Where can you get a parts list or schematic for a 16 gauge Model 94?


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You need to find more information about the firearm. Winchester made 25 different models of the "94" and they were not shotguns. Models like the 9410 were. Contact for some answers. * Ignore the first answer. A 16 gauge Model 94 is a Stevens/Savage shotgun.


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It is a Stevens 940B. I have the schematic.

The correct answer is Numrich gun parts. Or, just google Marlin A1 schematic and it will show you a list of parts that you can order and a complete schematic to view.

Send me your email & I'll send you a scan of the manual & exploded view.

You can go to BROWNELL'S Web Site and for a fee you can download the schematic and parts list for the 39A Marlin. Brownells or Gun Parts Corp. Brownells is always the better choice!

Try the web site of: You can get a schematic of the action and a parts list of the parts they sell.

Check the website at gunpartscorp. Look under jennings, and there is a schematic and parts list for the J-25.

Try If this helps, please email me at I have a model 1914 that is missing an internal part, but I'm not sure what it looks like...

What do you want for it? I have one that needs parts. Looking at all major firearms parts businesses, there's none listed for this particular rifle. This gun is actually a Savage model 187, sold under Western Auto Supply, for complete schematic and parts list/purchases visit

You might be able to get it from Daisy. See the attached link below. request the parts list

Manual, Schematic and Parts List available on-line from John Stimson's website at .... click on Manuals, and scroll down to find 'Guns Made for Sears' , click on type and model; download and print, as PDF. Numrich Gun Parts sells many such Manuals for less than $2.00.

Try numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.

Numrich gun parts, look under Marlin/Glenfield parts list

Try e-gunparts for the parts list. You can get a manual for free from S&W on their website.

Go to Numrich Arms website, you can see a parts list and purchase a parts diagram for about anything-

Crosman does. see the link below for the parts list and how to contact Crosman.

I would go to E-gun is also Numrich gun parts corp.

Go to and enter yht model number.

designate the model. Try the Browning website at just rebuilt my model 815 excellent service

You go to all the trouble of asking a question and then you leave out the information that will allow someone to actually answer your question. Look at what you wrote. You want a vacuum schematic for a 1995, but you do not list any make or model of vehicle. So there is no way I or anyone else can provide an answer. You have posted an unanswerable question.

Go to Numrich Gun Parts Corp.It will be helpful if you know the original maker of your shotgun,as all guns that were made under the Western Field name(Montgomery Wards) were made by outside firms for Montgomery Wards.If you list the model number of your western Field shotgun,this can be cross referenced to the original maker and help you get the right model of shotgun to locate parts.

If it's a 12 Gauge, 1911. (I'd list the other gauges if I had that info ;)

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