Where did Chris Brown hold his first live performance?

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Chris Brown's first performances were with his church choir. However, he gradually moved into hip hop music. He's also dabbled in acting. Chris Brown is often linked romantically to Rihanna.
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Where does Chris Brown live?

Answer . He lives in Virgina. He actually had a house built in southern Virgina, he said.

How old was Chris Brown when he had his first kiss?

Answer . Yes. It was when he was in elementary school. . Chris Brown kissed a girl when he was 11 years old...but he told twist magazine that that girl didn't wash her mouth before the kiss...lol . And stunk worse than elephant poop.

When did Chris Brown get his first tattoo?

-Chris Brown was 13 When He got his first tattoo because his mom said "As long as it was something positive.. -Chris Brown got his first tattoo, Jesus with musical notes floating around his head, when he turned 17 years old.

Does Chris Brown live with his mom?

No, Chris Brown does not live with his mom. Chris Brown said in a interview that he has a house a few houses away from his mom's house.

Where do Chris Brown live?

chris brown is a man of his own he will tell you guys where he lives on his own and yea am a big fan BUT I DONT KNOW WHERE HE LIVES ILOVEYOU CHRIS BROWN

Where does Chris Brown live country?

Christopher Maurice Brown or Chris Brown lives within the borough of Palisades Park in New Jersey. Chris Brown was born on May 5, 1989 at the town of Tappahannock in Virginia. It is said he still owns the property where he was born. He has a house in New York and also is said to own a huge property ( Full Answer )

Does Chris Brown live in New York?

yes he does he moved there 2 years ago. he said it himself 2 years ago. he moved there,cause he wanted to start his own new life. Love Chris brown thanks

Does Chris Brown perform at kids' parties?


Where In Harlem Does Chris Brown Live?

Chris Brown does not live in Harlem. Chris Brown lives in Richmond,Virginia. Chris also has a home in the Hollywood Hills area in LA.

Does Chris Brown live in Virginia?

Yes he does, his home town is tappahanok now he lives in the Richmond area more specific Hanover county as well as his parents.

What city does Chris Brown live in now?

He lives in the western end of Virgina. In a subdivision. He has a 20 acre lot.. And a dog named Diamond.. He lives in New York his family is in Virginia

Where does singer Chris Brown live?

New York City, New York or Harlem, New York..it is one of those two.. he lives in Tappahonack Virginia and he visits New York often!!!!

What was Chris Browns first song?

NEVER CHNAGE is CHRIS BROWNS very first song. AND it is a very beautiful song. gee i shure is hungry kann yalls feeds mees

What was Chris Browns first album?

Chris Brown is an American musician, and his first album wasself-titled, released in 2005. He followed up the album in 2007with Exclusive.

Chris Brown live chat?

chris usually webcam's with his fans on a site called Ustream.com he also does them on tinychat.com

How could you get Chris Brown to Perform at your party?

just go on google and see if u could get chris brown manger and then u can either contant (send message) chris brown manger or chris brown him self. and go 2 my bebo page. www.gangkidman.bebo.com. and i am a big big fan of chris brown

What country does Chris Brown live on?

hi dis is chris borwns cuz and he lives in virginia.and he has a town house in new york.if i could i would say where but i cant srry bye

Did Rihanna hit Chris Brown first?

Rihanna did hit Chris Brown first. Rihanna slapped him numerous times after seeing the text message on his phone, then the fight started.

What was Chris Brown first big break?

he was discovered at a gas station...at the age of 15 he was to perform for L.A. Reid..a year later he was signed for Jive Record.

Who did Chris Brown have his first kiss with?

a girl called Megan Mbali Ndiweni. She is naturally South African. Her dads Canadian and her is mother South African. He was in 6th grade and she was in 5th grade when it happened

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The principals of the band, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, Ani-Frid Lyngstad and Agnetha Faltskog, first performed together in public in Cyprus in April of 1970 when they staged an impromptu concert for UN soldiers stationed there. Their first scheduled concert, the start of a four month tour of Sw ( Full Answer )

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Where can one find a DVD of Chris Brown live?

There are number of online retailers that sell DVDs of Chris Brown live. One can purchase them from 'ebay', 'Amazon', 'Chris Brown World' and one can also watch them on YouTube.