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Alex, try then e-mail the director, LCDR Frank Sides, I think he may be a contact for you. Hope this helps.

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Q: Where could one find information on a World War 2 US Navy Periscope or Telescope made by the Minneapolis-Honeywell Reg Co?
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What was a periscope used for in World War 1?

An early form of the periscope was used to see over the tops of the trenches.

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No, the biggest telescope in the world currently is the Large Binocular Telescope. But Hubble is the biggest spacetelescope.

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How the periscope is made?

A Periscope is a type of observation material used during World War I. It is made up of two mirrors in parallel position with an angle of 45 degree placed inside a case. Periscope can also be seen on submarines and other military equipment.

What is a telescope used for in modern world?

the telescope was used to see the planets and stars

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Yes currently although the James Web Telescope will be bigger when it is launched.

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Who invented the periscope?

The periscope was invented in 1450 by Johann Gutenberg. He invented the periscope so that people could see over people's heads in crowds. In World War I the design was perfected and used so that people could see up and around the corners from their hiding places

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Galileo invented and assembled the modern telescope that we use in our world today.

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Large Binocular Telescope (LBT)11.9 m

Did Johann Gutenberg invent the first periscope?

No. He made the first printing press which changed the world.

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