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you don't need one. look at your old belt before you take it off, or look at the pulleys. the ones with a smooth surface get the back of the belt, the ones that are ribbed get the ribbed part of the belt.

AnswerYou're gonna hate me for this. You don't. Auto manufacturers are fighting to keep some information out of independent repair shops, and the information these shops do have costs a hell of a lot to keep. Auto makers aren't about to let peons like you and me in on such top secret details such as how to replace a radio. But, in truth........ head to your nearest parts house, and as them to check the book catalog. Sometimes, Gates and Goodyear put belt routing in there, just to help folks out. If that doesn't work, I would suggest putting on your happy face, and checking with shops to see if they'd help you out. When I wrenched, I was always happy to help a do-it-yourselfer, because I knew that if they ever needed help, they'd come to me. That psychology can work for you, to.
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Q: Where can you find the online diagram of the route of a serpentine belt for a Dodge 4.7L truck engine?
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When working on a car engine, it is important to have an engine diagram. A Dodge Stratus engine diagram can be found in a Dodge forum online, or in the repair manuals at Auto shops.

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A 2007 Dodge 3500 diesel engine serpentine belt routing diagram can be obtained from most auto-parts stores. When you purchase the serpentine belt, ask for a routing diagram.

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Yes, there is a diagram for a 1995 Dodge Spirit Serpentine Belt Diagram. It is found in the maintenance manual to the car.

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Go to and look under specifications, belt routing. On a 1989 Dodge Grand Caravan, the diagram is on the side of the engine where the S-belt is located.

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Here it is:

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It should be either under the hood in the engine compartment or in your owners manual.

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on the core support

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