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Where did Albert Butz live?

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Inventor Albert ButzAt the time that he patented the the furnace regulator and alarm, Albert Butz was working in Minneapolis,Minnesota.
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When did Albert Butz die?

Albert Butz died in 1905.

What nicknames does Cyndi Butz go by?

Cyndi Butz goes by Butz.

What has the author Heinz Butz written?

Heinz Butz has written: 'Heinz Butz' -- subject(s): Catalogs

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When was Arthur Butz born?

Arthur Butz was born in 1933.

How tall is Dave Butz?

Dave Butz is 6' 7".

How tall is Sebastian Butz?

Sebastian Butz is 188 cm.

When was Earl Butz born?

Earl Butz was born on 1909-07-03.

When did Earl Butz die?

Earl Butz died on 2008-02-02.

How tall is Norbert Leo Butz?

Norbert Leo Butz is 5' 7".

When was Sebastian Butz born?

Sebastian Butz was born in 1988, in Berlin, Germany.

How tall is Butz Ulrich Buse?

Butz Ulrich Buse is 178 cm.

When was Donald J. Butz born?

Donald J. Butz was born in 1933.

What is the birth name of Cyndi Butz?

Cyndi Butz's birth name is Cynthia Lynn Butz.

What is the birth name of Dave Butz?

Dave Butz's birth name is David Roy Butz.

What nicknames does Norbert Leo Butz go by?

Norbert Leo Butz goes by Norby Kitty.

When did Ulrike Butz die?

Ulrike Butz died on August 27, 2000, in Munich, Germany.

When was Cyndi Butz born?

Cyndi Butz was born on June 17, 1975, in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, USA.

When was Dave Butz born?

Dave Butz was born on June 23, 1950, in Lafayette, Alabama, USA.

What has the author Dale E Butz written?

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When was Live at the Albert Hall created?

Live at the Albert Hall was created in 1968.

What did Arthur Butz write?

Arthur Butz wrote a book he entitled The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, disputing the reality of the Holocaust.

What has the author Beat Butz written?

Beat Butz has written: 'Morphosyntax der Mundart von Vermes (Val Terbi)'

When was Ulrike Butz born?

Ulrike Butz was born on July 1, 1954, in Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, West Germany.

When was Norbert Leo Butz born?

Norbert Leo Butz was born on January 30, 1967, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.