Where did Christianity Judaism and Islam start?

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1. Islam started in 600-800 CE
2. Christianity sarted in 20-200 CE
3. judaism stated 4000 years ago


Actually, the previous answer doesn't say where these religions started.

Judaism and Christianity started in Israel. Islam started in Saudi Arabia.
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How are Judaism Christianity and Islam related?

They are related in the following similarities: . Prophets of the three religions are descendants of the prophetAbraham (Ibrahim). However Muslims believe in all God prophets fromAdam through Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (peace be upon them all)but Jews dont believe in Jesus and Muhammad and Christi ( Full Answer )

Who are the leaders of Judaism Christianity and Islam?

Hazrat Abraham (AS) and his grandsons - Hazrat Issac, Hazrat Jacob,Hazrat Moses (AS) etc are considered the founders of Judaism. TheMuslims also believe in them to be the true Prophets of AlmightyAllah. Christianity is considered to be founded by Hazrat Jesus Christ(AS). Islam is considered to be ( Full Answer )

How is Islam the same as Judaism and Christianity?

The three religions call for monotheism and call for good morals. The three religions practice the same ritual worships as praying, fasting, alms giving, and pilgrimage although done differently in each religion. The three religions believe in the Resurrection Day and in the 2nd life.

What are Judaism Christianity and Islam?

A: Judaism, Christianity and Islam are known collectively as theAbrahamic religions, because all three religions teach that Abrahamwas a historical person and the first to believe in one God.Judaism, Christianity and Islam are sometimes also knowncollectively as the monotheistic religions, but actu ( Full Answer )

What do Judaism and Islam have in common with Christianity?

Short Answer All three -- Judaism, Islam, and Christianity -- share a common history with Abraham. Updated Answer The three religions are revelations by God, the same one and only one God. The morals in the three religions are almost the same except few details. All the three religions believe ( Full Answer )

What is the common starting point among Judaism Islam and Christianity?

The common starting point is that the three religions are started from same God (Allah in Arabic) and calling for submission (Islam in Arabic) to God the one and only one God with no partner, no associate, no son, no companion, and no resemblance. _______ Judaism does not have the concept of ( Full Answer )

Islamic connections to christianity and Judaism?

Basically the three religions spring from ONE source - Almighty God. The three religions believe in Almighty God, Prophets, Angels, life after death and the Day of Judgement. They have heavenly Books-Torah, Zaboor, the Bible (Anajeel), and the Holy Quran.

What does Abraham have to do with Judaism Christianity and Islam?

A: According to the Jewish, or Hebrew, scriptures, Abraham was the Patriarch from whom all the Israelites, Arabs and other Semitic peoples were descended. Almost all scholars consider him to be purely legendary, but Abraham holds a revered place in Jewish religion. Christians adopted the Hebrew sc ( Full Answer )

How does Islam view Christianity and Judaism?

Quran, Muslims holy book, calls followers of Christianity and Judaism as 'people of the book'. Muslims believe in the holy books of Christianity and Judaism (Bible and Torah) and believe in the prophets of the two religions (Moses and Jesus).

Connecions Islam Christianity judaism?

The connection between Islam, Christianity and Judaism is that the three religions trace their history to the covenant between God and Abraham.

God for Judaism Christianity Islam?

God for the religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is the same God; called in Arabic Allah. God is the one and only one God with no partner and no companion. However, some Christians consider God as composed of three species Son, Father, and soul (the Trinity).

How do Christianity Islam and Judaism interact?

Holy wars and unholy alliances. Sometimes productive dialogue (not often enough) occurs. Now if our political leaders would try to encourage cooperation instead of slaughter wouldn't that be a blessing!!!

Are Judaism Christianity and Islam the same?

No, if you really want to find out more information about these religions , search them up and study them for a bit..but here's some information.. Christianity - Believes in one God , the Trinity (Father,Son and Holy Spirit), the Bible , the death and resurrection of Jesus , the return of Jesus , ( Full Answer )

Why did Judaism Christianity and Islam spread?

Answer 1 It is human nature to ponder upon the creation of the universe and the creation of himself. To find a meaning in life other wise no objective is purposeful. In the same manner God loves His creations and created them for a greater reason than the worldly life with no meaning in other word ( Full Answer )

Where did Judaism Christianity and Islam originate?

In the Middle East, . centered around Jerusalem, where the Dome of the Rock, the ruins of the Temple of Jerusalem and many Synagogues stand, the Orthodox Cathedral, and AlAqsa Mosque, and . in Makkah (or Mecca) in Saudi Arabia where there is Kaba and the Grand mosque and in Medina where there is ( Full Answer )

Is Christianity and Islam similar to Judaism?

The following beliefs show how far they are similar and far theydiffer: Beliefs of the Muslims, the Jews and theChristians (Islam, Christianity and Judaism): 1. Belief in Almighty Allah (God): God-Allah is ONE Allah. There is no god but He. He and He alonedeserves worship. He is All- ( Full Answer )

What is the conclusion of Christianity Judaism and Islam?

From Islamic Perspective: The three religions are Abrahamic Heaven sent religions. Judaism is the religion per God revelation of Torah to prophet Moses. Chritianity is that religion per God revelation of Bible to prophet Jesus. Islam (the same universal name of all religions since mankind that are ( Full Answer )

How has Judaism and Christianity influenced Islam?

Neither Judaism nor Christianity has influenced Islam religion. This is true for one simple reason. Islam is not human invented religion to be influenced by other religions or characters. Islam is God religion. For more information go through the following details: Islam is an Arabic word that ( Full Answer )

What does Islam say about Judaism and Christianity?

General Discussion Christians and Jews are called in Islam 'People of the Book' or 'People of the Scripture'. Non-Muslim People of the Book living in an Islamic nation under Sharia law were given a number of rights, such as the right to freely practice their faith in private and to receive stat ( Full Answer )

How is Islam connected to Judaism and Christianity?

Islam is connected to Judaism and Christianity in that the three religions are calling for worshiping the same one and only one God. The prophets of the three religions are among the five greatest prophets, namely Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (peace upon them).

Compare Judaism with Christianity and Islam?

Judaism and Christinity are alike and have some of thesimilarties...........but islam is a bit diffferent fromboth......... these three religions are together called as"Abrahamic religions"

Why and how are Judaism Christianity and Islam related?

Judaism, Islam and Christianity are collectively known as"Abrahamic religions" because there roots trace back to Abraham. All religions are monotheistic, which is the belief in the one andonly God.

Is Islam associated with Judaism or Christianity?

Yes, Islam is closely linked with both Christianity and Judaism. People of all the three faiths are descended from Abraham; they recognize and honor the Hebrew Scriptures as well as the Hebrew patriarchs and prophets. Islam honors Jesus of Nazareth as a great prophet, who is seen as the 'son of go ( Full Answer )

What is a descripition of judaism Christianity and Islam?

Judaism is an indigenous levantine faith based on previous Canaanite beliefs. Studies of records left in the city of Ugarit tell us that originally the Canaanites believed in a Pantheon headed by the Father God El. Other gods worshiped were Dagon, Baal and Yahu, and their consort Asherah. Eventually ( Full Answer )

Do Islam and Christianity have roots in Judaism?

Answer 1 The three religions; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; are revealed by same God for different groups. Accordingly, sure they should have some similarities in some aspects of worship and morals. Answer 2 Christianity was founded by Jews. Namely Jesus and the Twelve Apostles were ( Full Answer )

What does Islam have in common with Judaism and Christianity?

There isn't much, but here is a short list of commonalities: . Abraham is the common root for all three. . All three believe in One God i.e. All three are monotheisticfaiths. . All three revere acts of kindness (Meccan suras, not laterMedinan suras) . All three have a code of behavior They ( Full Answer )

What do Judaism Christianity and Islam believe in?

All these three religions have the same basic beliefs. Islam, infact, is the continuation of Judaism and Christianity. They are theheavenly religions believing in the ONENESS of same Almighty God,the Sole Creator, sustainer and Ruler of the Universe. They believein Prophet-hood, Angels, Heavenly Boo ( Full Answer )

How did Judaism and Christianity influence Islam?

This is a misleading question. Actually, Judaism and Christianity are parts of Islam in its original and basic sense. Islam is as old as the universe creation. Islam is an Arabic word that means surrender and submission to god. In this sense the first creation of any thing, alive or not alive, was c ( Full Answer )

How similar are Judaism Christianity and Islam?

This asks for a qualitative answer and therefore is up to the discretion of the answerer. The best way for someone to come to a reasonable conclusion would be to examine the similarities and differences and come to a personal conclusion.

How was Islam similar to Judaism and Christianity?

shabadaba Following are the beliefs that show that these three religions arealmost similar. Beliefs of the Muslims, the Jews and theChristians (Islam, Christianity and Judaism): 1. Belief in Almighty Allah (God): God-Allah is ONE Allah. There is no god but He. He and He alonedeserves ( Full Answer )

How are Judaism Christianity and Islam the same?

One Answer They are monotheist religions. Which means they believe in one God. They all three also believe in the SAME God. Most Christians know that Christianity rose from Judaism. Not as many know that Judaism does not acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah, or Son of God. Judaism believes Jesus wa ( Full Answer )

What do Judaism Christianity and Islam not have in common?

Christians believe there is only one true Christ and he was of thetribe of Levi, of the house of Aaron as was his mother (Luke), hismother was married to one of the tribe of Judah of the house ofDavid, called Joseph (Matthew). This made Christ both High Priestand King of all of the house of Israel a ( Full Answer )

How does Islam compare with Judaism and Christianity?

Islam traces its Abrahamic lineage through Ishmael, whereas Judaism& Christianity trace their Abrahamic lineage through Isaac& Jacob. Baha'is trace their Abrahamic lineage through Abraham's sons byKeturah.

What is the relationship of Islam to Judaism and Christianity?

They are all Abrahamic religions and worship the One God. ____________________________________________________ The three religions, as any single religions, are based on two wings: . faith and ritual worships , and . morals and social teachings As for the first wing: faith and ritual worship ( Full Answer )

What do Judaism Christianity and Islam mean?

All of those are from same Lord but In judaism & christianity u will find that they Are send for specific place and prophecies refering to islam too but people don't believe.. But islam is send for all mankind..man is at loss.. All say One God(Allah) Prophethood Angel,daemon Etc

How is Christianity unique from islam and judaism?

Christianity is the ONLY religion out of three listed where majority of its followers truly believed Jesus to be 'the' God who created the world. Just type 'Jesus is God' or 'Is Jesus God' into your internet search engine to find out a plethora of views on the topic of Jesus as God! Judaism believ ( Full Answer )

Who were the founders of Judaism Christianity and Islam?

Answer 1 Judaism was founded by the Biblical Abraham, with whom the first covenant was made, and the practice of circumcision established. Christianity takes its name and philosophies from Jesus (in Hebrew, Yeshua bar Yosef), who was called Christ by the Greeks, from the word kristos, "the an ( Full Answer )

Do Christians believe that Abraham started Judaism and Islam?

Abrahamic religions include Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Baha'i faith. Christianity recognize Judaism but not Islam. Islam recognizes Judaism, Christianity but not Baha'i faith. And finally Baha'i faith recognizes Judaism, Christianity and Islam all together. And obviously he did not start ( Full Answer )

Are Christianity Judaism and Islam the same?

Absolutely not as there are major theological differencesespecially between Judeo-Christians and Islam. . In Judeo-Christianity, there is an 'intimacy' revealed by God toHis Creation (see Deuteronomy 1:31; Isaiah 40:11; Jeremiah 3:14 tolist a few). We are even told to call Him 'Father' (see Matthew ( Full Answer )

Why are Judaism Christianity and Islam monotheistic?

Because of the belief and tradition founded by Abraham. Accordingto Jewish tradition, Abraham (18th century BCE) came from ancestrythat had been God-fearing a couple of centuries earlier but hadafterwards slipped into idolatry (Joshua 24:2). Nimrod, theidolatrous tyrant, had brought Abraham's father ( Full Answer )

What do Judaism Christianity and Islam have common?

They are all monotheistic religions; they all believe in one god.In addition, they all believe in the same god. Jews do not worshipthe Jewish God, Christians the Christian God, and Muslims theIslamic God, but simply God.