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This shotgun was probably made by Crescent, so your local gunsmith can probably find one in his parts pile. Or, if there are no missing pieces, he can repair yours.

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Where can you purchase parts for Neumann Bros shotguns?

Check with your local gunsmith. No one would be making new parts, but lots of the old double and single barrel shotguns were similar and he might have something laying around that he can make fit.

Where can you purchase parts for Sears Roebuck shotguns?

Sears 200 series = Winchester 1200. Parts should be available from if you can't find them locally.

Where can you get parts for a 20 gauge Victor Ejector?

Typical Crescent single-barrel shotgun. I have a good supply of parts.

Where can you purchase parts for J C Higgins shotguns?

My cross reference list indicates that this is a Savage 59. If your local gunsmith can't find the parts, you can check with

How do you get parts for a mp153 shotgun?

Parts for these shotguns are hard to find. EAA Corp carries parts for Baikal shotguns. A good gunsmith might also be able to help make some parts.

Where to find parts for kessler shotguns?

Where can you buy parts for Krieghoff shotguns?

Go to"".

Are there parts for Western Field Shotguns?


Where can you get parts for a Victor single shotgun serial 669553?

Some of the larger used parts dealers may have a small quantity. Try or Jack First Gun Shop.

Where can you find parts diagrams for CS Shattuck shotguns?

You could try Gun Parts Corporation.

Where can i buy parts for utica shotguns?

You can't... you will have to make them yourself or have a machine shop make the parts

What is the value of a No 15 Empire Ejector 12 gauge shotgun in good shape?

These single-barrel Crescent shotguns range from < $50 as a parts gun, to maybe $100 if in excellent shape.

Need parts for various hammered shotguns where can they be found?


Where i can Buy parts for 20ga shotguns?

Need more info. Which manufacturer & which model??

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did you try mossberg shotguns for parts,the 500 is almost the same as your gun ?

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Springs, ammuntion, lack of cleaning, parts breakage

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