Where did Christianity spread to by 1000 AD?

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By converting Clovis from Arianism and making Charlemagne 'Imperator Augustus' (Protector of the Catholic Church) of Italy (some call him the first Holy Roman Emperor), the Christianity of the Roman Empire regained a new life and began to secure the foothold in Europe up to Otto the Great's time. See related link below:
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Why did Christianity spread?

Christianity spread because of the miraculous things that Jesus did. Examples ; 1) During the Last Dinner, the bread they ate was his skin and the wine they drank was his

Christianity spread to?

Christianity is the most widespread religion in the world, But unfairly so as well. While christians occupy over 69% of the earth's populated regions, there are so many spli

How did Christianity spread?

Through evangelism, conquest, and missionary work. Answer We know that by the time of St Paul, Christianity had spread throughout much of the Near East and Greece, and at l

What does the AD stand for in 1000 AD?

Anno Domini, a Latin term meaning years after the birth of Jesus Christ. A literal translation would be the years of our master.

Why was Christianity spread?

When Spain took over what is now present day Mexico, Dominican Republic, Chili, Argentina, and the many other spanish speaking countries they brought over their religion and t

Where did Christianity spread to by AD 400?

By the year 400, Christianity was the state religion of the Roman Empire, which spread from Britain across Europe to much of the Near East and North Africa. In theory, all cit

By 500 AD what was the extent of the spread of Christianity?

By the 5th century Christianity had bread throughout the RomanEmpire. It had reached the Germanic peoples who were later toinvaded the western part of the Roman Empire: the Su
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What religion was spread between 260 BC and ad 1000 from south and east Asia?

Buddhism was a religion that spread throughout south and east Asia between 260 BC and 1000 AD. It was one of the first proselytizing religions in the world. It was easily ac
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How far north did Christianity spread in 600 AD?

In Western Europe, Christianity was present as far north asScotland, but it didn't go beyond the Rhine in the east, which wasthe border between the Roman empire and Germanic t