Where did Christanity start?

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Some would say that it started in Jerusalem, when Jesus was crucified, or when he was resurrected. But scholars would say that Christianity as a religion on its own started with Paul's work in Corinthia and other places outside of Judea. This is where it took shape as a religion, rather than another "cult" or sect of Judaism.
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Who started christanity?

Answer . Jesus of Nazareth . When he was 30 yrs old, he was baptized in the Jordan River and was anointed by God's holy spirit and became the Christ , or the Messiah . He

What is Christanity?

Christanity is believing in the only true God. Saying that he died for you and that he is the only way get to heaven. Believing on his name and you will be saved! Doing this w

When did Christanity Start?

Christianity is named after Jesus Christ. The best estimates say he flourished about 2000 years ago. Certainly not before then and it slowly developed to what we recognize tod

How did christanity start?

A Jewish rabbi in the time of the Roman occupation of ancient Israel-Judea saw a lot of things that he didn't like. He started to talk to his friends about changes that should

Where did Christan start?

Well, if Christan is a boy, then one day nine months prior to his birth, his mommy and daddy really loved each other and so.... If christan is some sort of new function, then

When was Christanity started?

Christanity started in 33AD when Jesus died and resurrected from the dead proving that he is God.

What year was Christanity started?

Christianity was basically started by the message God sent mankind through Jesus Christ; Jesus Christ was born approximately 2000 years ago. The year numbers we use, for examp

What are the countries of Christanity?

Christianity is the largest, worldwide religion with over 2.1billion adherents. The majority of Christians are in North America,South American, Africa, Europe and other Englis

Who is christanity god?

Many will say that we all worship the same god just in different ways. Other say that only the Jews and the Christians worship the same god. But the truth is that the Chr

Who are these christan witches?

People who have both Christian and Wiccan beliefs? There are also a goodly number of Pagans (not Wiccans) who have strong Christian overtones.
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Is flyleaf a Christan?

All the members of Flyleaf are Christians.
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Is kesha a christan?

yes she goes to church every Sunday