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Alex, try then e-mail the director, LCDR Frank Sides, I think he may be a contact for you. Hope this helps.

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What was a periscope used for in World War 1?

An early form of the periscope was used to see over the tops of the trenches.

Is the Hubble telescope the biggest telescope in the world?

No, the biggest telescope in the world currently is the Large Binocular Telescope. But Hubble is the biggest spacetelescope.

How did galileos telescope change the world?

This world would have been incomple in there wasn't a telescope. This wold only figured about astronomy, because of this invention. Also If we didn't hae this telescope invented we would have been studying the wrong information about our solar system, and we would have thought that the world is in the center of the whole intire galaxy. I hoped that helped.

What is the name of the most powerful telescope in the world is called?

the most powerful telescope in the world is the lbt

How the periscope is made?

A Periscope is a type of observation material used during World War I. It is made up of two mirrors in parallel position with an angle of 45 degree placed inside a case. Periscope can also be seen on submarines and other military equipment.

What is a telescope used for in modern world?

the telescope was used to see the planets and stars

Who invented the periscope?

The periscope was invented in 1450 by Johann Gutenberg. He invented the periscope so that people could see over people's heads in crowds. In World War I the design was perfected and used so that people could see up and around the corners from their hiding places

Is the Hubble telescope the biggest space telescope in the world?

Yes currently although the James Web Telescope will be bigger when it is launched.

How big is the largest telescope in the world?

Large Binocular Telescope (LBT)11.9 m

What does Galileo have to do with the telescope?

Galileo invented and assembled the modern telescope that we use in our world today.

What is the oldest microscope in the world?


Did Johann Gutenberg invent the first periscope?

No. He made the first printing press which changed the world.

Most powerful telescope in the world?

it should be the hubble space telescope because it can see 10 times better than a normal telescope

Where is the largest telescope in the world?

As of now, the largest telescope in the world can be found in La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain; the Gran Telescopio Canarias.

What is the largest land telescope in the world?


Was Huygens the first world space telescope?


Where can you buy a telescope eyepiece?

The telescope eyepiece is probably best purchased from the same company that made the telescope. Stores such as Jessops, PC World and Amazon will all carry a wide range of telescope brands.

Which country has the largest asronomical telescope in the world?


What is the most expensive telescope in the world?

The official most expensive telescope in the world is Hubble, with a price tag of up to 7 billion US dollars up to now.

Can Saturn be seen with a telescope or without a telescope at night?

Saturn is the last planet that can be seen without using a telescope or binoculars and the planet was known in the ancient world before telescopes were invented. The rings, however, can only be seen using a telescope.

What is the song that is playing on the tenth episode of the real world dc when Emily is in the confession room?

its called Emily by Go Periscope

How did Galileo's inventions change the world?

Well, Galileo improved the telescope by playing around with two pieces of glass, which made the telescope. The telescope revised Copernicus' ideas by studying the heliocentric theory.

What type of telescope is the arecibo telescope?

Arecibo hosts the largest radio telescope in the world, filling a mountain valley in Puerto Rico. Perhaps you saw it pictured in the James Bond movie "Goldeneye".

Where is the largest refracting telescope in the world?

the Yerkes observatory in Wisconsin

Which country will be setting up a world biggest telescope?