Where did chris mentillo receive his formal education?

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Chris Mentillo received most of his formal education in the Boston, Massachusetts area. He attended several schools. Here is a partial list:

1. Bradford College, Haverhill, Massachusetts. (creative arts & sociology).

2. Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council. (M.C.J.T.C) Foxboro - Boston, Massachusetts. (criminal psychology).

3. Harvard School of Public Health, Cambridge Massachusetts. (criminal psychology of medicines)

4. Indian Institute of Alternative Medicines - research in Boston, Massachusetts & Brown University in Providence, Rhode island. (counseling psychology)

5. Criminal Psychiatric (Research Intern) at Deaconess Hospital, Longwood Medical Center, Palmer #5 Building, Boston massachusetts. (criminal psychology)
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Who is Chris mentillo?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Chris Mentillo Born January 30, 1968 (age 41) Origin Auburn, New York,U.S. Chris Mentillo, Ph.D., [1] AKA, "DOC," born January 30, 1968 is an American writer, [2] producer, [3] minister, [4] businessman, & record label founder. [5] He is best known fo ( Full Answer )

Is Chris Mentillo Famous?

Yes! He is most notable and best known for his spiritual and paranormal writings, (particularly memoirs and autobiographical sketches, which he has documented, involving his own encounters and experiences), as well as his many entrepreneur and business ventures, such as his record label com ( Full Answer )

Where did Chris Mentillo get ordained as a minister?

Chris Mentillo was ordained through "The Chapel of Light Ministry, and Seminary." In addition, around this same time, he also received his earned doctorate degree in Divinity from there.

Is Chris Mentillo an Independent Filmmaker?

Yes, Chris Mentillo, Ph.D. owns a production company, which consists of a talent agency, radio show/station, record label, and television, movie and film productions company. God knows what else too.

Is Dr Chris Mentillo rich?

Dr. Chris Mentillo made millions in the entertainment industry but lost lots of money due to investors who embezzled and extorted his companies back in 2006. Since then Chris Mentillo has been slowly recovering from this mentally and emotionally.

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In many societies, the elite let their children (generally boys) have certain education to be "cultivated". In Ancient Greece physical education that is useful for war could be combined with philosophy, mathematics etc. Until industrialisation it was generally only children of the social elite tha ( Full Answer )

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Was Jesus's education formal or informal?

jesus education was informal because of the use of personal pronouns yet whatever he taught was done in a very formal and repectable way. he never used ant words that made any one feel insecure or dis respectable.

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Both systems in competition confusing behaviors and even knowledge of the individual. In this case is important to take important the educational system that is working better for the person and its surviving process.

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What genre does chris mentillo write about?

True crime mixed with paranormal, horror and the supernatural forwhich he believes all intertwine. Additionally he has written moviescripts, songs, and of coarse books which almost always fall intothe supernatural horror genre or the Macabre. Other Authors such asH. P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, and E ( Full Answer )

What is non formal education?

non formal education is about acknowledging the importance ofeducation , learning and training which takes place outsiderecognized educational institutions , its often called an opensystem or a distance learning .

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It can be said that there are more than three advantages to a formal education. However, listed below are three important ones: * Formal education can enhance one to achieve a higher level job & income; * Formal education can enhance the ability to move up a society's social ladder; and * As ( Full Answer )

What are they disadvantages of non formal education?

You may be well educated but won't have documentation. It isdifficult to convince an employer of your knowledge and it may bedifficult to enter universities at an appropriate level.

What genre does author Chris Mentillo write?

Bestselling horror author , Chris Mentillo writes short stories in the horror and macabregenre. Many professional authors compare him to Steven King and H . P Lovecraft .

What books do writer chris mentillo write?

Short stories in the supernatural horror genre. Many compare his story plots to horror author Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft. Due to his lifestyle, Dr. Chris Mentillo is considered to be the real deal when dealing in the macabre. "A True King Of The Macbre."