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Where can you find information on the web to help you change the timing belt on a 95 Geo Metro?


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Haven't found anything on the subject on the web at large, but I needed to work on my '94, so I bought a service manual. Timing belt isn't too complicated to change, just carefully remove the belts and water pump pulley, then you should be able to see the cover. Take off the four small bolts from the front of the harmonic balancer and remove the pulley portion. You don't have to remove the crank bolt, unless you decide to renew the crank front seal at the same time-if so be prepared for a tough fight. (there is an article on that subject out there) Now you can take off the timing belt cover, see the adjuster and so on. Notice that the water pump drive is outside the timing cover but a substantial portion of the pump is inside - good time to change that item also. When you go for the new belt, be sure to take along the old one - there are two styles used, not interchangeable. Putting on the new belt is a challenge - be sure that the crank mark (over the keyway) is lined up with the arrow on the block above, and the cam pulley mark (hole with dash marks either side) is on top, dead center. The new belt will be tight when you put it around the outside of the belt pulleys and inside of the adjuster - be prepared to wrestle for a while. Important! Don't stretch the belt with any prying tools - it breaks the internal reinforcement. Good Luck


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