Where did chocolate spread from Mexico?

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I think that chocolate spread to Europe and that's where they made more chocolate recipes.
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Is the Milton Hershey chocolate company moving to Mexico?

Yes. As a child in Buffalo New York, in my teens and 20's, I watched as alot of the major companies moved to Canada and elsewhere. These were companies that my family including my grandparents and great grandparents had worked for. Buffalo is almost a graveyard now full of crime. A lot of my gen ( Full Answer )

Is Nutella chocolate spread vegetarian?

i think its ok if this chocolate spread use the vegetable oil ore vegetable based material. Another answer: They do use palm oil and another extremely bad oil in it. So it is not worth purchasing even though they say its healthy Pretty much, because vegetarian is a person that doesn't eat meat. ( Full Answer )

What is the link between Mexico and chocolate?

the cacaun is produc of Mexico, so the firh time see chocolate are in Mexico, when moctezuma give Spain exploret like drink, the chocolate in Mexico is 100% natural

Why was chocolate spread made?

it was made because people wanted another spread to eat on toast, ice-cream, coissants and so-on. also, it is unhealthy and irresistably delicious!

What causes chocolate chip cookies to spread so flat and greasy during baking?

1) could be one of the following reason: a) only use chocolate chip that do not melt. if using chocolate chip that melts the cookies will be flat and spread "like wild fire" when baking!! b) always scoop cookies on silkpat for baking. c) always chill the dough before it goes into the oven.

How do you keep chocolate chip cookies from spreading?

Scoop your cookie dough and instead of putting the cookies in the oven right away, refrigerate them for at least 2 hours before baking. Cold dough will take longer for the cookies to spread out while baking and make a thicker cookie.

What is spread?

In a statistical sense, spread, otherwise known as statisticaldispersion, is one of various measures of distribution.

The chief crop of Mexico which spread north and south?

The most important crop would be corn, followed by wheat and rice. Soybean is also grown, but on a lesser degree. Most cereal crops are for internal consumption, but demand is so big that corn and wheat are imported from the United States. Mexico also cultivates oranges, apples, table grapes, tange ( Full Answer )

What does chocolate do?

It boosts your endorphins which are basically the things in your brain that make you happy. It also helps reduce pain!!

How many calories does a chocolate spread sandwich contain?

in a nutella sandwich there are 320 calories per serving but it depends on how much you put on your sandwich and you need to count how many calories the bread contains as well. in total around 450 calories for a nutella sandwich. (:

Is Hershey chocolate candy made in Mexico?

According to the Associated Content, the Hershey Company has closeddown and moved several candy making facilities in the United Statesand Canada to Mexico. The Hershey Company is the USA's leadingcandy maker. It is the candy we grew up with and love, and the nameHershey has long been synonymous with ( Full Answer )

What can you do with chocolate?

With chocolate you can do just about anything. Eat it Melt it Drink it Lick it Dip it Dunk it Cook it Boil it Burn it just about ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Hershey transport the chocolate to Mexico?

They don't. It is actually grown in Mexico in the form of cocoa plantations; Mexico is the 13th largest producer of such crop in the world with 27174 tonnes of cocoa beans (2010)

How many calories in chocolate spread?

It depends on the exact brand and ingredients, but one serving of most chocolate spreads is usually around 200 calories or so.

What is the spread?

The spread is the difference between the "buy" and the "sell" prices of a particular spread betting market (such as equities, indices, currencies and even sports!) For example spread betting company Spreadex may offer a "spread" of 5000-5002 on the UK 100 Daily (aka FTSE 100). You could buy at 5002 ( Full Answer )

What can chocolate do to you?

Make you very fat! No, you are wrong. It depends what candy you eat. chocolate can't make you fat very easily. everyone knows that!!

Does chocolate come from Mexico?

The earliest form of chocolate was prepared in what is now southernMexico and northern Guatemala. The natives of Mesoamerica hadcultivated cacao for as long as 3000 years. Most of the world's chocolate now comes from plantations intropical Africa. notably the Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire).

How much would it cost to cover the world in chocolate spread?

To work this out you would need to decide on a price of chocolate-spread per square metre; Let's say £1.46psm And say that the total land surface of the Earth is 148,327,070 square kilometres: Your answer would be roughly around: £216,080,000,000,000. Hopes this helps answer this bizarre quest ( Full Answer )

What about chocolate?

chocolate is a candy sweet which is solid and hard and it also has creamy things inside to like jam and cream ect ect ..........

How was Christianity spread to Mexico?

When Spanish conquistadors arrived to Mexico, they also brought Roman Catholic priests with them. Once they conquered all native peoples in Mexico, they swiftly converted them to Christianity.

How did chocolate get around the world from Mexico?

The cocoa plant had been cultivated in Mexico for thousands of years before the European's arrival during the 16th century. After Mexico was conquered in 1521 by Hernan Cortes, many products were exported from Mexico into Spain, and then into the rest of Europe. On the other hand, many products were ( Full Answer )

How did Mexico introduce chocolate th the world?

Before the Spanish Conqistadors arrived in Central America, the Mayans discovered a bean of the Cacao tree that carried a delicious substance to it. The Mayans loved it, and when the Aztecs heard of this "cacao juice" they were obsessed with it (they even used it as currency for a while). Upon Spain ( Full Answer )

What has chocolate have in it?

seretonin anti oxidants glucose cocoa butter milk fat lactose whey powder vegetable fat emulsifier hope this helps :)

Where do you get the chocolate?

Hi. I hope this is right. I am new to answers.com and this is my first answer so I hope this is lucky. Well, you get the chocolate from cocoa beans. Simple as that!

What has chocolate in it?

Many sweets have chocolate in them for instance;oreo cookies,hot chocolate,chocolate chip cookies to name a few.

Is Hershey's Chocolate now made in Mexico?

Per the Hershey Corporation web site there are seven production facilities, only one of which is located in Mexico: . Hershey, PA - Manufacturing plant for Hershey's Milk Chocolate bars, Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Almonds bars, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Kit Kat bars are made. . West Hers ( Full Answer )

Is Mexico' s chocolate spicy?

No. Most probably, you have already eaten or drink Mexicanchocolate: it is actually grown in Mexico in the form of cocoaplantations; Mexico is the 13th largest producer of such crop inthe world with 27,174 tonnes of cocoa beans (2010)

Where can you get chocolates from?

Switzerland is a famous source of chocolate confections. But thispopular treat enjoys commercial producers in many nations. Kalevbegan making chocolates by 1806 in Estonia. Cadbury started up inthe UK by 1826. The German Stollwerck still produces chocolatesthey first marketed in 1836. Lindt & Sprà ( Full Answer )

Does Mexico eat chocolate often?

Yes. Mexico is the 8th largest producer of cocoa beans in the world. It is also a very popular drink (hot chocolate) and candy.

Why is chocolate so important to Mexico?

Chocolate is important to Mexico because it was first "invented" inMexico over 3000 years ago (Aztec: xocolatl ), (Maya: chocolha ).

Does Chocolate Abuelita come from Mexico?

Yes. Chocolate Abuelita originally started in Mexico since 1940 byChocolates La Azteca. It was bought by Nestle and imported aroundthe world in 1995.