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I have no idea which specific sensors you are talking about. There are sensors all over the engine, in the exaust, on and inside the transmission, and even in the fuel tank. We need to know at least some form of the name of the sensor to figure out what you mean, and we need to know what year this vehicle is.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-05 05:19:59
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Q: Where can you find the gas sensors in a ford windstar a diagram of this?
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Get under it and look at the exhaust pipes, you will spot them easily.

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Google it.

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When making changes to a car, it is important to have a diagram. A diagram for a 1998 Ford Windstar steering wheel column can be found in the maintenance manual, or a print out can be made at an auto part store.

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The fuse box diagram for a 1998 Ford Windstar van is located on the inside cover of the box cover. It can also be viewed within the service manual.

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You might try the HAYNES manual

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If you mean gasoline sensor it's in the gas tank otherwise there are several other sensors located in the engine compartment.oxygen gas sensor is on the exhaust manifold. egr gas valve is located on the intake manifold.

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