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Where did Christopher Columbus land when he first discovered America?

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2015-09-25 15:56:11

Watlings Island?

This debate has been going on for more that 500 years. The truth

is....nobody really knows were Columbus first stepped foot on the

New World. If you want a good guess, most historians have agreed on

Guanahani Island which today is known as Watling Island in the

Bahama's. The reason for the debate is that Christopher Columbus

was notorious for keeping inaccurate logs on distance throughout

the first voyage. In fact, Columbus did this on purpose. Columbus

was a sailor who sailed by "Dead Reckoning" and he was an expert at

it. As far as a mathematical sailor--- he was not. Columbus did

keep a detailed diary of every day activities. Through this diary

log, it can be determined that the physical description given by

Columbus himself (and with his inaccurate but useful position logs)

Watlings Island is the most PROBABLE landing site of Christopher

Columbus. To this day there have been search crews combing the

Bahamas for the wreckage of the Santa Maria which sank by accident

on Christmas, 1492. This would yield indisputable proof of the

first landfall. Unfortunately, no such wreckage has ever been


The first place Christopher Columbus landed was the Caribbean

Islands. His first attempt at settlement was on Hispaniola.

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