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Where did WWE Randy Orton get his tattoos?


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It is not known where Randy Orton gets his tattoos. Randy Orton has wrestled with the WWE since his debut in 2000.

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i think that Randy Orton is the wwe wrestler with the most tattoos in the wwe

Randy Orton is a WWE Wrestling Superstar.

One can get pictures of Randy Orton¥_s tattoos at Fan Pop, WWE, Photobucket, Tattoo-pictures, Facebook, Vanishing Tattoo and many more. Randy Orton is a famous American professional wrestler and also an actor.

randy orton made his debut in wwe back in 2002

Randy Orton has won the WWE Championship, 8 Times.

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Randall 'Randy' Keith Orton..

yes. All orton tattoos are real.

Randy Orton is not dead. He is alive and in the smackdown brand d wwe

According to the WWE his father is WWE legend (Cowboy) Bob Orton

Yes he is still in the WWE

Randy Orton has had the World Heavyweight Championship, United states Championship, And WWE Championship but not for very long!

Randy orton because he is the best in the WWE

Randy is friends with everyone in the WWE, in real life is married

his name is actually Randy Orton but his full name is Randal Keith Orton

Wedding pictures for Randy Orton can be found on the WWE website. Randy Orton is one of the top wrestlers for the wrestling group.

Snapped his arm in chair. Answer 2: It depends when you mean as randy orton has done alot of things to Batista!

Randy Orton got in through connections his dad had as a former wrestler Sorry but Bob Orton had nothing to do with Randy getting in the WWE that is not how WWE works. He got in because he trained hard and was offered a development contract.

the wwe champion cuurently is randy orton

The WWE CHAMPION is Randy Orton, Buy a Dictionary

Randy Orton faced Mark Henry after WWE : Bragging Rights.

Orton didn't die hes the wwe champ

Yes, WWE will eventually release a Randy Orton DVD later on in his career, maybe 2012 or 2013.

Orton made his WWE debut in April 2002 and has been with WWE since then.

As a matter of fact, YES, they are. the Orton family is/was very athletic. Kyle Orton is in the NFL, as Randy Orton is in the WWE, as his father, "Cowboy" Bob Orton was.

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