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The Idle Air Control (IAC) valve is mounted on the throttle body

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Q: Where can you find the idle air control valve on a Ford Ranger?
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Where is the heater control valve located on a 1996 Ford Ranger 2.3L 4-cylinder engine?

follow the heater hose at the rear of the engine and you will find it.

Where is the PCV valve located on a 2000 Ford Ranger 2.5 4-cylinder?

Look on the back of your valve cover and you should find it.

Where do you find the idle air control valve in a 1990 ford tempo?

on the intake

Where is horn relay on 1987 Ford Ranger?

To find the horn relay on a 1987 Ford Ranger, look along the steering column under the dash. Here you will find the speed control amplifier bracket, which is what the horn relay is connected to.

How do you replace 96 Ford E150 van heater control and what year controls fit?

How do u find a heater control valve on a 96 Ford e150 4.9

Where is the PCV valve on a 1988 ford ranger 2.9 liter lacated?

It is located behind (toward the rear of truck) The oil add chamber on the passanger side valve cover. Pull the hose out of the valve cover and there you'll find the PCV Valve

What is the valve clearance for a ford ranger 2.5 diesel engine?

You can find this information in the users manual. Each of the valves would have different clearance levels to look out for.

Where is the PCV valve on 2003 ford ranger?

The pcv valve is the small hose connect to the intake between the air filter and the throttle body. Its pretty easy to find as it is the only other part attached to the intake hose.

Location of idle air control module on 2005 Ford Escape?

The idle air control valve on 2005 ford escape in located under the hood on top of the throttle body. Use the manual to find help.

How do you replace heater control valve in 2000 ford F150?

look right above the battery and you will find a TEE valve on a little black hose. mine has a blue valve on the tee pull it off and slide the other in

Where to find a diagram for a 2000 ford ranger?

A diagram of what component?

Where do you find the cabin air filter on a 2003 Ford Ranger?

There is no cabin filter to find.

Where can you get a fuse panel diagram for a 1986 Ford Ranger XL?

You can find a fuse panel diagram for a 1986 Ford Ranger XL in the owner's manual. You can also find it at select auto part stores.

Where is the Location of PCV valve in 1993 Ford Tempo?

Did you ever find the location of the pcv valve?

Will a 93 ford explorers front seats fit into your 93 ford ranger?

Here you will find all the seats that will bolt right into the ranger:

Where is a 1998 Ford Ranger turn signal relay?

i have a 1998 Ford Ranger xlt 4wheel drive, my turn signals went out. where do i find the flash hazard relay?

Where can you find a Ford dealer manual on a 2004 Ford Ranger xlt?

Probably on everything seems to be there!

Where do you get an owners manual for a 1995 ford ranger?

Search online, you can find it!

Where can you find the PCV valve on 1995 4.0 L Ford Ranger?

It is toward the rear of the driver's side valve cover. If you notice that the intake plenum kind of hangs over the valve cover a lttle bit. the PCV is at the end of a short vacuum line, under the edge of that overhang, toward the rear.

Where is Pcv valve located on 2002 ford ranger 2.3 liter?

The pcv valve is located behind the clip that holds the by-pass radiator hose below the intake manifold. This valve is in one of the poorest places they could have put it, very difficult to get to to change a $4.16 part. Once you find your pcv valve, good luck getting it out!

Where can I find a diagram for the fuse box of a 1994 Ford Ranger?

look in the owner's manual for any `94 ranger, or buy and inexpensive automotive repair manual for ford rangers.

Where do you find the EGR valve on a 1992 Ford Festiva?

1990 -1993 injected Festivas do not have a EGR valve

Where can you download a parts manual for a 2000 Ford Ranger?

Look up 2000 Ford Ranger in the parts catalog and find repair manuals under Literature. The 2000 Ranger repair manual is on DVD - ROM for about $14.

Where can you find the fuse diagram for a 1999 Ford Ranger?

Owner's manual, or Library.

Where can I find a parts diagram for a 1994 Ford Ranger?

Call your local dealer.