Where can you learn about wikis?

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Where is the wikis?

in the basement of beyoncehouse she keeps them in there to make her food she dont call them wikis she calls them slaves in the basement of beyoncehouse she keeps them in there to make her food she dont call them wikis she calls them slaves

How many wikis are there?


Are wikis in chronological order?

No, that would be a blog. Blogs are arranged in chronological order. Wikis are usually arranged by topic, often alphabetically.

In what ways are wikis used in the world?

Wikis are used for group collaboration & group publishing. More and more online communities are powered by wikis as they have some advantages over message boards. Common uses of wikis: * disaster reponse/organization * gaming communities * television show communities * company intranets * celebrity fan sites * family events

What wikis are there besides WikiAnswers?

There are countless wikis on the web but some of the most popular ones are: WikiHow Wikipedia Wikia Wetpaint Wikispaces WikiHow PBwiki CollegeWikis

What are the most popular wikis?

* Wikipedia * WikiHow * WikiAnswers

What are some cool team names?

The fwiki wikis

What weaknesses did the founders think would lead to the failure of republican government?

Middle school librarians/teachers should not be changing answers on wikis to express how anyone can edit wikis.

How are wikis different from blogs?

its good but as bad umar and mariam

Discuss special considerations for using blogs and wikis in research?

WikiAnswers cannot do your homework for you. But one key point is that neither blogs or wikis are edited carefully or fact-checked for accuracy.

How many wikis are in existence?

look at your face ten u see

How are wiki's used?

According to Wikipedia, which is ironically a type of wiki, wikis are have many uses. Some of the basic uses of a wiki are reference, manage projects and FAQs. Examples of wikis are Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia and Liquipedia.

What has the author Dan Woods written?

Dan Woods has written: 'Wikis for dummies' -- subject(s): Computer Technology, Nonfiction, OverDrive, Wikis (Computer science) 'Three Short Stories/Ldl 4959'

Is there a wiki for Digimon?

Digimon has two main wikis, Wikimon and Digimon Wikia.

What are special considerations for using blogs and wikis in research?

Look on google.....<3

How influential is the use of wikis in the business world?

The use of wikis is not all that important in the grand scheme of the business world. Most people really don't even know what it is. That of course may change in the future but for now, it is a niche market.

Why is Philosophy left out of Wikis topic summary?

It's not. It is under History Politics and Society.

Where can you download an audio output device for windows vista for free?

depends on wikis amswer

How do you make an article that people can't edit on wikiHow?

You don't, wikis are meant to be edited.

Is there a Linux wiki?

There are lots of Linux-oriented wikis. There is no official wiki for the Linux kernel.

Why are wikis useful?

Wikis are useful when everyone is needed for a collaboration effort on a specific thing. This way, anyone can edit anything to make it the best thing possible or to get everyone's opinions instead of having a single answer by a single person's point of view.

When will spongebob episode the great patty caper come out?

October 25th, at least according to the wikis.

How is wiki differ from an blog?

Wikis are authored by a community, a block is the creation of one person only.

Why do students need to be careful if they use 'wikis' when they study?

unreliable website Anyone can change the information to anything they want at any time, so someone could just be making up something and making people think it's true.

How are wiki often used?

Wikis are often used in environments where group-collaboration makes sense. Whether that be a dictionary site like Wikipedia, a Q & A site like Wiki Answers, or a small community site, wikis are a great way to share and improve information.