Where did choir originate from?

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Choir/Choral Music came from: Jupiter(Say:Jun-ie-ar)-A little town in France that was wipped off the map!
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What is the tabernacle choir?

Probably you are referring to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. See the links below for some information.

What is choir about?

Choir is people singing together. the general meaning of choir is doing things together, so generally they rehearse and warm up either as a whole or in their parts.

What is the choir?

A Choir is a group of people who sing peaceful non vilent songs together.

Where was the original Nashville Union Mission as mentioned in the Larry Gatlin song The Midgnight Choir?

The union mission mentioned in Larry Gatlin's song "Midnight Choir" is located at 639 Lafayette St., Nashville, TN. in an old Sears building. In the song Larry Gatlin credits

How old is choir?

Choir is typically originated from Ancient Greece and the MedievalEra.

Why there is a choir in the church?

God wants us to sing joyful songs to Him. Besides, a lot of churches now don't have choirs. The whole congregation sings.
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How do you start a choir?

well, you could gather some friends and try out :) audition your friends, and try to gather as many members as possible. or maybe get someone you know who is from a choir to j
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Why choirs sing?

Why do soccer plays run? Singing is what makes a choir. You cant have a choir if no one sings. Just like you cant have a soccer team if no one runs.
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Where are public choirs?

Public choirs are choirs that are open to the public and you dont need to have an audition to join that choir I hope my answer helped
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What is a choir in music?

a choir is a group of people singing together for the purpose of harmony or competition maybe both.