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any harley dealership or reputable bike shops that carry harley parts. you will need the bushings and bolts and fluid also. It doesnt pay to just replace the seals. While you are there change it all. It is inexpensive. you also need the correct tools to seat the seals without damaging them. If you do not have the tools or the knowlege it is best to bring the bike to someone that knows what they are doing.

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Q: Where can you get replacement seals for softail shocks?
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Where is the shocks on a softtail motorcycle?

Softail shocks are under the transmission. They sit horizontally and are inline with the chassis. Unlike the shocks on all other Harleys, when you hit a bump on a Softail, the shocks get longer instead of shorter.

What is a Harley Softail?

The softail has a swing arm with a shock system. Other models have two shocks mounted outside on pins.

How do you change transmission fluid 2004 softail?

The drain plug is located between the shocks.

Where is the transmission drain plug 2006 heritage softail?

Look under the bike between the shocks.

How can you raise the back of your Harley?

If it's a swingarm-type model use longer shocks, if it's a Softail use shorter shocks. Or you can use height-adjustable air shocks on any Harley with a rear suspension.

What are the best replacement shocks for 2003 suburban?


What are the correct replacement shocks-struts for a 1997 Grand Cherokee Limited?

Get the original replacement shocks from the dealer/mopar, everything else will be either too stiff or too soft.

Shocks and Struts Replacement?

form_title=Shocks and Struts Replacement form_header=Getting your shocks and struts replaced will restore vehicle handling and control while greatly improving ride comfort. What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?=_ How many miles do you have on your car?=_ When was the last time your shocks and struts were replaced?=_

Do you have to change the shocks on a 1993 s 10 pickup when changing the motor mount?

Only if the shocks need replacement.

Where is the transmission drain plug 2002 heritage softail?

under the bike in the back between the two shocks. 5/8 socket

Where can I get replacement hydraulic seals?

Bergman located at specialise in replacement hydraulic seals,visit them online to order at the best prices around.

How do you repair the dampening on dirt bike rear suspension?

The dampening is usually almost completely provided by the shock absorbers. Some can be repaired or recharged if they are gas shocks, but if the seals are failing, or the shock absorbers are worn, they will probably need replacement.

How do you replace rear shocks on a Saturn Vue?

The cost of the shocks is going to be anywhere from $55 to $85 each. If a professional is doing the replacement, there will also be a labor charge from them for their time and knowledge. If doing the replacement oneself, please refer to a manual on the proper way to replace the shocks to prevent unintentional damage to the vehicle.

Where is the oil drain plug on a 2005 heritage softail located?

Between the two shocks, towards rear. The oil, primary, and transmission plug are in the same general area.

Do you have the starter schematics for a 1998 softail?

do you have the schematics for a '98 softail starter?? do you have the schematics for a '98 softail starter??

Where is the oilplug on a 1996 softail?

Right side, down where the frame and swing arm meet there will be a hose clamped near the shocks. Usually a silver metal plug with a worm drive clamp

Should you clean your SunTour shocks or rock shox on your mountain bike or does it matter?

Yes you should, and yes it does matter. If you don't keep them clean you'll shorten the life of the seals, which can let dirt into the shocks, which can damage them.

Do you need special tools to change the front shocks on a 98 expedition?

In order to change the front shocks, you will need a ratchet and socket kit. You will also need some replacement shock absorbers.

Will the seat of a 2007 heritage softail fit on a 2003 heritage softail?

will a 2000 heritage softail seat fit a 1994

How can you tell if rear struts or shocks need replacement?

Have a friend drive behind closely and watch for wheel bouncing.

Will a rear wheel from a 2008 harley Davidson softail standard fit a 2007 harley Davidson softail standard?

2007 Was the last year of the Softail standard. 2008 they still made Softail Customs and the like, but not Standard. So.. NO, there is no such thing as a "wheel from a 2008 Softail standard"

How do you change shocks on a 2000 infiniti g20?

Contact me at and I will email you the shock absorber removal and replacement procedures.

How do you replace Suzuki fork seals?

Basic fork replacement guide, works for my 89 RM250

After raining you find water inside your door panels?

The seals on your windows have a leak or in need of replacement.

What are the differences between a 1989 harley softail and a 1990 harley softail?