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online, car dealership or a private seller!

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Q: Where can you get a car?
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How can do car?

do can car by can how car do or do can on car

What are non-examples of artifacts?

Examples non artifact

What is a palindrome for a very fast car?

race car

Who is at fault in a 3 car accident when uninsured car 1 hits stopped car 2 then car 2 hit stopped car 3?

If a car hits a stopped car and sets that car into motion and it hits another car, the first car is responsible for both cars. A stopped car is not responsible when someone sets it into motion and it hits another car.

Where is the adverb in the car is not red?

the car

Can a car be a car even when it doesn't look like a car or run like a car but has the same motor as a car and does the same speed as a car?


Car owner by car number?

Every car owner owns a car with different car numbers.

How have the greater damages the car hitting another car or car hitting a steady car?

car hitting a steady car

What is pulled by a locomotive?

Baggage car, Boxcar, Buffet car, Caboose, Coach, Flatbed car, Observation car, Parlor car, Sleeper car,

Car a finance company report your car as stolen?

Yes, they can. They can't finance you car if your car is a stolen car. When you put your car from a finance company, make sure that your car isn't stolen and bought it in a big car company.

Who is at fault when car A pulls out immediately in front of car B and car A hits car B from behind?

Car A

How are car buyer different then car sellers?

A car buyer is actually the ones who will buy a car from a car seller.

Who is at fault in a 3 car accident if car 1 is at a complete stop at a stop sign car 2 is cut off by car 3 and car 2 slams into car 1 Car 3 has no damage whatsoever?

Since car 3 was the initial cause of the accident, car 3 is at fault. If car 3 had not cut off car 2, car 2 would not have hit car 1, and if that was the case there would not have been an accident. As I said, car 3 is at fault. Hope this helps.

Who is fault is it if car A is parking on the side of a road and a car B pulls in behind car A in between a park car to let a car go by on the other side of the road and car A reverses into car B?

If "Car A" is parallel parking, it has the right of way over "Car B". If the parallel park was indicated properly by "CAR A", then "Car B" should not have been in a position to pull into space behind "CAR A" as "CAR B" should have hung back as soon as the paralell park was indicated by "CAR A".

Who is at fault for car 1 when car 2 slammed his brakes on and car 3 hit car 2 and car 2 hit car 1?

Car 3 would be at fault for all damages. From the description it sounds like car 2 had to make a stop and car 3 had either enough speed or weight to force car 2 into car 1. Car 3 should have allowed enough space in front of it to avoid any crashes. Now, if car 2 had hit car 1 and then a moment later car 3 hit car 2, car 2 would be at fault for car 1 and car 3 would be at fault for car 2. In an event like this, make sure a POLICE REPORT is made.

Does your car insurance card stay with the car or with the car's owner?

car's owner (you paid for it) I believe it must be with the car. If you lend the car out how is the driver to prove insurance?

What the difference between I'm on the car and I am in the car?

I'm on the car means that the person speaking is located on top of the car. I am in the car means that the speaking is inside of the car.

If the car dealer misleads you car you return a used car?

No, you can not return the car.

Who is fault when car a is backing out of a car park and car b decides to go around car a and car a gets hit by the back of car b?

As far as I understand, if any car is in reverse it is their fault.

Who is at fault when car 2 hits car 1 and causes car 3 to slam on brakes and hits car 2?

it is car 2's fault because it hit car 1 forcing car 3 to hit car 2

What goes first car or car insurance?

Car first. You can't buy car insurance without a car first.

What can a car dealership do when your car has a lean on it?

If a car dealership has a lean on your car and you have not made the required payments they may repossess your car.

If you pay finance on a car but the car is not in your name who has the rights to the car?

The person who the car is registered with. You are paying for a car you don't own.

Who is at fault if car A is mergeing into the next lane hit car B and caused car B to hit car C Then car A hits car B again. Car C is injured. Who pays for car C's injuries?

Car A pays- He started it. That's not always true. Was sitting at red light, was hit by other car that had been hit by other car. Insurance Co. said neither car was at fault, my insurance fixed my car. No fault ins.

If a car has his turning signal on and the car behind him gets hit from the car behind by the second car whose fault is it?

is fault of car behind the second car not yours