Where did Christianity spread to after the fall of rome?

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After the fall of Rome, Christianity spread rapidly throughout Europe.
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Who spread Christianity?

The apostles, spread Christianity around Judea while St Paul spread Christianity to Greek City states and Rome.

Where did Christianity spread?

across europe Additional Answer: In the 1st Century AD, Christianity began to spread throughout the Roman Empire - Middle East, Babylon to India, North Africa, Europe and the Isles. Eventually, it spread over the entire world.

Why did Rome fall?

The term the fall of Rome refers to the fall of the western part ofthe Roman Empire, rather than the city itself, which was neverconquered. This was a process which took several decades. The process wasdetermined by several factors. It was precipitated by the invasionsby the Germanic peoples (the V ( Full Answer )

When did Rome fall?

The Western Roman Empire fell in 476 AD . The EasternRoman Empire fell in 1453 AD.

How was Christianity spread?

It began spreading by the work of the Apostles and disciples asJesus had instructed them to from Jerusalem throughout the MiddleEast, North Africa, and Rome itself. Then it spread via the RomanEmpire in the 4th Century AD, to spread even more to othercountries.

Why did Christianity spread?

Christianity spread because of the miraculous things that Jesus did. Examples ; 1) During the Last Dinner, the bread they ate was his skin and the wine they drank was his blood. 2) He had the ability to cure in a matter of 1 second. 3) When he was about to get crucified, he was forced to ca ( Full Answer )

How did the christian church save Western civilization from the Barbarian invaders after the fall of Rome?

The Catholic Church saved Western Civilization. The barbarian invaders were barbarians that wished to join in the civilization of Rome. Leaders such as Theodoric the Goth and Atilla the Hun were barbarians that forced themselves into civilization. The Catholic Church saved civilization because the ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity spread to Rome?

oddly enough Rome banned christianity prosecuted hundreds if not thousands of christians, until oneday on the eve of a battle a general by the name of Constantine saw a crossin the sky and woke up his soldiers and told them to paint a cross on their shields, and then when they charged into battle th ( Full Answer )

How did Rome fall?

The ancient Roman Empire fell because it was unable to logistically maintain its military supremacy in Europe. This was despite the de facto control of the government by military leaders in place of the Emperor. After the fall of Rome to Germanic mercenaries in 476 AD, the eastern or Byzantine Empir ( Full Answer )

What if Rome did not fall?

Answer 1 If Rome never fell then we would be an extra 800 years advanced intechnology, because when the dark ages came we forgot most of thestuff the Romans had invented. The world would also be more largelypopulated because there would never have been the dark ages, and wewould probably be speakin ( Full Answer )

Christianity spread to?

Christianity is the most widespread religion in the world, But unfairly so as well. While christians occupy over 69% of the earth's populated regions, there are so many splinters of christian groups that it is unfair to say that a majority of people are one specific sect. Europe: Christianity ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity spread?

Through evangelism, conquest, and missionary work. Answer We know that by the time of St Paul, Christianity had spread throughout much of the Near East and Greece, and at least as far as Rome. It may be that part of the reason for this spread was the spread of the diaspora Jews through the Roman ( Full Answer )

How is Christianity spread?

Used to be Christianity was spread through word of mouth to spiritually save another. Later many people were forced to be converted through fear such as Native Americans. But now it still retains the tradition of word of mouth, missionaries and even television advertisements. Answer In the very b ( Full Answer )

Where has Christianity spread to?

Christianity has spread all over the world... for the most part but it doesn't mean the everyone believes everything about it is true. It's either believed in or heard of to one extent or other. Some remote areas may not have heard but some have.

How did Horatius Cocles spread Christianity in Rome?

Horatius Cocles did not do anything to spread Christianity.Christianity did not even exist in his days. He was around 6thcentury B.C; that is, some five centuries before Jesus Christ.

How did Rome help spread Christianity?

Early Christian concept of God (Jesus) had a lot in common with one of the Roman gods. For this reasons the Romans didn't have a problem with the Christians. When the Roman Emporer Constantinople Converted to Christianity it opened a big path for the spread of Christianity.

Who spread Christianity in Rome?

Christianity was spread in the city of Rome among the lowerclasses, because of the teachings of Jesus' Apostles, such as Paul,who was a Roman citizen, and also Peter, who was Martyred in thiscity. Christians suffered prosecution by Roman authorities in theearly years of the religion propagation, but ( Full Answer )

Why was Christianity spread?

When Spain took over what is now present day Mexico, Dominican Republic, Chili, Argentina, and the many other spanish speaking countries they brought over their religion and that's what they have adapted to.

Where did Christianity spread to?

Christianity has spread all over the globe, leaving very few places today in which there are no Christians. Due to the spread of missionaries, Christianity has become prevalent in Asia, Africa, and even the Middle East, often usurping the native belief system. Incidentally, the grammatically correct ( Full Answer )

Did Christianity cause the fall of rome?

The term fall of Rome refers to the fall of the western part of theRoman Empire, which crumbled under the weight of the invasions bythe Germanic peoples. Some pagan Romans thought that Christianitycontributed to this by weakening the fighting spirit of the Romans.This was not true. In actual fact, t ( Full Answer )

How and why did Christianity spread?

Jesus both set the example(Mark 1:14-15)(Luke 8:1)(Luke 4:43-44)and commanded his followers to " Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them ..." prophesying that " this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the ( Full Answer )

What role did christianity play in the fall of rome?

I think that Christianity played an important role before andduring the fall of the Roman Empire. Historians explain that thismade Roman citizens become pacifist which made it easier for thebarbarians to invade Rome. This explains why it was so easy for thebarbarians to infiltrate into the city of R ( Full Answer )

Why did Christianity cause the fall of Rome?

Answer Christianity did not directly cause the fall of the Roman Empire, unless we accept the pagan explanation that this came about because the old gods were angry. However, the enormous amounts that Constantine spent from the state treasury for the construction of magnificent churches, and the fun ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity get in Rome?

I think it had a lot to do with the Roman citizen Peter who came to Rome and started proselytising. Also Christianity thrives on martyrs and so persecutions made them stronger until Constantine made christianty legal and encouraged its spread, and Theodosius I made it officially the religion of Rome ( Full Answer )

Why was there a fall in ROme?

There was not a fall in Rome. The term fall of Rome refers to the fall of the western part of the Roman Empire (the eastern part continued to exist for nearly 1,000 years). The fall of the western part of the Roman Empire was a process. Many factors contributed to this. The main one was the invasion ( Full Answer )

What did the fall of Rome do?

The term fall of Rome refers to the Fall of the western part of theRoman Empire, rather than the fall of the city itself, which wasnever conquered. This part of the empire fell under the weight ofthe invasions by the Germanic peoples. The eastern part of theRoman Empire was not affected by these inv ( Full Answer )

Why did Christianity emerge as a unifying force following the fall of Rome?

Some historians believe that Constantine's interest in Christianity was because he saw it as a potential force for unity in the Roman Empire, with its strong discipline and well-defined hierarchy. He was dismayed to find that Christianity was not at all united even within itself, and eventually foun ( Full Answer )

Why and how did Christianity spread?

Christianity spread through mouth, evangelism, and people were told of God. Miracles also played a part. As did missionary work

What was the first kingdom in Africa to become Christian after the fall of Rome?

Ethiopia was one of the first areas of the world to have officially adopted Christianity as the state religion, in the 4th century. It has a Christian majority, and third of the population is Muslim. According to the 2007 National Census, Christians make up 62.8% of the country's population (43.5% E ( Full Answer )

When did Christianity spread into Rome?

Answer . We can not really say when the first Christians arrived in Rome, but Paul's Epistle to the Romans shows that there were already Christians in Rome during his lifetime. This Epistle is traditionally dated in the 50s of the first century CE.

Why was Christianity so popular after the fall of Rome?

A: Emperor Theodosius had made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire in 381 CE and shortly afterwards made the public worship of the pagan gods a crime punishable by death. Subsequent emperors, both in the east and the west, increased the ferocity of the persecution of pagans, unt ( Full Answer )

What happen to the christian religion after the fall of rome?

The Christian religion grew and expanded after the fall of Rome. The Christian religion grew and expanded after the fall of Rome. The Christian religion grew and expanded after the fall of Rome. The Christian religion grew and expanded after the fall of Rome. The Christian religion grew and expa ( Full Answer )

Why was Christianity a cause of romes falling?

Rome the city never truly fell. The Ancient Roman Empire's falling was due to the fact that the military spread itself too thin. At one point, the Roman Empire spanned nearly the entire known world.

How did Christianity contribute to the fall off the rome empire?

Christianity did not contribute to the fall of the western part of the Roman Empire. It became the religion of the empire in Late Antiquity and gave the empire a stronger sense of cohesion as most of the people in the empire had become Christian. Pagan Romans thought that Christianity made the empir ( Full Answer )

How did rome fall and why?

Rome fell due to a combination of several different reasons. First, a series of impotent rulers. The last great Roman emperor, by most peoples standards was Marcus Aurelius, who died in 80 A.D. After his death, emperors became steadily worse (and ironically, shorter lived). When Diocletian split the ( Full Answer )

How did the christian religion spread to rome?

The Christians told people about their faith, and the converts spread the word, and eventually made their way to Rome, where they kept growing until Constantine made Christianity the country's religion.

How did the decline of Rome help spread Christianity?

The decline of the Roman Empire did not favour the spread ofChristianity, it was three dynasties of emperors which wereChristians and favoured Christanity. One of these emperors alsopersecuted paganism.

How did Rome help preservation and the spread of Christianity?

Christianity originated from Judea, which was part of the Roman Empire. The Christian apostles and other preachers travelled around the empire to spread their religion and to make converts. Therefore, Christianity developed in the Roman Empire. It could be said that it was a Roman development. Two ( Full Answer )

Did the rise of Christianity and Islam contribute to the fall of rome?

Islam did not contribute to the fall of Rome and the western partof the Roman Empire. This part of the empire fell more than acentury before the rise of Islam. This religion contributed to thefall of the eastern part of the Roman Empire (which historians allByzantine Empire) which existed for nearly ( Full Answer )

Did the rise of Christianity and Muslim religion contribute to the fall of Rome?

The rise of Islam did not contribute to the fall of the westernpart of the Roman empire, which occurred about a century earlier.The rise of Islam united the Arabs who went on to conquerterritories of the eastern part of the Roman Empire (historianscall the eastern part after the fall of the western ( Full Answer )

What is the connection between ancient Rome and the spread of Christianity?

Christianity developedfrom a religion among a small group of Jews (who lived in Judea,which was part of the Roman Empire) into a mass religion in theRoman days. It spread around the Roman Empire. It became statereligion. Catholic Christianity and Orthodox Christianity developedduring the Later Roman ( Full Answer )

Why was Paul successful in spreading Christianity to Rome?

Paul laid the foundations for the successful large scale spread ofChristianity around the Roman Empire. He made Christianity areligion which was accessible to the gentiles (the non-Jews) of theRoman Empire; that is, to the whole population of the empire. Priorto this the Christians were Jews who pre ( Full Answer )