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There is no mandate for domestic partner coverage in Texas. The following insurance companies voluntarily offer domestic partner coverage in Texas: Aetna, Ameritas, CIGNA, Great West Life, Guardian, Kaiser Permanente, Mutual of Omaha, New York Life and Health, Pacificare and United Healthcare. If you are looking to purchase a policy, they will have information for you. If you are looking for coverage through your employer, then you should know that employers in Texas are free to either provide or not provide domestic partner coverage. You should ask your HR department or union whether such coverage is available. Some municipal employers in Texas, such as the City of Dallas, offer DP coverage to eligible employees.

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Probably not. New York City, for example, still maintains its domestic partnership registry. Most large employers have not eliminated their domestic partner benefits and insurance companies continue to sell domestic partner coverage.

Yes, John Deere offers health insurance, including dental and vision, for domestic partners.

Yes. They can get it from an employer, if the employer voluntarily offers domestic partner benefits.

A health insurance plan is designed based on what the employer wants. So if a plan says that domestic partners are covered then the employer group is the one that put that wording in the policy. So if an employer wont cover a domestic partner then domestic partners aren't covered company wide.

This is determined by the employer who is paying the premiums for coverage. If there is a local domestic partnership registry available, then the requirement is usually a certificate of registration of domestic partnership. Otherwise, the requirement can be merely a notarized affidavit of domestic partnership in a format prescribed by the employer. Assuming the policy that has been purchased by the employer offers domestic partner coverage, then the insurance company will provide coverage to anyone that the employer says is the worker's domestic partner. The insurance company will then charge the employer more for that worker's coverage.

AmeritasCIGNAGreat West LifeHealth Plan of NevadaNew York Life and HealthPacificare

Such policies exist and are available for purchase in Tennessee. Whether your employer will be willing to pay for extending coverage to your domestic partner is another question. Under Tennessee law, neither the state government, nor any city, town or county in Tennessee is allowed to provide domestic partner benefits to its employees.

AmeritasCIGNAGreat West LifeGroup Health Plan (GHP)Guardian Life InsuranceKaiser PermanenteMetropolitan Life Insurance CompanyNew York Life and Health

Yes. In New York City, Health Net offers domestic partner coverage on all plans as of September 1, 2007.

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