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You can normally go to your county's website, the clerk of court. Some of these sites will let you search for forclosures. Many times (at least in Florida) you can view the liens and title properties online also.


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Large houses in Ancient Rome were called villas. These villas could be either inside or out of cities, some had large grounds-with room for baths, gardens etc. An ordinary house in the city itself was called a domus with little or no land, but they could still be large and elegant.

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Manor houses were the large houses on manorial estates. They were the homes of the lords of the estates, and tended to be large and much more comfortable than the houses of other people. Some of the manor houses were fortified, and these could look very much like castles, complete with moats and turrets. Other manor houses were mansions. There is a related question below, at which there are links to pictures of manor houses.

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Yes, the ancient Romans lives in houses, and in apartments, and in tenements The large plush houses of the rich who lived in the country were called "villas."

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Large hailstones can break car windows, and put holes in siding on houses.

In Italy the houses are flats, with 2 or 3 bedrooms,or large countryside houses, with a large garden. In cities we have flats. The were made of stone and painted white. They were surrounded by a large stone gate and were usually guarded.

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Houses in Zambia range from very simple rural shacks made from reeds and mud with thatch roofs to large houses built with bricks and concrete.

Yes, the Romans lived in houses. Their housing ranged from the tenement apartments, to large mansions, to country estates.

the houses were made of brick or lumber and had a central chimney. the houses were often very large if they were on a plantation.

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