Where did chritopher Columbus think he had sailed to when he landed in America?

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He thought he had landed in Asia.
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Where in the Americas did Christopher Columbus land first?

an island in the Carribbean sea, the bahamas. _________ Actually, to be more precise, his first landing was Guanahani in the bahamas. Then his next stop in Dominican Republic/ Haiti. Where did he settle first in the United States? Florida? Georgia? Alabama? Puerto Rico is a territory, not a ( Full Answer )

Where did christopher Columbus land in America?

On October 12, 1492, Columbus landed at a small island in the Bahamas, which many think was Watling Island, later renamed San Salvador Island in honor of the event.

How long did it take Columbus to sail to America?

Two months and eight days. Two months, from the 3rd of August to the 12th October 1492. To elaborate on the above data left by others, much of the overalltime was spent sailing to the Canary Islands for supplies first. Ittook approximately 37 days for him to get from those islands to theBahamas. H ( Full Answer )

When did columbus set sail for america?

Columbus left the port city of Palos in Spain on August 3, 1492. Hehad three ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

When was chritopher Columbus born?

The exact date when Christopher Columbus was born is not known. Hewas however born sometime between October 31, 1450 and October 30,1451. He died on May 20, 1506 at around age 54.

Did anyone influence Chritopher Columbus?

Yes, there were many people who had a great influence onChristopher Columbus. These people included family and ship crewwho influenced his work in South America.

Where did Columbus think he landed when he got to America?

Christopher Columbus thought he landed on india . No, actually he would've thought he landed on Indonesia because if you went around the world and the Americas weren't there, you would not land in India because it's behind Indonesia.

Where did Columbus sail from to America?

On his first voyage he set sail fromPalos in Southern Spain on August 3, 1492, on his second voyage he set sail from Hierro in the Canary Islands on October 13, 1493. On his third voyage he set sail from Sanlucar in Southern Spain on May 30, 1498. Then on his fourth and final voyage he set sail from ( Full Answer )

Was Christopher Columbus the first to sail to America?

As far as we know, the Native Indians were the first people to ever live in America. If anyone sailed to America before, we may never know. But as far as facts and history tells us, yes, Christopher Columbus was the first person (or European) to ever sail to the Americas..

Where was Columbus headed when he accidentally landed in the Americas?

Columbus was headed to India so he could trade and receive riches, but according to the mistaken source he used (Marco Polo's travel book) he was led to belive that he could sail west from Europe and reach India, heading in the same direction to get him back home. (I hope this answers your questio ( Full Answer )

Why did chistopher Columbus think he land in Asia?

he first went on the voyage thinking he could go west to get east (Asia) instead of going around the cape of good hope (southern tip of Africa). they didnt know America exsisted then so naturally he thought he had found Asia when he saw land.

What period and era did Columbus sail for America?

Columbus sailed in 1492, generally taken as the late Middle Ages or early Renaissance. Actually, he didn't sail 'for America' since he had no idea that it was there - he was looking for a route to China and the East Indies.

Was Chritopher Columbus the second person to come to Trinidad?

No, there were natives living on Trinidad before Columbus even had the idea of what a ship even was. However, Columbus was one of the first Europeans to set food on Trinidad, because he revealed its existence to Europeans.

Did Columbus land in the Americas?

Technically, yes - he landed in an area of what we call today The Dominican Republic, which is part of the Americas.

Why was Columbus unaware that he had landed in North America?

Simply because he was unaware that North America was here. The traditional story is that Columbus traveling west was looking for another route to Asia in an attempt to undercut the Portuguese who controlled Asian trade. He was operating from the theories of Ptolemy, who had calculated the circumfere ( Full Answer )

What did christopher Columbus do at America when he landed there?

He opened the doorway for more europeans to come to the Americas and spred disease & start wars & enslave the natives.. & then turn around and act like they are the only ones that belong in the US & start kicking out people who's anceastors have been here for many thousands of years

Who landed first on America before Columbus?

the vikings were the first to step foot on America before Columbus. then the first nations heard the vikings were staying so battle broke and the vikings left and never came back. in 1962 archaeologists found evidence of vikings

Where did Christopher Columbus first land in 1492 in the Americas?

The exact location of Columus's first landing site is in dispute.His biographer claims to have recounted from Columus's journal theisland was called Lucayos. In any event, most historians agree thathe landed on one of the islands in the Bahamas.