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Where can you get information about a Stevens Marksman rifle marked J. Stevens Arms Company Chicopee Falls Mass USA?

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2005-04-25 23:34:20

This is one of several Stevens' boy's rifles dating from the

late 19th and early 20th century, made in Chicopee Falls, Mass.

They sold for less than ten dollars each, some for less than five.

Remember, that was a week's wages for many! This model has an

external hammer and an under lever/trigger guard, which when pulled

down, allows the rifle to hinge in the middle, similar to a double

barrelled shotgun. Upon opening, the extractor catches the rim of

the case and frees it from the chamber so that it can be removed.

The open chamber is now ready to reload. Closing the action brings

the hammmer to half-cock. The hammer must be manually cocked to

fire. These little rifles were made in .22, .25, and .32 rimfire.

There were also .410 and .44 shot models on the same type action,

though they were called by another name. Dating can be done

somewhat by the exact use of the name. If I remember, I think "J.

Stevens A & T" was used before and almost up to 1900. "J.

Stevens Arms and Tool" was used after the turn of the century.

"Stevens Arms" was used after about 1910 until Savage bought them

out in 1920. After that Stevens was still used as a brand, but

there was also a Savage logo nearby.

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