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Haynes repair manuals have good vacuum diagrams

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โˆ™ 2004-10-25 16:07:22
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Q: Where can you get a vacuum diagram for a 1996 vortec 5.7lt engine with a 700r4 transmission?
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Where can you get an engine diagram for a 5.3 vortec engine?

torque diagram

Where do you find vacuum hose diagram for 1998 GMC Jimmy Vortec V6 4.3 liter engine?

vacuum hose from window washer to where it runs from small hoses running under the window

How do you add transmission fluid to a Chevrolet 350 vortec engine?

You should never add transmission fluid to a Chevrolet 350 engine. You can add transmission fluid to the transmission through the transmission dipstick holder.

Does a Chevy 2500 with a 6.0 vortec engine come with the Allison transmission?

No. The 8.1 and the 6.6 are equiped with the allison

Is there a fuel diagram for a 94-95 blazer with cpi 4.3 vortec?

There is a fuel diagram for a 94-95 Chevy Blazer with a CPI 4.3 Vortec engine in the service manual. It shows the path the fuel travels from the fuel tank all the way to the injectors.

Does anyone have a diagram of a 5.7L Vortec Engine GMC Yukon 1999?

Diagrams for a 5.7L Vortec Engine for a 1999 GMC Yukon can be found in GMC forums online, or in an image search. They can also be found in the repair book found in auto shops.

The difference between a 4.3 V6 engine and the 4.3 V6 vortec engine?

The vortec has bigger pistons

How can you tell if you have a vortec engine?

Look at the intake manifold. A vortec engine has 8ea. All the others have 12ea.

Need to know transmission for a 1994 Chevy S-10 blazer 4x4 v-6 automatic vortec engine with a vin number of 1gndt13w1r0152579?

That would be the 4L60E transmission.

Can you put a 95 vortec 4.3 engine in a 93 s10 blazer?

the answer is yes the block sizes and transmission but your going to have to make only two new holes for the transmission mount.

What size is the engine on a Silverado 1500?

The 2001 model of the Light-Duty Silverado 1500, had an option of four engine sizes; a 6.0L Vortec V8 engine, a 4.3L Vortec V6, a 4.8L Vortec V8 or a 5.3L Vortec V8. The Heavy-Duty 1500HD comes with three engine options, these are 6.0L Vortec V8, 8.1L Vortec V8 and a 6.6L Duramax V8

How do you disasemble 4.3 vortec carburetor?

The 4.3 Vortec engine never had a carburetor.

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