Where did Christianity and Judaism originate - Was it Rome?

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Judaism certainly began in the Middle East. While there are questions as to whether Judaism began in Israel/Palestine/Judea/Canaan (all the same place), the Sinai Peninsula, or in Mesopotamia, all of these locations are in the Middle East.

As for Christianity, if the Ministry of Jesus is considered to be the origin of Christianity, then, Christianity began in Roman Palestine. However, if the Ecclesia (the organization of the Church) is seen as the beginning of Christianity, there were great meetings of the Ecclesia throughout the Roman Empire, but primarily in Western Anatolia, Greece, and Tunisia. The Establishment of the Roman Catholic Papacy and the Patriarchates of the Eastern Orthodox Church were primarily in cities like Rome, Byzantium/New-Rome/Constantinople/Istanbul (all the same place), Thessaloniki/Salonika, Ephesus, Tunis, Alexandria, and Damascus.

What was the origin of Judaism?

Judaism developed historically in the Near East over manycenturies. Under the Roman Empire, Jewish communities wereestablished outside the Near East, but in 70 CE the Romansdestroyed the temple in Jerusalem, and the Jews scattered in theDiaspora. Answer The Hebrews were led by moses, out of Egypt, ( Full Answer )

Where did Judaism originate?

The general religious answer is that Judaism originated in Israel,but there are three acceptable religious answers. In addition thereis also the historical answer. Religious: Israel The general correct answer is the Holy Land (Canaan;today's Israel), since it was there that Abraham lived most of ( Full Answer )

What are the origins of Judaism?

The tradition of the Jewish people, and the Torah Sages and Talmud,is that Abraham founded Judaism. He lived 3800 years ago. Thistradition is implicit in many passages in the prophets (e.g. Isaiah41:8) and the Talmud (e.g. Yoma 28b) and is borne out by a readingof Genesis. God calls himself "the God ( Full Answer )

Where did the Messianic concept originate and how did it affect Judaism and Christianity?

Answer . While the Messianic idea was originally a Persian idea, the materials used in the formation of the Christian Messiah were drawn largely from the Jewish Scriptures. There are passages in the Old Testament, as we have seen, which predict the coming of a Messiah. These furnished a portion o ( Full Answer )

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What were the origins of Judaism?

According to tradition, Abraham founded Judaism, and Moses laterreceived the Torah from God. Abraham, tenth generation descendant of Noah, of Hebrew lineage,was the son of Terah, uncle of Lot, father of Isaac, grandfather ofJacob, and ancestor of the Israelites. His story is in Genesisch.11 (end), t ( Full Answer )

When did Judaism originate?

No know knows for certain, but Jewish tradition holds that it was founded around 2000 BCE by Abraham. Answer: During the lifetime of Abraham (who lived 3800 years ago). According to tradition, it was Abraham who founded Judaism. It was formed when Abraham, as a youth, rejected idolatry (about38 ( Full Answer )

What is the origination of Judaism?

Judaism originates from God. It is not a religion but a governing authority emanating the words of God in written form called Torah. The Torah is the constitution which God uses to rule His kingdom. Answer: Tradition holds that Abraham founded the Jewish religion, around the year 2000 BCE, thou ( Full Answer )

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Where did Judaism Christianity and Islam originate?

In the Middle East, . centered around Jerusalem, where the Dome of the Rock, the ruins of the Temple of Jerusalem and many Synagogues stand, the Orthodox Cathedral, and AlAqsa Mosque, and . in Makkah (or Mecca) in Saudi Arabia where there is Kaba and the Grand mosque and in Medina where there is ( Full Answer )

To what person do Judaism Christianity and Islam trace their origins?

The person that all three religions have in common in their lineageis Abraham, but he did not found any of the these three religions.For Islam, the founder is Mohammed, for Judaism, it is Moses, andfor Christianity it would be Jesus Christ. Based on my readings, the person who has the trace of orig ( Full Answer )

Who wrote the Gospel for Christians of Gentile origin who lived in Rome?

The Gospel of Luke best fits the answer, although some might suggest the Gospel of Mark. Luke is written in good Greek, traces the lineage of Christ back to Adam (not just to Abraham as in Matthew), and seems to emphasize the inclusion of both Gentile and Jew in the church. In Acts, which is a secon ( Full Answer )

How is viewed the original sin in the Judaism Christianity Islam?

The three religions agree on one basic fact: Both women and men are created by God, The Creator of the whole universe. However, disagreement starts soon after the creation of the first man, Adam, and the first woman, Eve. The Judaeo-Christian conception of the creation of Adam and Eve is narrated ( Full Answer )

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Why did Judaism originate?

According to our tradition, Abraham (18th century BCE) developed the religion which became known as Judaism. The Kuzari (Rabbi Judah HaLevi, 1075-1141) states that Abraham was a gifted man of high intelligence; and, as Maimonides (1135-1204) describes, Abraham didn't blindly accept the ubiquitous id ( Full Answer )

Is Judaism in Christianity?

Answer 1 YES. The Torah, the holy book of Judaism, is actually the firstfive books of the Old Testament in Christianity: Genesis, Exodus,Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Also, we believe in the sameGod and follow the Ten Commandments. Answer 2 No. While Christians do use the Hebrew Bible, Ch ( Full Answer )

Where did Judaism originate and why?

Judaism originated in the city of Ur Mesopotamia after God told Abraham that he would have a child even though his wife had already gone through metopause. God told him that he would be the father of many nations. These being christianity, Islam, and JUDAISM. He is the ancestor of David and Jesus.

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How is Christianity a continuation of Judaism and How is it a break from Judaism?

Answer Continuation: Christians have as part of their scripture the writings of Judaism (called the Old Testament in the christian Bible). Break: Christians accept Jesus as the Messiah, while Jews believe the Messiah has not come yet. Answer Christianity is a continuation of Judaism bec ( Full Answer )

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Is there Christian Judaism?

It may depend upon whom you ask. Liberal opinions may say yes, and there are people who call themselves Jews for Jesus, or Messianic Jews. In the view of religious Jews, those are forms of Christianity and the answer to the question is no. === The label in the question is an oxymoron. J ( Full Answer )

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