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Thus far, the only thing I have found that has kind of helped me is

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Q: Where can you learn the meaning of a ghost sighting?
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Has there ever been a lepprichaun sighting?

No there is no such thing, they are mythical, meaning not real.

Are all ghosts real?

By saying "all" that would probably make the answer a no. Ghosts may or may not be real, but to suppose that every sighting of a ghost is a ghost should be wrong.

How does Hamlet learn about the ghost?

HAMLET learns about the ghost from horatio and marcellus

What sighting has been said to have sent chills up the spines of white house inhabitants?

Abe Lincoln's ghost for napers

What ghost type move can serperior learn on Pokemon black?

Serperior cannot learn any ghost type moves.

Where can you learn about the Holy Ghost?

the Bible would be the best place to learn.

What if you saw a ghost?

Think rationally first. How was the lighting, was the area crowded, could you have mistaken it for something else. Lighting plays a big part in most ghost sighting cases! Hope this helped!

Does Sentret learn a ghost type move?


Who is known as the woman in black?

She is a mysterious ghost who haunts a small English town. A sighting of the woman in black is said to be a warning that a child will die soon there-after.

When was the last sighting of a baiji?

The last sighting was in 2004.

What is the difference between sighting and citing?

Sighting as in 'sight' is the seeing of an item, object etc e.g. 'there was a sighting of the escaped convict' Citing is to 'cite' meaning to quote or refer to information. publications etc and is frequently used in legal jargon e.g. 'the lawyer is akways citing Case Law (precendent)'.

Is their a bug or ghost type Pokemon that can learn bug and ghost type attacks?

yes his name is saleaf

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