Where can you go for help if you don't approve of Alcoholic's Anonymous?



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Drink is not good for health you know it. If you really want to leave it then i can suggest you one way you can do meditation. Meditation is very helpful to you because it is increase your self control. It gives you positive energy and reduce your negative thoughts.

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The Sinclair Method is a great alternative to AA. Read about it at . It has helped me tremendously! A great program! CELEBRATE RECOVERY MEETINGS Only God can remove the desire to drink, once one has become an alcoholic & is is clearly out-of-control. AA relies on a Higher Power; "Celebrate Recovery" meetings rely on Jesus the Christ, Who Can and Will deliver you from your addiction only if you trust Him and believe. AA has been around for a long time and done a lot of good for thousands of alcoholics. The reason you don't like it is you don't like being told how to lead your life and you're in a denial mode. There is only one other way you can do this (I have a friend going through it.) See your doctor and he/she can give you medications that will help the side effects of coming off alcohol (DTs). It does help! Also vitamin Bs are a great help in combating addiction to alcohol. Then go to a Detox Center for help. You can sign yourself in, but also leave. You DO need AA and they are a great back-up system when you feel you want a drink. Unless you feel you are out of your denial mode and start listening to these people (they have been through it themselves) then don't waste their time! Good luck!

IMPORTANT BUSINESS It is important that You seek the advice of your doctor before Detoxing

or making any changes yourself... Without the fellowship of Alchoholics Anonymous many people would have died needlessly If you have a desire to be honest and realise the seriousness of Alcoholism...People think that they are unique and decide that a certain treatment is not for them...Alcohlism is realised as an illness and untreated the condition will get worse...The help is there to get well and it may not be as hard as you think to do...AA supplies the tools to help Your recovery from a life threatening illness...It is realised that the person must have a desire to give up drinking first...If you are not ready to give up drinking then there is more drunken hell waiting for You at the next Bar... You don't believe in AA because you aren't serious about stopping drinking! You know if you go then it's a responsibility on your part to admit you are an alcoholic and seek their help and encouragement and attend meetings. As the above poster stated AA has been around for a long while and I know they have helped thousands of people get through tough times. You know what you have to do, so, if you have to wait a little to find the right time to do so then that's the way it is, but AA is the best place for help. I doubt you could afford the Betty Ford Clinic. Quitting alcohol is much like quitting smoking and everyone has to find their time to quit. I don't think you are committed enough right now. Don't give up!