What country has 11 official languages including afrikaans and Zulu?

South AfricaSouth AfricaSouth Africa

How old do you have to be to move out in South Africa?

This information may vary. Please visit the related link for more information. 18 is the age at which a person is legally an adult in South Africa.

Who are the branch committee members of Jehovah's Witnesses in south Africa?

This information is not available to the public. Contact the Branch office in South Africa for further information (see link below)

Where can someone find out information about travel to Africa?

One can find more travel information about Africa by going to an airport. At an airport the staff will assist a person and show them the best way to get there.

Did the Rifle Brigade see service in Ireland during the period 1872 to 1887?

in reply to did the rifle brigade see service in Ireland in 1872-1887 my grandfather joined the 1/Middlesex reg in 1876 in Ealing England service in S/Africa also in Ireland station in Limerick married my grandmother in 1882 remain in the army until 1889 when he was discharge to pension the regiment was the 57th the Barracks was called The New Barrack now called Sarsfield barrack Limerick is this any help

Are the flamingos the largest bird in Africa?

The flamingo is NOT the largest bird in Africa, That would be the ostrich. Find your information first.

Is African an official language in most of Africa?

There is no such language as "African."For more information about the languages of Africa, click here.

How did the slave trade impact west Africa politically?

Africa is a continent and to provide information we need a particular country to answer.

What is the annual rainfall for stellenbosch south Africa?

This information is not available

What is South Africa?

The Republic of South Africa is country situated in at the southern tip of Sub-Saharan Africa. See the related link below for more information.

What is the best information technology university in south Africa?

University of Johannesburg (about Information Technology and Software engineering).

Why do geographers have little information about African religions?

Geographers actually have plenty of information on the geographic regions of Africa.

Where to find missioners information in Africa?

Africa is one of those issues that is important that is going to necessitate expert intervention regarding