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Where can you get step by step instructions for replacing the oil pan gasket on a 1999 Dodge Intrepid 2.7?


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Go to the local library and check out an auto mechanic manual for that vehicle. Hanes manual


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The labor for a 2002 dodge intrepid can be anywhere from $800 to $950, and a blown head gasket means a new engine. So to get and engine from a salvage yard can run anywhere from $1200 to $2500

sounds like bad head gasket(s)

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Begin by removing the valve cover from your 1995 Dodge. Remove the valve cover gasket and clean the surface. Put the new gasket on and return the valve cover to its original position.

Dodge Intrepid was created in 1993.

There's a gasket between the thermostat and the block that you need to replace.

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Buy a kit at wal-Mart or auto parts comes with instructions

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Perhaps valve cover gasket is leaking oil onto plug area

Failed hose, water pump, freeze plug, intake gasket..........

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The 2001 Dodge Intrepid does not have a cabin air filter.

thermostat, electric fan, clogged system, head gasket problems? collapsed hose, low coolent.

You could try searching for instructions on YouTube.

You will have to check in with Dodge.

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.50 is the gap for a 2003 Dodge intrepid with a 2.7 moter .

The Dodge intrepid will not start after overheating because it blocks the radiator cap.

Will a 2004 Dodge stratus motor fit into a 2003 Dodge intrepid car with a 2.7 engine?

The engine diagram for an intrepid will be in the Dodge intrepid service manual. The manual can be bought through an auto parts, or possibly borrowed from the library.

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