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Where did Christopher Columbus land when he first discovered America?

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Watlings Island?This debate has been going on for more that 500 years. The truth is....nobody really knows were Columbus first stepped foot on the New World. If you want a good guess, most historians have agreed on Guanahani Island which today is known as Watling Island in the Bahama's. The reason for the debate is that Christopher Columbus was notorious for keeping inaccurate logs on distance throughout the first voyage. In fact, Columbus did this on purpose. Columbus was a sailor who sailed by "Dead Reckoning" and he was an expert at it. As far as a mathematical sailor--- he was not. Columbus did keep a detailed diary of every day activities. Through this diary log, it can be determined that the physical description given by Columbus himself (and with his inaccurate but useful position logs) Watlings Island is the most PROBABLE landing site of Christopher Columbus. To this day there have been search crews combing the Bahamas for the wreckage of the Santa Maria which sank by accident on Christmas, 1492. This would yield indisputable proof of the first landfall. Unfortunately, no such wreckage has ever been found.
The first place Christopher Columbus landed was the Caribbean Islands. His first attempt at settlement was on Hispaniola.
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What was the first geographic area that Christopher Columbus discovered?

The first geographic area that Christopher Columbus discovered was America in 1492.

Why do we say Christopher Columbus discovered America if Amerigo Vespucci discovered it first?

ok Amerigo was first and we named America but christopher discovered the Indians

Was Christopher Columbus America's first discoverer?

Many people think that in history, Christopher Columbus was America's first discoverer. Others think that there was someone else that had discovered America before Christopher Columbus. The might not ever know who discovered America first.

When did Columbus first find America and when did he come back?

Christopher Columbus discovered America on Thursday, October 11

What did Christopher Columbus discover in central America?

Christopher Columbus discovered that the Scandinavian vikings had discovered America first because they were on there way to find the poles. (north pole and south pole)

When was Latin America colonized?

Since 1492 when Christopher Columbus first discovered it.

Why did historian believe that christopher Columbus discovered America?

he was the first they recorded that found it

What is the name of the man who discovered America first?

Leif Erikson. Christopher Columbus just received credit for it. Most schools teach Christopher Columbus discovered America, but that's not true. It was a black man.

What year did sir francis drake discover America?

Francis Drake never discovered America. Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. But actually the first to find America was the vikings way back when but Christopher Columbus was credited for the discovery.

Where did chistopher colombus land when he first discovered America?

Christopher Columbus first landed in The Bahamas

Who discovered north america first?

It is strongly believed that Christopher Columbus was the one who discovered North America. He is the father of the New World.

Who discovered North America first Lief Erikson or Christopher Columbus?

Lief Erikson

Who discovered America first leif eriksson or Christopher Columbus?

Neither. Lief Ericson discovered North America second while Christopher Columbus discovered it third. A Viking did discover North America and his name was Bjarni Herjolfsson. He discovered North America about 200 years before Lief Ericson

Who was americium discovered by?

The first one who discovered America was Marco Polo but the first one that was recorded or kept record was Christopher Columbus.

What were Christopher Columbuss Accomplishments?

christopher Columbus discovered north America and the Caribbean first (other than the natives who were already living there)

The first island discovered by Christopher Columbus?

The first island discovered by Christopher Columbus was the Bahamas, which he called El Salvador or San Salvador. ;DDDDDDD

When did Christopher Columbus go on his first trip?

Christopher Columbus went to America

How did the first Europeans discover corn?

When Christopher Columbus sailed and "discovered" America, he also discovered corn and brought it back to Europe.

Who discovered the Bermuda triangle first?

Christopher Columbus

Who was first to discover America?

Originally ; The Native Americans Was There Before Christopher Columbus , So The Natives Did ; But in The Board Of Education Insist That You Say Christopher Columbus When You Come Across The Question Of ( Who Discovered America ? ) . Answered By : Keianna Beattie

Who was the first person in the world to discover America?

People say that Christopher Columbus first discovered America. But actually, a Viking called Leif Erickson really did discover America first.

Who came first to America Columbus or the pilgrims?

The Christopher Columbus came first in 1492.

Why do you think christopher Columbus is recognized as a discovering America?

because he was the first one to step foot on America besides the native Americans and said he discovered it.

Who were the first Europeans in south America?

Christopher Columbus was the first European. He first found it on his 3rd trip. Spain was the first country to colonise it.

Did Christopher Columbus really find North America?

He technically did not 'find' north America it was always there he discovered it but the first on to dicover north America was the Viking lief erikson