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why doesn't wikipedia have the answer to this question?

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โˆ™ 2007-10-08 11:57:52
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Q: Where can you find the emancipation laws and requirements of the UK?
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What educational requirements are needed to find IT jobs in the UK?

Educational requirements that are needed for IT jobs in the UK include post-graduate technical training certification and related work experience with references.

What are the requirements for contents insurance in the UK?

The requirements for contents insurance in the UK with vary. In the case of ownership, the requirements depend on the specific mortgage provider. In rentals, the landlord sets the requirements.

What are the requirements need for a us citizen to tour UK?

There are no legal requirements to TOUR the UK. However, you may need an appropriate visa to ENTER the UK.

What are the laws regarding tractor pulls in the UK?

Some of the laws regarding tractor pulls in the UK are, a tractor should not be going over 32km/h and the maximum weight is 24,390kg. You can find out more at the website uktractorpulling.

What are the laws of the UK?

The laws of the UK are the vast body of rules, regulations and prohibitions embodied in Acts of Parliament and common law.

What are the requirements to visit Scotland?

If you will be visiting Scotland from within the UK, there are no legal requirements. If your starting point is outside the UK, check with the British Embassy in your own country.

Where can one find more information about renting a car through AVIS in the UK?

Some requirements and rules for Avis car rental in the United States are different then those in the UK. The Avis UK website has a frequently asked questions section and if you cannot find what you need; you can contact their customer service line.

Which branch of British government passes laws?

The UK government does not pass laws, the Westminster parliament is the primary lawmaking body in the UK.

What laws are there about homosexuality in the UK?

There are no laws in the UK about homosexuality other than a ban on same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland, and various anti-discrimination laws.There are no laws in the UK about homosexuality other than a ban on same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland, and various anti-discrimination laws.

Is it legal to own a parrot in the UK?

Yes it is - there are no special licence requirements to own a parrot in the UK.

How are laws made in the UK?

By Parliament.

Do mayors pass laws?

Not in the UK

Are there any legal requirements for perfume in the UK?


How do you go about filing for emancipation in the UK and what does it entail?

There is no such thing in UK. If you are 16 you can move out. If you are younger than tha tyou are taken into care of Social Services.

What are the requirements you need to join a semi pro footballsoccer team in the UK?

There are no formal requirements to join a semi pro football or soccer team in the UK. You simply have to be good enough to play.

What are the laws made by a city government usually called?

Generally, they're called laws. They are called by-laws in UK

What are the entry requirements for the UK police force?

Look in the UK Police's recruitment web site for this information.

Where can one find property for sale in Manchester UK?

One can find listings on the Right Move's website for properties listed both for sale and for rent in Manchester, England. One can search with personal requirements such as baths and bedrooms needed. One can also contact a realtor in Manchester, UK to find listings as well.

How many laws are there in the UK?

there are 28 laws

Who makes the laws in the United Kingdom?

The democratically elected government makes the laws in the UK.

Is a sig sauer P290 legal in the UK?

If you can meet all the UK laws, yes.

Can a UK citizen get married at sea?

Since there are no laws in the UK to prevent that the answer would be YES YOU CAN.

What are Minor Laws In The UK?

In the UK, anyone under the age of 18 is classed as a child.

Who makes the nation laws in UK?


The laws in the UK are made in...?

...the House of Commons.