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Where can you find marcite to repair a concrete pool?

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I've had to do several small patch jobs (8" x 8") due to rebar ties rusting through. I called several pool builders for 1.) advice on how to do the repair and 2.) materials. One local builder had some extra and filled a baggie for me. Getting ready for my fourth repair this morning. -Rick

Answer: I admit I'm not familiar with marcite. However, in regards to the rebar rust spots. Simply filling them in will allow them to return within a few months. Ideally, you'll need to cut down an inch or so, and use a grinder to grind down the long rebar/rebar tie. Then use a plaster patch. All other products to "cover" rebar rust spots are only temporary, and failure to eliminate the source of the rust will allow it to return soon.

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How do you repair cracks and chips in the concrete of inground pools?

How to repair cracks chips in pools concrete Marcite repairs are done by swimming pool professionals, you may find diy kits there also.They can be done above and below the water and you will find a repair after a month you will not be able to detect. Fibreglass can also be repaired both above and below water line as can vinyl liners, materials are available at your local pro pool dealer, you ain't gonna find it at the DEPOT or on Sams Shelf. Today there is no need to drain for simple repairs and or cleaning of your pool no matter what type you have. good swimming take care

What type of material do you use to repair cracks in an in ground concrete swimming pool?

a concrete pool A: Visit your local pool store for professional advice.

how do i find and repair leak in gunite pool with water in it?

how do i find and repair leak in gunite pool with water in it?

How do you resurface a concrete pool with marsite?

Marcite is a thing of the past, at least here in Florida. It used to be a good product, but after the removal of asbestos, it does not last as long as before. The quaztz aggregate finish replaced marcite. Instead of use of marble,like in marcite, it uses quartz. Diamond Brite is one of many brands available. Then you have hydrazzo which is a kind of marcite with a twist; it is polished after finished to a glassy feeling. Pebble finish is also available; it is a little bit rougher than quartz aggregate finish. The latest thing for pool finish is the use of glass beads(beadcrete). Premium Pool and Pavers, Tarpon Springs, Florida 727 271 5975.

Where can you find above ground pool repair in your area that install's liner?

Do a goggle search find above ground pool repair k

What is marcite?

Marcite was the material used to finish the interior of a concrete swimming pool. It is in simple terms a mixture of crushed marble and white cement mixed with water to form plaster which is then applied to the pool floor and walls with trowels to provide a smooth finish for the interior of the pool . These days we use what are known as exposed aggrigate materials to finish pools which contain man made quartz such as Diamond brite. Any further questions. you can reach me here..

How can you find above ground pool repair in your area that installs liner?

google above ground pool repair

Where can I find out how to do my own swimming pool repair?

You can find out how to do your own swimming pool repair with Pool School PRO. Pool School PRO is the ultimate online manual for all do it yourself swimming pool owners, contractors, and service people.

If your pool is made of both fiberglass and cement or gunite and the sides are fiberglass but the bottom is either cement or gunite is this a fiberglass pool that was filled with cement?

No. An older (possibly better) type of Fiberglass pool was constructed in this manner, with a concrete/Gunnite/Marcite trowled bottom and Fiberglass panels at the side of the pool. Panels are caulked together along vertical joints. Actually not a bad deal, but caulked joints must be maintained. Once the concrete starts showing through at the bottom of the pool, its time to drain and resurface. Bottom of pool should be acid washed every 3-5 years to keep it sparkling and remove mold, mildew, stains. If bottom surface is chipping off, its getting close to time to resurface bottom of pool. Bottom is treated just like any concrete/gunite/Marcite pool surface. Sides are simply brushed, caulked in timely manner.

Swimming Pool Repair?

form_title=Swimming Pool Repair form_header=11653 What type of pool do you need repaired?*= () Above ground () In ground What primary material is the interior pool surface made of?*= () Vinyl () Concrete () Tile () Unsure () Fiberglass Can you describe the repairs that are needed?*= [] Vinyl lining repair [] Pool cover needs repair [] Filtration system not working [] Pool surface is cracked or flaking [] Tile needs repair [] Want to replace or add accessories [] Heater not working [] Other [] Want to remove/fill in pool

What are the pros and cons of using Jack's Magic in a marcite pool?

Jacks Magic has many products for pools. Which one???

Where can I find zip patch to repair small leak in pool filter?

at ur local pool store!

Is there a way to patch a swimming pool that has water in it?

Yes, you can. The type of patching would depend on what kind of pool it is - vinyl or concrete - and what it is that needs patching. You can use a piece of pool liner and underwater liner repair glue to patch a vinyl liner (I prefer to not use the clear patch material that comes in most store bought liner repair kits, but the glue is ok to use). If it is a concrete shell, you would use a 2-part underwater epoxy made for pool repair. If the pool is a fiberglass shell, you will likely need to empty the pool to make an effective patch.

How do you repair pipes in a concrete in-ground swimming pool?

You would call your local swimming pool contractor for an estimate and advice. This would be something that only they are equipped to handle.

Is a concrete pool or vinyl pool better in Northern Kentucky?

A concrete pool is better any where if it is done professionally.

How do you repair hairline cracks in a drained concrete pool?

you can either use a good epoxy pool paint if you intend refurbishing the whole pool or use an epoxy paste. V out the cracks and fill with epoxy paste.

Can you use salt in a concrete pool?

Yes, there is no problem with using salt in a concrete pool.

Is there anything that can be put in your pool to redye your concrete pool dark blue?

There does not appear to be anything that can be put in your pool to redeye your concrete in the pool dark blue. This can only be achieved by draining the pool and painting the concrete a dark blue color.

Your concrete pool needs repair can you get a liner for it?

Yes, but the measurement, the installation of the bead receptor and the in take and return flanges can be difficult. I suggest you get a professional.

How do you turn a fully concrete liner pool into a fully concrete pool with out a liner?

by taking the liner away!

How do you repair sinking concrete around an inground pool that's causing cracks and is supporting it in small sections digging out and packing with crushed stone acceptable to prevent further washout?

You have to look for the cause and remedy that first otherwise you will be repairing the concrete over and over. The cause of the deck to "heave" is probably a leak in your pool or pool plumbing.

What are the advantages of installing a fiberglass swimming pool as opposed to a concrete one?

Fiberglass swimming pools are easier to maintain, repair, and are less costly to install.

What pool is best?


Is it possible to change a concrete pool into a liner pool if your inground concrete pool has cracks along the side down near the bottom?

Yes it can be done

How do you repair cracks in concrete pools?

Because there are regulations to comply with, a pool installation professional must make the repairs, which usually involves removing a large segment of the pool and replacing it, and sometimes repairing tile if applicable.