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Where can you find the wiring schematics for a 94 Plymouth Acclaim running igniton switch?


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2008-01-10 07:05:38
2008-01-10 07:05:38

you need to get a manual for the car and look in it


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Heater blower motor running continuously. Check the heater resistor pack.

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If the headlight that runs through the modulator first is out then the daytime running lights won't work. Change the bulb and the daytime lights should then work.

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4 1/2 quarts of dextron III, after changing the filter and pan gasket (check while running, in park, after first shifting through all gears for a minimum of 3 seconds each)

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Depends on the wiring schematics of your car. If it's a short in a system which leads back to the ECM, yes, it could.

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