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springfield arms is a subsidary company of crescent valley arms.had same problem with a double barrel 16ga.,it took 9mths to get little information from a expert on old of luck with your search.

correction to answer,should be crescent arms,notcresent valley arms.

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Q: Where can you find information about two Springfield Arms shotguns first is a model 1929 ser 1225 20 gauge single shot second marked Patented Aug 12 1913?
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Who made guns marked 'Springfield Arms'?

Springfield Arms was a trade name used by J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co beginning around 1920. After Stevens was pruchased by Savage Arms, that company continued making Springfield Arms rifles and shotguns until 1948.

What Shell lengths are used for a beretta shotguns 685e?

The type will be marked on the barrel

How can you determine the choke of shotguns?

It should be marked on the weapon either as a word or a combination of symbols.

Where can you find the age and other information about an old pistol marked Springfield Jr 22 lr Model 50?

If you can forward a picture, we can ID it for you.

What caliber is a model 325 s x s shotgun?

Shotguns are described by gauge, not caliber. It should be marked on the barrels as to which is the correct ammuntion and gauge. Shotguns are described by gauge, not caliber. It should be marked on the barrels as to which is the correct ammuntion and gauge.

What caliber is lakefield bolt shotgun?

Shotguns are refered to by "gauge" not "caliber". It should be marked on the barrel.

How much is a JC Higgins Shotgun worth?

There are more than a few J. C. Higgins marked shotguns and values vary by model. More information is needed in order to provide an answer.

Where can you find information about an early 1900s Montgomery Ward side by side shotgun with 30 inch damascus twist barrels and the serial 60346?

Would need to know exactly how the gun is marked. Montgomery Ward's did not manufacture shotguns, but they did sell shotguns made for them by various makers.

What years did George Worthington make shotguns?

George Worthington was a hardware store in Cleveland, Ohio, from about 1890 to 1935. Single barrel shotguns were marked with his name by Crescent Arms Co and double barrel shotguns by J. Stevens Arms Co.

What is the mark Browning Automatic Arms Co. Ogden Utah?

Browning Shotguns were marked with this address from 1923-1931.

How do you find information on J Stevens double barrel shotguns?

Most Stevens shotguns have a model number on the right side of the receiver (5000, 5100, 3xx, 2xx). If the company name is marked "J. Stevens Arms Co", it was made after 1920 when Stevens became a division of Savage. Sometime in the 1940's the "J" was dropped. Riverside shotguns were made by Stevens. I'm not sure when they started and stopped using this name, but a Riverside hammergun should be the Model 215 which was produced from 1913-1932. The Model 215 hammergun was sold as the Springfield-Stevens from 1930-1932. On the left side of the receiver is: Springfield manufactured by J.S. Stevens Arms Company Chicopee Falls, Mass. USA Pat. Feb. 10-1914

Where can i find the model number on a single shot 12 gage Remington shotgun patented in 1903?

Not marked, Model 9

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