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Where can you get diploma courses in computer?


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Institute of Niche Management & Technology (INMT) is a registered and a well - known education trust. INMT is a reputed institute with the belief to impart standard education and training to its students - in the dynamic, niche and the upcoming disciplines of Management and Technology.

Institute of Niche Management & Technology (INMT) has been established as a premier institute for growth and success of advanced education programs in Management and Technology.

INMT has the foundation of quality, excellence and trust within our own unit.

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INMT distance education courses have been carefully designed and prepared by subject matter experts from industries, with main focus on the quality of course material and covering every possible aspect of the subject. Our courses are accessible by everyone who has the keen interest to rise in his / her career in very reasonable budget.

Who Should Join INMT?

All the working professionals, students and individuals who want to be a Software Architect, Enterprise Architect, Business Analyst, EAI Architect, Project Manager, Quality Expert, Advertising & Public Relations Expert and want to grow fast in their career with huge salaries.

INMT is a premier institute which provides specialization in:

· Information Technology

· Advanced Diploma for Enterprise Application Architect

· Advanced Diploma for Application Integration Architect

· Advanced Diploma for Software Architect

· Advanced Diploma for Business Analyst

· Advanced Diploma for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

· Advanced Diploma in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

· Advanced Diploma in Project Management (PM)

· Advanced Diploma in Total Quality Management (TQM)

· Media, Mass Communication & Advertising

· Advanced Diploma in Mass Communication

· Advanced Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations

· BPO, Call Center

· Advanced Diploma in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

· Personality Development & Soft Skills

· Certificate Course in Personality Development & Soft Skills

INMT courses have been designed based on the unique requirements of present & upcoming market. We do a continuous detailed study of various industries and design the courses based on the huge market requirement. Some of the industries we usually target are - Multinational Companies, Management Consultancies, Health care industry, Telecom industry, Retail market and financial industry.