Where did climate change take place?

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Which will be the best place to live in case of climate change?

Answer from Davidmt1: Sadly there will not be a completely safe place to live. However in the northern US will be safest.You should also be away from the ocean because of sea level rise. States such as Montana, Idaho,North Dakota and inland Whashington and Oregon will be safest.

What energy change take place in your eye?

The process by which light is detected by the human eye andconverted to an image is a serious of energy changes. Light is thefirst energy which causes chemical reactions. These reactions arethen changed to electrical energy signals which are sent to thebrains through the optical nerve.

How do chemical change takes place?

A chemical change takes place when two chemicals combine to form anew chemical. This is called a chemical reaction.

A hot and wet climate causes weathering to take place?

Yes. The heat causes evaporation from the wetness to occur and form condensation(clouds). Then when the clouds get too heavy with the moisture, precipitation takes place(in the form of rain).

What happens when a physical change takes place?

When a physical change takes place, a certain element or chemicalwill change its shape and in many cases, the volume too. Watertakes the shape of the mold casing once it freezes.

How is the climate changing?

The climate is getting much warmer, this means sea levels arerising lots of ice will melt in the arctic, theres increasing airtemperatures and ocean temperatures infact global sea level hasrised by 17cm in the 20th century also the global temperature hasincreased by 0.74 degrees celsius

Changes that are taking place in life insurance?

Life insurance companies are a lot more strict now that there are increased rates of cancer, especially lung cancer. Some insurance companies won't even cover you or have less of a chance of covering you if you are a smoker. Most life insurance companies require that you have a physical exam and ( Full Answer )

What is climate and why does it change?

"Climate" is a very general term that has a variety of closely related meanings. Usually, "climate" refers to the average, or typical, weather conditions observed over a long period of time for a given area. For instance, the climate of Wisconsin in the winter is cold, with occasional snow. The cli ( Full Answer )

What change takes place when solid changes to gas?

It depends of which kind of change of state you mean. If you mean from solid to liquid and finally to gas, then basically the atoms in the material begin to change from their more rigid state to a more "free" state. They can move about more easily. Also, when solid, a material has a defined shaped ( ( Full Answer )

What causes a chemical change to take place?

The nuclei of two atoms fuse together in a process called nuclear fusion but, only some elements can combine.. Example Na+Cl=NaCl or Salt. Na=Sodium Cl=Chlorine

Where do chemical changes take place?

In the nature or in the industry, in laboratories or in the all living organisms; all in the world is chemistry or physics.

What happens when a chemical change takes place?

When a chemical change happens, a physical property is change. A physical property something that you could use to describe something or someone with your senses.

How did climate change start in the first place?

We began burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). This releases carbon dioxide that has been hidden underground for millions of years. This is EXTRA to the natural carbon cycle that moves carbon dioxide in and out of the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that traps the sun's ( Full Answer )

What type of agriculture takes place in the Mediterranean climate?

In Mediterranean climate, the wet season is often winter and spring ,the dry season is often summer and autumn.Many plant grow mostly in the winter in spring,because there is little rainfall during the summer. Agriculture requires water stored in reservoirs from winter rain water.

How did you know that a chemical change is taking place?

You can tell if something is a chemical changes or a physical change. Examples: Question 1) Ice melting. Answer 1) Physical change because nothing has changed just the shape of the ice. Reversing ice is easy. Question 2) Wick on a candle changes colour from white to black. Answer 2) Ch ( Full Answer )

A hot and wet climate causes wethering to take place?

Definitely yes,as a result of alternate wetting and drying caused by changes in the climate from wet to dry,there would be a contineous expansion and contraction of rocks due to swelling during precipitation when water is absorbed,and shrinking when rock surfaces get dried.This activity weakens rock ( Full Answer )

What are changes that takes place in the skeleton with aging?

Bone mass or density is lost as people age, particularly women after they have reached menopause. The bones lose calcium and other minerals. The spine is made up of bones called vertebrae. inter vertebral disks the gel cushions between the vertebrae lose fluid and become thinner. vertebrae lose some ( Full Answer )

What change take place with the vapor?

The original ideas of water vapour process are found in the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead. Various theological and philosophical aspects have been expanded and developed by Charles Hartshorne (1897-2000), John B. Cobb, Jr., and David Ray Griffin. A characteristic of process theology each of t ( Full Answer )

How do the change of seasons take place?

The season change because of Earth's orbit. Well , the Earth actually is always slightly slanted when it moves around. So when the Earth is going around the sun , the sun will shine rather straight to the northern hemisphere or the southern. So when the sun shine near the southern hemisphere i ( Full Answer )

How long does it take climate to change?

Natural climate change during most of the Cenozoic has occurredover a hundred thousand year cycle known as the Milankovich Cycle.This has been earth's primary driver of climate for millions ofyears. Any given year might be unusually warm or unusually cold. Thesenatural variations are not considered ( Full Answer )

What takes place when a gas changes to a liquid?

A gas changing to a liquid is considered "condensation". A most common examples of condensation is the forming of little water droplets on the side of a bottle of water grabbed directly from the refrigerator on a hot day.

How long does it take for change in schools to take place?

Schools, that is to say mainstream educational establishments of all types, are usually run by large organizations such as governments or churches. This means any change will always be slow to take place. Change can be effected, in schools as in other organizations, in ways other than going throu ( Full Answer )

How long does it take for climate to change?

It normally takes thousands of years, for example, from the last Ice Age till now. However the recent global warming and climate change has been happening extremely fast, like in the past twenty or thirty years. The earth has never warmed up so fast before. This is why climate change is so dangero ( Full Answer )

How long does climate take to change?

The minimum time scale used by climate scientists is five years.This is why most of their data is represented by seasonalmeasurements (to indicate the extent of noise) and a five yearrunning average to chart climate trends. Natural climate change during most of the Cenozoic has occurredover a hundr ( Full Answer )

What are the changes that take place during puberty?

Here is a simplified checklist of what occurs during the different stages of puberty for boys and girls. _____________________________________________________ In Males: Stage I - Prepubertal appearance - Testicular volume less than 1.5 ml - Penis 3 cm or smaller Stage II - Small ( Full Answer )

When a ruler is placed into a clear container what changes take place?

-- Some of the air in the container is forced out, being displacedby the volume of the ruler, and being unable to occupy that same space at thesame time. If there is liquid in the container, then the same goes for theliquid. -- If there is liquid in the container, then at least part of theruler bec ( Full Answer )

How can change take place without conflict?

As long as people agree, they can act cooperatively to create change without conflict. Obtaining people's agreement is the tricky part. But sometimes it does happen.

How chemical change takes place?

It happens whenever one or more atoms move on or off a molecule, even it it is just to be rearranged elsewhere on said molecule.

How does the chemical change has take place?

it takes place two elements in matter reacts for example a metal when a metal was drop into the water it will rust thats because oxygen from the water reacts with the components of the metal

What is climatic changes?

"Climatic" comes from the word "climate" or "weather". so it means that by time-to-time, the weather changes.

What changes take place when gas freeze?

Before a gas can freeze it must first condense and become a liquid. Then the liquefied gas can freeze if the temperature or pressure is reduced enough. The change that take place is that the molecules move much slower and interact with each other more often, producing the physical characteristics of ( Full Answer )

Does a chemical change always take place?

No, not always. For example, if you mix salt and water, no chemical change takes place. The salt dissolves in the water and a solution is formed, which is not a chemical change because the salt and water retain their individual chemical compositions.

What energy change takes place in a refregerator?

Electricity runs the pump that compresses the Freon. 'Hot' compressed Freon goes into cooling tubes in the back or bottom of the refrigerator where it condenses to a liquid. The 'cool' liquid Freon goes thru a valve that maintains pressure on one side, but on the low pressure side the Freon vaporize ( Full Answer )