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The flasher on most cars is located around the fuse box under the dash, or attached to the underside of the dash. It is a small round cylindrical Can made of aluminum, or plastic.

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Q: Where can you find the flasher switch that makes your blinkers flash?
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When i replaced my gauges in your 1991 Chevy camaro y did my blinkers stop working fuses under the dash are good are there more?

There is also a flasher unit that makes them flash, try replacing that unit.

Where is the function flasher in a car?

It makes the signals and the hazards flash.

What makes the blinker sound when blinker is activated?

The turn signal flasher is what makes the noise and lets the turn signal flash.

Were do you find the flasher for a 1995 Ford Thunderbird?

Try eBay or a local junkyard or parts store when you say flasher you mean the actual box that makes the lights flash or the lamp itself?

What makes the turning signal flash slow on a 1993 jeep grand Cherokee limited is it the flashers?

Usually a bad turn signal flasher

Why does the amp gauge move every time the blinkers blink on your 1978 jeep cj 5?

Current going through the circuit that energizes the flasher device for the blinkers takes away from the current available to go through the circuit that includes the amp gauge. The flasher takes a more current than you might expect, as it is heating a bimetalic strip that makes/breaks the bulb circuit, and heating always consumes lots of power.

Is it illegal in Georgia to have white blinkers?

It is illegal through out the US. With headlights already being white makes it hard to see white blinkers.

Where is emergency flasher located on 88 celebrity?

If you are talkking about the emergency flasher button, than on the bottom of the steering column is a black thing sticking out. You press up in the center off this button to turn on the flashers. Then grab the whole outer ring and pull down to turn them off.. If you are talking about the emergency flasher flasher peice (what actually makes those lights flash), On your fuse panal is a round looking thing. If you pull that off, and replace it with one from a parts store, they will flash again.

Where is the mechanizim that makes the turn signals flash found not the lever on the stering column but the actual flasher it's self?

Usually on the fuse panel. It is a round can looking device

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 1991 Subara Loyale located and what type is it can not find it Turn signal light stays on all the time and will not flash?

Flasher is under the dash, drivers side, follow the clicking sound the signal makes when turned on. That sound comes from the flasher. If signal is staying on it could be you have a bulb or two out. Check your signal lights before replacing the flasher.

If bulbs and fuses good then what else could cause turn signals not to work?

In (my) order of probabilityBad bulb, On some older systems a bad bulb that you don't even know is a signal will cause things not to flashFlasher, There is a little device (may be two) that makes the system flash, usually mounted in or near the fuse boxBad ground somewhere in the system can cause the flasher to think there is a bad bulb.Signal light switchBad body control computer in newer cars.

Which fuse operates right front turn signal for 1997 century?

in the fuse panel both turn signals are operated on one fuse. the flasher unit makes it flash.

Locate a turn signal switch 99 durango?

The turn signal switch is directly under the steering wheel. the flasher...(the device that makes the lights blink and is activated by the turn signal switch) is usually under the steering column between the column and pannel

What makes the signal bulb flash the front or back?

Turn signal switch has 1 hot wire per ea. side.

How to change the emergency light switch on a Mazda mpv?

Are you asking how to change the Hazard switch? What makes you think it is bad? They almost never go bad and I would be really surprised if it were. Have you replaced the Flasher Relay for the hazard lights.

Who actually makes the flash memory in memory cards?

Kingston makes Flash memory.

2000 Jeep Wrangler blinkers not working properly?

my blinkers are not working when the vehicle is cold and it makes this buzzing sound but after a while it works just fine. do you know what this can be? or what i need to check

What makes a car signal blink?

Flasher relay.

What makes turn signal on a 1983 regal stop or make the flasher come on when turning turn signal on?

Flasher relay.

Why flashers not working F150?

The part of the bulb that flashes has popped. there is two parts inside of bulbs that have to blink one stays on and one makes it flash. if they are both fine inside the bulb then you could have a short in your wires. If the bulbs come on but just do not flash then the flasher relay is defective. Simply replace it.

What is the eye patch of horses called?

The eye patch which makes the horse to look straight can be called as "BLINKERS".

Who makes the lighting flash?


Who makes the lightning flash about?


What makes the clicking sound When you turn on your turn signal?

the flasher relay.

Why are your 1997 Chevy blazer brakes not working while the upper roof tail light still works?

Usually this a faulty signal light switch. The Signal light switch disconects the brake light on the signaling side and makes it flash.