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Look in the local yellow pages for a gunsmith. If you are only missing a screw, he should have no trouble finding one.

depending on model ,try dick Williams gun shop at OR landline at (989)-777-1240. they helped me rebarrel my springfield double

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 11:51:27
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Q: Where can you get replacement parts for Springfield shotguns?
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Where would you find a replacement stock for a Springfield model 87A?

Numrich Arms,Gun Parts inc

Who manufactured springfield model 67 series d?

Savage Arms is the manufacturer of Springfield Shotguns.

Who made model 460 shotguns for western auto?

It is the same as a springfield 511 of Springfield, Savage & Stevens

Where are Springfield Savage Stevens shotguns manufactured?

Westfield, MA

Shotguns made in 1970 starting with s?

savage,springfield arms co.

What is the value of a Savage Arms springfield 745B?

The value of a Savage 745b in very good, clean condition is around $300 retail. These are excellent shooters, as I hunt with one every year, and are a close copy of the auto 5 Browning. They don't have much collectability, but are one of the best hunting shotguns you can have, due to their lightweight receiver. Auto 5 parts won't interchange, but you can get replacement parts through Gun Parts Corp.

How do you get parts for a mp153 shotgun?

Parts for these shotguns are hard to find. EAA Corp carries parts for Baikal shotguns. A good gunsmith might also be able to help make some parts.

What is Coast to Coast Shotguns?

Coast to Coast shotguns was a store brand marketed by the Coast to Coast hardware store chain. They were made by Mossberg, Stevens, Savage, and Springfield.

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Where can you get parts for a Savage Springfield Model 18?

Parts of Savage Springfield Model 18 are available at Gun Parts Corporation. These can also be bought from Field and Stream.

Did US army use springfield double barreled shotguns in world war 2?

No. The US Army has used pump shotguns for combat since WW 1. No double barrels.

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Go to"".

Does anyone make replacement barrels for a Springfield 45-70 Trapdoor rifle?

Try Numrich Arm/ the gun parts store. OR you might be able to snag one on

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You could try Gun Parts Corporation.

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You can have one made.