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Try and for a store brand chart.

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Where can you get parts for a 22 caliber Ranger Model 101.13 bolt action rifle?

Your gun is a Savage/Stevens Model 86. has some parts. After that it is a long search.

Where can you get parts for a 22 caliber Ranger Model 35 rifle?

the ranger Mod 35 was made by savage mod 52B 1933-1937

What is the value of a Winchester ranger rifle?

The Ranger is plainer version of the Winchester Model 94 rifle. The suggested retail price on a new rifle is around $386 at present.

Where can you find information about a 22 caliber Ranger Model 35 rifle?

Blue Book of Gun Values would be a place to start

What year was the Winchester Ranger 30-30 rifle model no 6024857 made?

With the serial number provided,your Winchester model 1894 ranger rifle was made in the year 1992.

Who made the ranger model 36 22 cal rifle?

Marlin model 80

22 ranger model103-8 where can you get parts?

The Ranger model 103-8 cross references to be a marlin model 100. You can get parts for the rifle at Their website will have a cross reference chart and everything you need. You will have to cross to the Sears 103-8, because they were made under contract.

Is the Winchester Ranger rifle the same as the Model 670?

The Word ranger was used by Winchester to denote a economy version of there regular rifles and shotguns.The model 670 was a economy version of the famous model 70 bolt action rifle.Winchester also made a ranger model 94 rifle,and various ranger model shotguns during their many years of being in business.

Were can you find parts for a Ranger model 101-16 22 cal rifle semi auto magazine tube fed?

gunpartscorp. com

Where can you find information about a 22 caliber Ranger Model 34 single shot rifle made in the US?

Blue Book of Gun Values

What is a ranger rifle 22 model 103-2 worth?

I am very versed in Winchester firearms,and I have never heard of the ranger model 103-2 before.I you sure that your 22cal rifle is a Winchester.

Where can you find parts and assembly information for a 22 caliber J Stevens Model F429 rifle?

What is the model of an old single shot bolt action Ranger .22 rifle with no model designation marked anywhere and what is its approximate age?

We have a Ranger bolt action rifle with a model # 103-8. We do not know the age of our gun however.

What is the value of ranger model 35 single shot bolt action 22 rifle?

The value is about $45 as it was MASS produced and there are plenty of spare parts available.

Where can you find information about a Ranger Model 35 22 short or long rifle?

i have one of the guns you are looking for,contact me at the price is $500

Where can you get parts for sear model 25 22 rimfire automatic rifle?

Do a search for High Standard A1041 rifle parts. Numrich gun parts has a good selection of parts for this rifle.

What is the value of the ranger model 35 22 rifle?

50-100 or so

Do you make a rifle barrel for a Ranger model 120?


Who made the Ranger 22 L LR Rifle Model 34?


What is make and model of a ranger pump 22 cal rifle ser 139147 k with thumb screw on left side of rec?

There are a lot of Sears Ranger rifles - what is the Ranger model number?

Who manufactured the Ranger model 103-13 22 cal rifle?

Marlin is about same as model 81

What model is a Winchester ranger 3030 rifle serial number 5552144?

Generally it is a model 94 although Winchester used the Ranger name for other firearms as well.

How old is my Winchester Model 70 Ranger serial number G1759027?

With the serial number that you have provided,your Winchester model 70 ranger rifle was made in the year 1984.

Parts for a glenfield model 70 22 rifle?

Numrich gun parts

Who made the Ranger Model 103-9 22 cal rifle?


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