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Readily available at any good paint store, custom auto shop or boat shop, usually cheaper at the paint store. It comes as a clear topcoat and in colors. The colors can be tinted or mixed, but use ONLY the colorants recommended by your supplier for your product.

It's not rocket science, but careful surface preparation and exactly following instructions is a must. Your vendor or public library normally has DIY booklets with illustrations and tips.

When even a small amount of the clear "catalyst" is mixed into each batch, the clock starts and can't be stopped, so mix small batches until you get the hang of it or risk owning a freeform art object complete with imbedded paintbrush.

Also, be sure to buy or borrow a quality nose-mouth respirator (under $50 with appropriate screw-on replaceable cannisters). Both the dust from sanding and fumes while applying should be carefully avoided. A box fan blowing from behind you is good.

Usual procedure is to repair all problem areas with desired color, sand again lightly, then add a clear coat of gelcoat for a glass-like finish.

Last word: study directions very carefully regarding how much to mix at a time and how much "catalyst" activator to add. This depends a lot on the day's temperature, humidity and the temperature of the spa's surface when applied.

Repair Fiberglass Spa

Supplies are everywhere. Did you mention your spa is made out of what material, do you know?

Since boats are more plentiful than spa's or pools and boaters seem to make lots of repairs , you will find many many articles at the big box boat stores such as boatus or west marine online regarding basic fiberglass repairs.

But bonding to a particular surface other than fiberglass will be your task at hand of course.

CorrectionSupplies to repair a fiberglass spa cannot be easily found. "Big box" boat stores only sell marine gel coat which must not be used in chemically treated water. Marine gel coat will turn yellow within two years and completely break down within three years. Only swimming pool gel coat can be used successfully in chemically treated water. "Swimming pool gel coat" can be found online and must follow a coating of vinyl ester resin.

Fiberglass hot tub restoration requires swimming pool gelcoat as opposed to marine or automobile gelcoat, or the cheap two part epoxy sold at paint stores. Swimming pool gelcoat was used when the hot tub was manufactured and is required due to the chemically treated water found in most hot tubs.

Swimming pool gelcoat, also known as fiberglass pool paint, can be purchased online and shipped directly to your home. Swimming pool gelcoat is not available as a clear coat because it would turn yellow rather quickly however, every color you can imagine is available.

The "glass like finish" referred to above can only be accomplished by using acrylic, and acrylic will not laminate to a hot tub originally finished with gelcoat. nor will gelcoat laminate to a hot tub originally finished with acrylic.

Finally, complete instructions are available at the online vendor and these instructions are specifically written for hot tubs and Swimming Pools.

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Q: Where can you get fiberglass and gel coat supplies to repair an inground fiberglass spa yourself?
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