The largest city in Minnesota which was founded in 1849 and incorporated in 1866

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Flight Times
Newark New Jersey

How long does it take to fly from Newark New jersey to Minneapolis Minnesota?

Departure point: Newark, New Jersey

Destination point: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Estimated flight duration: 2 hours, 1 minute


How many miles in a Minneapolis city block?


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Tel Aviv

How many miles is it from Tel Aviv to Minneapolis?

About 6,500 miles.


What is the most upscale suburb of Minneapolis?


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Where can an artist go to find information about arts and crafts shows?

Call your local Chamber of Commerce and find out if they have information of any art guilds in your area. There may be other types of art organizations that may not be classified as a guild who can provide such information. Libraries, colleges and universities usually are updated with current information of these shows as well.

ZAPP is an online registration of one's self for the art community in the US. From there one can apply with an application fee to pay to any show registered through ZAPP within the United States. This however does not guarantee you a spot in these shows as most shows jury your work and decide if they want you in their show.

One of the best resources is your local newspaper if you have one.

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How long will it take to get my Driver's license in the mail?

how long will it take to get my drivers lincence in the mail

Road Distance

What is the driving distance between Minneapolis and Denver?

The driving distance between Denver, CO and Minneapolis, MN is 916 miles. The driving time would be approximately 14 hours if driving non-stop in good conditions. (The driving time does not take into consideration conditions such as weather, road work and rush hour traffic in urban areas.)

Road Distance

How many miles from oakdale mn to Minneapolis mn?

16 miles miles taking I-94 WEST.

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Flight Times
Newfoundland and Labrador

How long does it take to fly from Atlanta to Minneapolis?

Atlanta, GA (ATL) to Minneapolis/St Paul, MN (MSP)

Flight Duration 2 hours 33 mins


What is maximum occupancy for apartments in Minneapolis?

It depends on the size of the apartment, specifically number of bedrooms. Generally, the maximum occupancy is limited to one adult per bedroom, unless a married couple shares one of the bedrooms. Every residential rental facility should have the rental license posted somewhere in the apartment or building office. The license (from the City) will list the maximum legal occupancy. Additionally, if your lease specifies a maximum occupancy, then you must abide by the lease, even if the lease is more restrictive than the license.

Driving Times

Which states are an 8 hours drive from Minneapolis?

It obviously depends on the routes you take and how fast you drive, but it sould be possible to reach the following states during an 8-hour drive from Minneapolis: North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana (maybe). And, of course the Canadian states of Manitoba and Ontario.

St Paul MN

Why might people be confused about the capital of Minnesota?

The capital of Minnesota is St Paul, which is next to the largest city in Minnesota, Minneapolis. Together, the cities are called the Twin Cities.

It may be because the city named after the state (Minneapolis) is not the capital, but it is immediately adjacent to the capital, which is St. Paul, so that they are called the Twin Cities.

St Paul MN

Is Minneapolis or St. Paul the capital of Minnesota and why might people be confused about this?

Saint Paul is the capital of Minnesota. People probably get the two confused, because the two cities are right together and Minneapolis is larger than Saint Paul.

Also, Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana, which suggests Minneapolis might be the capital of Minnesota.
St Paul is the capital of Minnesota. People get confused because these 2 cities (Minneapolis and St Paul) are very close to each other and they are called The Twin Cities.

Snow and Ice

How much snow has fallen in Minneapolis MN in 2010?

As of 12/21/2010, 38.6 inches had fallen.

Road Distance

How far is Chicago Illinois from Minneapolis Minnesota?

It is 408 miles according to Google Maps.

Road Distance
Portland Oregon

How many miles is it from Portland Oregon to Minneapolis Minnesota?

It is 1,729 miles according to Google Maps.

Flight Times
Washington, D.C.

How long is the flight between Washington D.C. and Minneapolis MN?

A typical flight between Washington, DC and Minneapolis, MN would have a flying time of about 1 hours, 52 minutes.


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What is the best route from atlanta to Minneapolis?

From Atlanta, take I-75 NORTH to I-24 WEST to CHATTANOOGA and NASHVILLE at EXIT 2 (LEFT EXIT in Tennessee).

Then take I-24 WEST through Chattanooga and Nashville, through Tennessee and Kentucky, to I-57 NORTH to CHICAGO at EXIT 44B in Illinois.

Then, take I-57 NORTH to I-64 WEST. to ST. LOUIS at EXIT 96 (LEFT EXIT).

From I-64, take I-64 WEST to I-255 to CHICAGO and MEMPHIS at EXIT 7. You want I-255 NORTH to CHICAGO.

Take I-255 NORTH to I-270 to INDIANAPOLIS and KANSAS CITY at EXIT 30. Stay left on the exit ramp and go onto I-270 WEST to KANSAS CITY.

From there, take I-270 WEST into suburban St. Louis in Missouri to I-70 WEST to KANSAS CITY at EXIT 20B.

Then, take I-70 WEST to I-435 NORTH to DES MOINES at EXIT 8B outside of Kansas City in Kansas.

Once you are on I-435, take I-435 NORTH to I-35 NORTH to DES MOINES at EXIT 52B.

Take I-35 NORTH through Missouri and Iowa to I-35W to MINNEAPOLIS in Minnesota. Take I-35W NORTH to Minneapolis.

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St Paul MN

How many miles between St. Paul and Minneapolis?

They are right next to each other. It some places they are separated by the Mississipi, but otherwise they touch.

The distance between the two downtowns is approximately 8-10 miles depending where you go from and to.

St Paul MN

What nickname is for St. Paul and Minneapolis Minnesota?

The Twin Cities.

Road Distance

How many miles is it from Minneapolis to Reykjavik?

approximately 3000 miles.

World War 2

Where could one find information on a World War 2 US Navy Periscope or Telescope made by the Minneapolis-Honeywell Reg Co?

Alex, try usnautilus.org then e-mail the director, LCDR Frank Sides, I think he may be a contact for you. Hope this helps.

Road Distance

How far is Marion IL from Minneapolis MN?

694 miles taking this route:

  1. Take I-94 EAST to I-39 SOUTH/90 EAST splitoff in Madison, Wisconsin.
  2. From there, continue on I-39/90 towards CHICAGO to Illinois where I-39/90 becomes the (Jane Addams Mem.) TOLLWAY.
  3. Take I-39/90 on the (Jane Addams Mem.) TOLLWAY to EXIT I-39 towards BLOOMINGTON and NORMAL. There will be only 1 toll plaza that you will encounter. The cash-fare (assuming that you are driving a car) is $1.00. The booth is a manned booth, however, so you don't need to worry so much about exact change.
  4. Continue on I-39 SOUTH to I-74 to PEORIA and CHAMPAIGN. Follow signs. This will be at END I-39 in the Bloomington/Normal Area. Once you merge onto U.S. 51/I-55/I-74, stay in the left-hand lanes and continue on U.S. 51/I-55/I-74 to where I-74 splits off from all the other roads. At this point, you want to take I-74 EAST to CHAMPAIGN.
  5. Continue on I-74 EAST to I-57 SOUTH to MEMPHIS at EXIT 179A.
  6. Take I-57 SOUTH to Marion. Marion is around mile 53.
Distances and Travel Times
Road Distance

How many driving miles is it from Jasper Alberta to Minneapolis?

2,394 km (about 1 day 0 hours)


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