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Where can you get a diagram for the serpentine belt on a 1992 Plymouth Acclaim?


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2005-08-30 01:57:31
2005-08-30 01:57:31

It is on the fan shroud or in the owners manual. If you don't have either, go to a used car lot and find a like car and draw one or draw one before you remove it. WOULD IT HAVE BEEN TOO HARD TO JUST POST A PICTURE HERE? I DON'T HAVE A MANUAL FOR MY KIDS 12 YEAR OLD CAR AND IT'S NOT ON THE SHROUD !!!! You try drawing a picture on this site. It would have been more trouble than it would have been for you to go to a library and look in a repair manual.


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From the screw tabs across is just under 6.5". I bought 5.25" and the fit (1992 plymouth acclaim) except the screw tabs are too short

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The diagram o the fuse box is located inside the car near the hood latch. Lift the cover which is held on with velcro and the diagram is inside the panel of the door.

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My 1991 Plymouth Acclaim manual says mine is R12, but I can't say for the '92 It was built with R12, should be retrofitted to R134a.

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