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its a crap song but if u go to , download the program, then search for it youll probably get it go to and email divari

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Q: Where can you get Muhammad Hassan's full WWE song?
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What is theme song of WWE experience?

This is not actually a full size song but a normal Show Theme / Opening music.

Why did Muhammad hassan left WWE?

Muhammad Hassan left WWE because his terrorist character and the London Train Bombings were taking place at the same time so the WWE ended his angle and he was eventually released.

Is WWE superstar Muhammad hassan alive?


What was WWE all the ppv song of 2011-2012?

The WWE ppv song for 2011-2012 is Invincible.

Who sings Melina's WWE enterance song?

Actually, the song is called "Paparazzi" and it was compsed by WWE musicians.

What is the full form of wwe-?

world wrestling entertainment

What is the WWE diva's theme song in general?

Most of the time WWE use the theme song "Feelin Me" - Kynady Lee

What is Chris Masters' WWE theme song?

Chris Masters' WWE theme song is Overdrive composed by Jim Johnston.

Who sings the WWE theme song priceless?

DiBiase currently uses the song "Priceless", which was composed by Jim Johnston, in WWE.

What is the song on the WWE ad?

the song is to be loved by papa roach

Where you can download WWE raw new theme song?

At the WWE web site.

What was the WWE theme song for the WWE survivor series 2002?

"Always" By Saliva