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Where can you find marcite to repair a concrete pool?

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October 18, 2011 2:00AM

I've had to do several small patch jobs (8" x 8") due to rebar ties rusting through. I called several pool builders for 1.) advice on how to do the repair and 2.) materials. One local builder had some extra and filled a baggie for me. Getting ready for my fourth repair this morning. -Rick

Answer: I admit I'm not familiar with marcite. However, in regards to the rebar rust spots. Simply filling them in will allow them to return within a few months. Ideally, you'll need to cut down an inch or so, and use a grinder to grind down the long rebar/rebar tie. Then use a plaster patch. All other products to "cover" rebar rust spots are only temporary, and failure to eliminate the source of the rust will allow it to return soon.