Where did Christianity form?

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Christianity came about after the birth and teachings of Jesus Christ. Its origins are in Israel where Jesus was born and raised.

What was the main form of Christianity in the middle ages?

Answer . In the Middle Ages the whole of Western and Central Europe was Catholic. Eastern Europe, Greece and much of modern Turkey was Orthodox.. Answer : religion . \nroman catholic when the church took over.

How many forms of Christianity are there?

When it was founded in 31 AD, there was just one called the Church of God. As it began to spread out, Agnostic and other pagan philosophical ideas began to permeate the Church Jesus established. A recent survey reports over 30,000 organizations/buildings calling themselves Christian - which was co ( Full Answer )

How do Christians believe the universe was formed?

Answer . Genesis 1:1 Tells us Christians that in the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth. . Answer . The above verse also speaks of what is called Creation 'ex nihilo' which is Latin for 'out of nothing'. It also indicates that the Universe was made by the word of God. The follo ( Full Answer )

Why did eastern orthodox Christianity form?

Answer . According to the Orthodox Church, Jesus Christ established the Orthodox Church in 33 AD, to provide for the salvation of humanity, since the Church is regarded as Christ's Body. For over 1,000 there was only one Christian Church throughout the world, known as the "One, Holy, Catholic, ( Full Answer )

How did Christians formed?

The Christian religion formed after the long anticipated savior Jesus Christ was incarnated on this earth. He modified the religion of Judaism and gathered many followers, which has become more than 2 billion followers to this day.

Is Catholicism the oldest form of Christianity?

Catholicism is indeed the oldest form of Christianity.. This can be verified by what is commonly known as "apostolic succession".. The apostles appointed men to oversee regions of churches. These are the first bishops and their association with the apostles is well known to secular historians.. T ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity form?

Christianity began in the Province of Judaea in the Roman Empireabout 33 AD after the death and reported resurrection of a mannamed Jesus. It spread rather quickly and became the dominantreligion after about 300 years.

What form of Christianity is Robert Pattinson?

He's catholic i think he said in an interview when he was speaking about abstinence he mentioned in a joke that it suits him perfectly because he was raised catholic

Where was the first Christian church formed?

It was formed in Jerusalem by Jesus Christ and given to the Apostle Peter to be the Head of it. Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles spread the "good news" around the world and started the Church in Rome.

How many forms of Christianity is there?

Denominations of Christians:. Roman Catholics. Orthodox. Protestant. Anglican. The Free Churches. Pentecostal. many other free churches.... baptist, methodist, etc.....

Which form of Christianity has less rules?

The one where the rules come directly from the mouth of jesus as opposed to the convoluted regulations that have been invented over the past 2000 years.

The actual year of Christianity formed?

No actual year can be assigned to the formation of Christianity, it is a movemont that gathered pace slowly after the death of Jesus (we don't even know that exact year, but it was around AD 30 in modern dating). Followers of Jesus called themselves 'Followers of the Way', and gradually people began ( Full Answer )

Were Catholics formed first or christians?

Christians came first. The Catholic church did not exist until quite some centuries later. If you mean Protestants who they call themselves Christians, then the Catholics were formed first.

What three forms do Christians view God in?

Most Christian sects believe that God has three distinct personalities, who have been present in Him since creation: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and Unitarians do not follow the doctrine of a Trinity.

How were the Christian Scriptures formed?

God inspired men to write the Sacred Scriptures/the Bible to spread his Word.. The three stages of Gospel formation:. 1. The sayings and deeds of Jesus. 2. The time of oral tranmission- the preaching and teaching about what Jesus said and did.. 3. The gradual collecting, editing and writing down ( Full Answer )

What is a form of Christianity?

Eastern Orthodoxy is one form of Christianity. Some more may be Roman Catholicism or Protestantism.

Is Greek orthodox a form of Christianity?

Yes, Greek Orthodoxy is a form of Christianity. All of the booksof the New Testament were originally written in Greek. In manyGreek Orthodox parishes throughout the world, readings from both anEpistle and a Gospel are read both in the original Greek and alsoin a translation into the local language. ( Full Answer )

What was the first form of Christianity?

Scholars are uncertain as to the very earliest form of Christianity, or even how early it really began. It is clear from Paul's epistles that by the forties or fifties of the first century CE, there were rival groups of Christians who believed very different things, and even taught a "different Chri ( Full Answer )

How do you form a Christian conscience?

directing one's freedom to the person and the message of Jesus Christ,the center of the christian self-becoming and identity.

Which form of Christianity is older?

Answer Early Christianity seems to have been incredibly diverse. For example, Burton L. Mack ( Who Wrote the New Testament ) says that the branch of Christianity that Paul joined was quite different from that documented in the New Testament Gospels. Certainly, Paul wrote of those who taught "a diff ( Full Answer )

Are there forms of fasting in Christianity?

Dear friend, thanks for your interest in fasting. Fasting and prayer together will make your relationship with God grow to extreme lengths. Biblically, the truest form of fasting is no foods, just water. Jesus and Moses did 40 days and 40 nights of this type of fast, and so have many others through ( Full Answer )

Was Gnosticism was an early form of Christianity?

The common belief is that Gnosticism originated as a branch of Christianity. There are some theories that claim the central ideas of Gnosticism existed before the birth of Christ. These ideas, of a dualistic religion (two Gods), still prevail today in modern Christianity with the teachings of one su ( Full Answer )

What is a form of christian worship?

Christian worship may be in the form of singing hymns or other Christian praise songs to God. It could also be reading scripture from the Holy Bible. Praying to God is also a form of worship.

Is Judaism a form of Christianity?

no Judaism is for Jews and Christianity is for Christians Judaism was the revelation of God to the Israelites as recorded in the Old Testament. Within this revelation God made a promise (a Covenant) between the Jews and himself that they would be his 'chosen' people. However, they turned away ( Full Answer )

Is Mormon a form of Christianity?

Yes, Mormonism is a restoration of original Christianity. Mormons (Latter-day Saints) believe in much of what other mainstream Christians believe, and -- like all denominations -- also have beliefs that differ from the teachings of other Christians. See related links, below, for additional informat ( Full Answer )

Who formed the first christians into a community of faith?

The very earliest Christian leaders attested outside the gospels (but still in the Bible) were James and Peter, whom Paul mentions in Galatians . Paul is ambiguous as to whether they were the very first leaders of a Christian community.

What is the oldest form of Christianity?

Answer The Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches are equally old, being the inheritors of the Church split by the Great Schism of 1054. Arguably the same applies to the Coptic Church and the Assyrian Orthodox Churches, which also broke awy, somewhat earlier. Whether or not the former Church, no ( Full Answer )

What is an old form of Christian Church?

There seem to have been many forms of Christian Church from the very earliest times of Christianity. Even Paul wrote, in the forties or fifties, of those who taught a "different Christ". The forerunner to the Catholic and Orthodox Churches was not necessarily the first Church, but was ultimately the ( Full Answer )

Is mormanism a form of Christianity?

Yes. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) are Christian but are not Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant Christians. They believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer, They worship Him, they read the Bible and try to follow it's teachings, but they do ( Full Answer )

Is Orthodox the oldest form of Christianity?

Answer The Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches are equally old, being the inheritors of the Church split by the Great Schism of 1054. Whether or not the former Church, now known to some scholars as the Catholic-Orthodox Church, was the very first branch of Christianity is something still being de ( Full Answer )

What was the Byzantine Empire and what form of Christianity flourished there?

The Byzantine Empire was the Eastern half of the Roman Empire. It was centered on the city of Constantinople (formerly Byzantion, from whence the name 'Byzantine' derives) and survived the fall of the Western Roman Empire, lasting until the year 1453 A.D. The Byzantine Empire was the center of Ortho ( Full Answer )

When and how was Christianity formed?

Christianity really formed from Judaism, but with the aspect of Christ coming down on Earth to save the world from their sins. So when Jesus did die, the curtain was torn, which meant that there was a connection between the people and God versus when they had to tell the priest something for him to ( Full Answer )

How do Christians believe that animals were formed?

The same as man out of the dust of the ground - physical creatures. The difference being God gave all the 'breath of life' (Genesis 1:30) or in the Hebrew 'nephesh' which is commonly translated 'soul' but man was directly given this by God Himself, blowing into the man's mouth (Genesis 2:7). And a ( Full Answer )

Why have different groups of Christians formed?

The Bible is a long text. It is in two parts. The two parts, in some respects, are very different from each other, in others are the same. It is interpretation that creates divisions. Is Genesis an allegory, or is that exactly as it happened? Should we give our wealth to God, or to the poor? Should ( Full Answer )

Is rastafarism a form of Christianity?

No. Rastafaris worship Emperor Selassie. Rastafaris believe Selassie was the Messiah prophesied in the Bible and will bring the golden age of peace. He is given the titles of Jesus: King of Kings, Lion of the Tribe of Judah and so forth. Selassie accepted this and also allowed himself to be calle ( Full Answer )

What is the noun form of Christian?

The word 'Christian' is a noun, a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for a believer or follower of a Christian religion or Christian beliefs. The noun Christian is a proper noun, the name of a specific religion and is always capitalized. The word 'Christian' is also an adjective, a word that ( Full Answer )

Are jehovah s witnesses a form of christianity?

Absolutely. Jehovah's Witnesses believe in Jesus Christ, the son of Almighty God. They accept Jesus as their savior and the only means to receive salvation from God. They accept and are guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ. Many people get confused about Jehovah's Witnesses because they focus ( Full Answer )

When was the Christian music group The Katinas formed?

The Christian group The Katinas was formed in Washington, D. C. The band members are five brothers who are originally from American Samoa. Their first album was 'Katina Boyz' which was released in 1991.

What was Christianity date formed?

Some have dated the start of Christianity to the 1st Pentecost in Jerusalem on Sunday, June 17th, 31 A.D..

What form of Christianity took hold of Russia?

Although the Roman Catholic Church claims that there are 600 thousand-1.5 million Catholics in Russia, the Russian Government Survey said there were only 140 thousand. Protestants make up the second or third largest group of Christian believers, with approximately 3,500 organizations and more than 1 ( Full Answer )

Is Christianity a form of Egyptian?

Christianity is a religion all to its self and has nothing to do with Egypt, but if a Christian church does exist in Egypt they would most likely conform to the Holy Bible and yet observe their own culture.

When did the religion of Christianity form?

Many modern scholars point to the event in Acts 1 & 2, justoutside the Upper Room on Pentecost Sunday, 17 June 31 AD, in thecity of Jerusalem, Israel.