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Where can you learn the meaning of a ghost sighting?

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Thus far, the only thing I have found that has kind of helped me is

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What is a Ghost type Pokemon that can learn helping hand?

There is no Ghost Pokémon that can learn Helping Hand.

Has there ever been a lepprichaun sighting?

No there is no such thing, they are mythical, meaning not real.

Are all ghosts real?

By saying "all" that would probably make the answer a no. Ghosts may or may not be real, but to suppose that every sighting of a ghost is a ghost should be wrong.

What sighting has been said to have sent chills up the spines of white house inhabitants?

Abe Lincoln's ghost for napers

How does Hamlet learn about the ghost?

HAMLET learns about the ghost from horatio and marcellus

What ghost type move can serperior learn on Pokemon black?

Serperior cannot learn any ghost type moves.

What if you saw a ghost?

Think rationally first. How was the lighting, was the area crowded, could you have mistaken it for something else. Lighting plays a big part in most ghost sighting cases! Hope this helped!

Where can you learn about the Holy Ghost?

the Bible would be the best place to learn.

Does Sentret learn a ghost type move?


What is the difference between sighting and citing?

Sighting as in 'sight' is the seeing of an item, object etc e.g. 'there was a sighting of the escaped convict' Citing is to 'cite' meaning to quote or refer to information. publications etc and is frequently used in legal jargon e.g. 'the lawyer is akways citing Case Law (precendent)'.

When was the last sighting of a baiji?

The last sighting was in 2004.

What is the biblical meaning of Holy Ghost?

The biblical meaning of "Holy Ghost" is "Holy Spirit". The word is seen in The Bible, where the Holy Ghost is replaced by Holy Spirit insinuating the spirit of God.

Is their a bug or ghost type Pokemon that can learn bug and ghost type attacks?

yes his name is saleaf

When was the first vampire sighting?

the first vampire sighting was in 0001bc.

What animal has a name meaning ghost?


When was the earliest reports of ghost train sightings?

The earliest reports that I have been able to find date back to 1866. This particular Ghost Train sighting happens to be Abraham Lincoln's funeral train that is seen every year on the anniversary of his death.

Can normal type Pokemon learn ghost moves?

Yes, there are many Normal-type Pokemon that can learn Shadow Ball, among other Ghost-type moves, by TM. This is useful for beating Ghost-type Pokemon, since Normal-type Pokemon are immune to Ghost-type attacks.

Where was the first sighting of bigfoot?

the first big foot sighting was in 1840

What is the definition of the word sighting?

Sighting means to manage to see or observe

What is a seven letter word meaning lived in or visited by a ghost?

Haunted means lived in or visited by a ghost

What does Hamlet learn from the ghost of his father?

Claudius murdered Hamlet's father

What do people usually see on a UFO sighting?

They usually see UFO's at a UFO sighting

What types are spiritomb?

Spiritomb is a dark ghost, as I call it. It's types are ghost and dark, meaning that it has no weaknesses just like sableye which is also a dark ghost

Why dont people believe ghosts give evidence for life after death?

An immediate presumption that a ghost sighting is evidence of a continued life is based on our life experience: Normally, if something moves, looks human and isn't created by any understood (natural or artificial) means then it is presumed to be a living human being. If other evidence suggests it isn't actually a living human being, then it may be classed as a "ghost sighting" with the initial, unconsidered, presumption that it is "alive" remaining. On further consideration, the "ghost sighting" could be caused by natural or artificial means the viewer was unaware of. It could be scientifically explainable or it may be currently unexplainable because humanity doesn't know everything there is to know. Therefore, after greater consideration, a more reasonable conclusion will often be arrived at: Unexplainable "ghost sightings" are simply "unexplainable"

What did the ghost of christmas past teach Scrooge?

meaning of Christmas