Where did Christianity and Islam begin?

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Christianity began in Jerusalem. Islam began in Saudi Arabia.

Islam started by start of universe creation. Refer to question below.
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When did Christianity begin?

Answer . Prior to Constantine, Christianity was a minor sect of Judaism. In reality, the Christianity that Constantine created was little more than a blending of the many belief systems of Europe at the time. Ancient Christianity was mostly a form of liberal Judaism, but Constantine blended Judaism ( Full Answer )

When did Islam begin?

Answer 1 Islam is an Arabic word that means submission and surrender to God. In this sense Islam began by the universe creation where all God creatures were created under their submission (Islam) to God. Upon start of mankind, they are taught through God prophets to be on full submission (Islam) t ( Full Answer )

How did Islam begin?

Answer 1 (from Islamic Perspective) Islam is an Arabic word that means submission and full surrender toGod, the one and only one God. In this broad sense, it is the Godmission to all his prophets from start of mankind until the lastprophet Muhammad (peace upon him), including Adam, Noah, Abraham(Ib ( Full Answer )

When and where did Christianity begin?

when and where did Christianity begin A. According the Word of God it started on the Day of Pentecost the Book of acts declares this in chapter 2 when the Holy ghost fell and they began to speak with tongues, they were in Jerusalem,and they were all Baptized in the Name of Jesus, and if you were ( Full Answer )

When and where did Islam begin?

Islam began in Mecca .. Where he was born the prophet Mohammed peace be upon him .. And where the Kaaba .. House of God .. The first house established for the worship of God on earth .. And he put the rules of the Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him .. The father of Prophet Ismail .. Grandfather of t ( Full Answer )

Where and when did Christianity begin?

Christianity is the act of following Christ. Jesus became 'The Christ' or anointed one when he was baptised in 29CE. His followers became known as 'Christians'. However the roots of Christianity dates back to the bible book of Genesis. In chapter 22 verse 18 it says 'And by means of your seed all na ( Full Answer )

Why did Islam begin?

Islam began by start of universe creation to call people for full submission and surrender to God. All God prophets called their followers to Islam. Islam per Torah is called Judaism. Islam per the Bible is popularly called Christianity. Islam per Quran is called by the same name Islam as it is the ( Full Answer )

How are the beginnings of Islam?

Islam is God religion since start of mankind. However, Islam per God revelation of Torah to prophet prophet Moses is called Judaism. Islam per God revelation of the Bible to prophet Jesus is called Christianity. Islam per Quran revelation to prophet Muhammad is called the very name Islam. Islam p ( Full Answer )

When was the beginning of Islam?

1431 years ago ________________________________________________ It was by beginning of universe creation. refer to question below.

How did Christianity begin?

Christianity began when Jesus gave his disciples what is called theGreat Commission, which says to go out into all the world andpreach the gospel (or good news) to everyone. This began to beimplemented when the obedient followers received the Holy Spirit atPentecost, as Jesus had promised. This 'Pow ( Full Answer )

Compare Islam and Christianity?

Islam and Christianity are much more similar than most people realize. Here are some similarities between the two faiths. Both.... . worship the same god . revere the same prophets, including Jesus, but excluding Muhammed . acknowledge that there is only one god, God. . are based on Judaism . h ( Full Answer )

What are the major beliefs of Christianity and Islam?

In reality, there really is no similarity to best describe the Judeo-Christian beliefs of God to the Muslim Islamic belief. Judaism and Christianity have the Old Testament in common. Islam believes both Old Testament and New Testament have been partially corrupted in transmission while the Koran is ( Full Answer )

Major beliefs of Islam and Christianity?

Islam in its original language was called Salam which translates as peace and surrender. Those people that believe in Islam are commonly known as Muslims. Muslims believe that everything began with Allah, or God, although most outsiders would say the religion began with Muhammad. First and foremost ( Full Answer )

Belifes of Christianity and Islam?

In a nutshell, Christians believe in one triune god (meaning 3 parts in one) who became a human (called Jesus) and was executed by the Roman empire, and then rose from the dead. By doing this, it became possible for people to have a connection to God because he essentially died in their place. Also ( Full Answer )

What is the beginning of islam?

Islam always existed. The Bible nor the Torah mentioned the words Jew/ Judaism, Christian or Christianity. So it is widely accepted that older prophets were Muslims. Quran is the only book with the words Muslim and Islam! The Bible foretold of Muhammad http://answering-christianity.org/predict.htm ( Full Answer )

Did Christianity begin from Islam?

Yes, Christianity began from Islam. Islam means means fullsubmission to God; the Creator. Hence all God prophets andmessengers since start of mankind creation called their people forIslam in its universal meaning. Hence, Islam per Torah Godrevelation to Moses is called Judaism. Islam per the Bible G ( Full Answer )

About what time period did Judaism Hinduism Buddhism Christianity and Islam begin?

The origin of Judaism is somewhat lost in history; the worship of Jehova or Yahweh may have started around the 12th century BCE. Interestingly, there used to be a Goddess Asherah who was worshipped along with Yahweh, references to her have been removed from the Bible.. Hinduism is even more vague! ( Full Answer )

When did Christians begin?

The Christian religion, named after Christ, began sometime in the early first century AD. The teachings were spread by the apostles who went forth to "teach all nations".

Did Christianity begin before Islam?

Answer 1 the message of prophet Jesus was before the message of prophet Muhammad but they both preached the same thing : submission to the one god. so actually all the messengers and prophets that god has sent came with the same message which is Islam. Islam means submission, surrender, and obe ( Full Answer )

What are Christianity and Islam?

Two of the world's largest religions with Christianity having a bitover 2 billion adherents while Islam has a bit under.

Where did Islam begin and when?

Islam began at Mecca (Makka) in Arabia in 570 when the last Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (SAW) started preaching Islam at the age of 40.

Where did Islamism begin?

Islamism is not a religion; it is a political ideology whose goal is to bring the religious tenets of Islam into the daily functioning of a government and its laws. Islamism is a modern movement whose roots began contemporaneously with the rise of Salafism in the late 1800s and early 1900s in Egypt. ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity begin and when?

Before the foundations of the World were laid. Before this Earth was formed. Before Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden. Before Christ died for us. Jesus Christ was chosen to be our Saviour before the foundations of the world. It has been his eternal mission. It has no beginning or end.

How did Islamism begin?

Islam began with the teachings of the prophet Mohammed in the 7th century. Islamism, however, is something else. It is a political ideology whose goal is to bring the religious tenets of Islam into the daily functioning of a government and its laws. Islamism is a modern movement whose roots began ( Full Answer )

Are Islam Christian?

You probably mean "Do Christians and Muslims believe in the same God?". and the answer is yes, Allah is the Arabic word for god, Islams had the Torah and profit's, then (according to them) Muhammad had visitation from an angel and told people about Allah witch was accorded in the Qumran, however the ( Full Answer )

When was the beginning of Christianity?

Well, depends on if you understand Christianity. God was in the thebeginning, and religion and faith started with the first man. Butthat wasn't Christianity. CHRIST IANITY began when Christ died on the cross for you. At that moment wehad the chance to be saved from eternal suffering, and withi ( Full Answer )

How was Christianity begin?

Jesus started the reformation of Judaism into Christianity but the actual institution of Christianity was not established for a few generations. About 60 AD

How did Christian Begin?

It is hard to say exactly when it began. Some Might say the Birth of Jesus Christ, others might say the Ministry of Jesus Christ, and others might say the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. I would have to say in my own opinion. That it began with the ministry, as the disciples of Christ could ( Full Answer )

Where did Christian begin?

Though not officially known as Christianity, the teachings of Christ have been known since the time of Adam. For Adam received instruction from deity from the time he and Eve were banished from the garden of Eden. These same teaching were then given to their children. No one can say with any certain ( Full Answer )

Why Christianity begin?

Truly Christianity began in Judaism, but if you're asking why did they split up, it is because Christians believe Jesus is the Messiah, aka son of God, Jews claim that he is not.

Is Islam associated with Judaism or Christianity?

Yes, Islam is closely linked with both Christianity and Judaism. People of all the three faiths are descended from Abraham; they recognize and honor the Hebrew Scriptures as well as the Hebrew patriarchs and prophets. Islam honors Jesus of Nazareth as a great prophet, who is seen as the 'son of go ( Full Answer )

Where did the beginning of Christianity?

The beginning of Christianity was in Israel at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came on the disciples to form the Catholic Church.

Do Islam and Christianity have roots in Judaism?

Answer 1 The three religions; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; are revealed by same God for different groups. Accordingly, sure they should have some similarities in some aspects of worship and morals. Answer 2 Christianity was founded by Jews. Namely Jesus and the Twelve Apostles were ( Full Answer )

Which is the true religion - Christianity or Islam?

ISLAM Answer Like everything in life this answer is more complex than the above might indicate. It is dependent upon any number of variables including where you were born and what nationality you are. religion is the only free will a person truely has it is a personal choice of your own views ( Full Answer )

What does Islam have in common with Judaism and Christianity?

There isn't much, but here is a short list of commonalities: . Abraham is the common root for all three. . All three believe in One God i.e. All three are monotheisticfaiths. . All three revere acts of kindness (Meccan suras, not laterMedinan suras) . All three have a code of behavior They ( Full Answer )

What do Judaism Christianity and Islam believe in?

All these three religions have the same basic beliefs. Islam, infact, is the continuation of Judaism and Christianity. They are theheavenly religions believing in the ONENESS of same Almighty God,the Sole Creator, sustainer and Ruler of the Universe. They believein Prophet-hood, Angels, Heavenly Boo ( Full Answer )

How does Islam differ from Christianity on Jesus?

Christianity teaches that Jesus is the son of God, part of God, or God himself (see Trinity). Islam teaches that Jesus was a man, not God or His son, and was miraculously born from the virgin Mary and chosen by God to deliver the message of monotheism.

How did Judaism and Christianity influence Islam?

This is a misleading question. Actually, Judaism and Christianity are parts of Islam in its original and basic sense. Islam is as old as the universe creation. Islam is an Arabic word that means surrender and submission to god. In this sense the first creation of any thing, alive or not alive, was c ( Full Answer )

Is Islam the truth or Christianity?

Sure, you considers your own belief is the true belief. Otherwise either you abandon this belief or you will try to change to the another belief. However, we should admit that both religions, Christianity and Islam, are different only in some faith issues that are regarding the relationship betwe ( Full Answer )

When did Christianity beginnings?

Christianity began at the day of Pentecost, when God sent the Holy Spirit onto the believers and commissioned them to "Go unto the world and preach the good news that I have given you".

Where did Christianity begin at?

Christianity as an officil religion began in Jerusalem after Jesus had ascended and his followers began preaching the good news of the kingdom. Although they were still Jews by race, they were Christians by faith. However, these early believers were not called "Christians". "Christians" only began b ( Full Answer )

What are the beginnings of Islam?

Islam began with the first man on the face of earth. Hazrat Adam (AS) was the first Muslim and the first Prophet. All the Prophets (May peace be upon them all) had been preaching Islam. The last Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) started preaching Islam in 610 AD when he was about 40 years.

When and were did Christianity begin?

1 A.D. and up. After Christ died the Jews began to believe that it Jesus wasn't "the Christ" at all. But just a powerful prophet. Christians believed that he was Jesus. So I guess you can say it began in just the Middle East, where Jesus mainly taught. ~~I know this is a sketchy answer so feel free ( Full Answer )

What is the ratio of conversion from Christianity to Islam and Islam to Christianity?

It would be impossible to answer this question accurately. In the first place, groups don't usually keep statistics on whether a convert's former religion was deep and real or just nominal. In the second place, it is difficult to distinguish between people who have truly converted to a religion an ( Full Answer )

How did Judaism Christianity and Islam begin in the Middle East?

Contributions by others: Well I cant be exact but from what I know. Abraham was the 1st tobe contacted by God to start the covenant. God promised Abraham ason from his wife Sarah. She Laughed at the idea as she was to oldto have a child. (Menopause etc) I think it was 3 years passed andno son. So ( Full Answer )

What year did Judaism Christianity and Islam begin?

According to tradition, Judaism began soon after the birth ofAbraham in 1812 BCE. However, more secular scholars trace a slowdevelopment of Jewish traditions and claim that the religionsolidified around 550 B.C.E. in Babylon. Christianity began around the year 4 BCE (or shortly after) withthe birth ( Full Answer )

Why did Judaism Christianity and Islam begin in the Middle East?

A: Many religions began in what is now known as the Middle East, butothers began elsewhere. It is not surprising that three veryclosely related religions all began in much the same area. Judaism was the earliest of the three religions, but coexisted withmany other religions that arose in the Middl ( Full Answer )