Where did cold harbor take place?

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How did the bombing of Pearl Harbor take place?

Answer . \nJapan and US were on talking terms, trying to negotiate the oil problem. That was the us was threatening to stop oil flow to japan. This angered japan. While on talking terms, japan went behind the us's back and started planning the big "takedown". They planned this out like week ( Full Answer )

Did Pearl Harbor take place during the Cold War?

Answer . No, Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese on December 7th, 1941. It was the end of the "cold war" that the US was waging against the Axis in World War II and the start of their "hot war" involvement.\n. \n"Cold war" and "hot war" can be used as general, descriptive terms, as demonstra ( Full Answer )

When did the Cold War take place?

It started shortly after WWII ended in the late 1940's when the allied forces were dividing up Germany. Russia took half of Berlin and East Germany and the rest of the Allied forces got the rest. Russia immediately refused entrance or exit of any citizen once they took over their claimed lands and t ( Full Answer )

Why did the battle at Pearl Harbor take place?

Because the Japanese needed to expand their empir. The French, Dutch, British, Astralians and Americans all occupied the region. The French, Dutch and British were all fighting for their lives in Europe so Japan just walked in and took their colonies. The Astralians were not prepared to fight a war ( Full Answer )

Where did the Pearl Harbor take place?

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor during the Second World War took place at the city of Pearl, Oahu, Hawaii, whose harbor was (and still is) a major American naval base.

What is the significance of the Battle of Cold Harbor?

It was one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War for the Union. Thousands died in a frontal assault on entrenched Confederate troops. Neither side gained an advantage from the battle.

Where did the Cold War take place?

the cold war actually necer really had a certain place that it was taken at but it did have to do with the U.S and Russia after world war II

What happened at the battle of cold harbor?

The last time Grant tried to put on a big frontal assault against Lee. It failed at a high cost in casualties, and Grant learned his lesson. From then on, he just crowded Lee into a corner and kept him there till he ran out of men.

Why did the cold war take place?

Russia immediately refused entrance or exit of any citizen once they took over their claimed lands and the war began

When did cold war take place?

The Cold toke place from 1945 to 1991. It started at the Yalta Conference Feburary 4th through 11th 1945. And it ended without a signal shot in 1991 with american the victor.

What countries did the cold war take place in?

The Cold War was the NAME of a military stand-off between the USSR & US both of whom were armed with Nuclear Weapons.. The Atomic Weapons created the Cold War.. There was no actual war fought.

Where did the cold war take place at?

The cold war never really took place. It was when the USA and Russia threatened that they were going to launch nuclear missiles. There were arms bases stationed all throughout the coast of the USA, ready to launch missiles at the command of there leader (the president)

Why started the Battle of Cold Harbor?

General lee was crackin jokes bought Grants mom so he was like no.. and went down to the cold harbor and brought his boys. and bam. war.

Why did the Boston tea party take place in Boston harbor in December 1775?

I'm only in sixth grade. so please don't blame me if this is wrong. the reason it took place is because the colonists were unhappy with the taxation without representation. So they went to the Boston harbor, this is the biggest harbor in the area. They dumped buckets, upon buckets of tea. They then ( Full Answer )

Why was cold harbor important?

The Battle of Cold Harbor was fought from May 31 to June 12, 1864 (with the most significant fighting occurring on June 3). It was one of the final battles of Union Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant's Overland Campaign during the American Civil War, and is remembered as one of American history's bloodiest, ( Full Answer )

How and why did the cold war take place?

Hence the name, 'cold war', the cold war is the war that never turned hot. It was the arms race between the Americans and the Russians, or as some like to think of it, capitalism and communism. It all started after the end of the second world war, when the Russians, the British, The French and Th ( Full Answer )

Where exactly did Pearl Harbor take place?

Pearl Harbor is in Hawaii, which at the time was a US Territory. The Navy base at Pearl is still there. The main attack was against the ships and airfields on the island and several specific locations where attacked.

How did the attack of the Pearl Harbor take place?

well japan was after more land in there empire so they desided to take china which made the united states cut the oil to japan so they could slow the empire down japan didnt take it kindly and knew that they would enter the war soon so japan desided to try and cripple there navy in the hope to slow ( Full Answer )

Why did the pearl harbor attack take place in Hawaii?

Hawaii was the center of American Naval Power in the Pacific. The destruction was intended to cripple the US Navy so that no force could be mustered against the Japanese expansion. Unfortunately for the Japanese, the US carriers were not in port.

What was the purpose of the Battle of Cold Harbor?

Grant's attempt to destroy the Army of Northern Virginia through force of numbers in a huge frontal attack. It failed, and the Siege of Petersburg draged on for many more months. Grant later said that Coldharbour was his biggest mistake and his biggest regret. Answer: Improve Grant's offensive ( Full Answer )

What is the Cold War and where did it take place?

The Cold War was a unique kind of war fought between Communist and Free World ideologies from 1945 to 1989. In some places it involved espionage. In some places it involved diplomacy and propaganda. And in some places like Vietnam, Korea, and Afghanistan it involved real war. The principal opponents ( Full Answer )

What was the importance Battle of Cold Harbor?

It was the last Confederate line in defence of their Capital: Richmond, Virginia. And it was the scene of endless attrition, which Grant knew he would win, because he had ended prisoner-exchanges, and when Sherman despoiled the Georgia farmlands, he knew that the Confederate armies would starve bef ( Full Answer )

Was cold harbor the nickname?

No, it was a small town. 'Cold harbour' is an old classification for a hotel that is not obliged to serve hot food.

When did the battle of Cold Harbor?

The First encounter took place early on June 1, 1864 when the Union Cavalry Division led by Gen. Philip Sheridan, supported by the VI Corp led by Gen. Horatio Wright managed to repulsed the assault of I Confederate First Corp but then failed to break the Confederate entrenched line. The second enc ( Full Answer )

Did France take place in the Cold War?

I am sorry while as a Canadian it would be nice to think of France as an incident, it was not. ;) I think the question is did France take part in the cold war and did the cold war happen in France. Generally France is a NATO country and was actively involved in Opposing the USSR and its goals during ( Full Answer )

When did cold harbor take place?

On May 31, 1864, Gen. Sheridan managed to occupy Old Cold Harbor, repulsing the Confederate's counter attacks. On June 3, 1864 the Union forces broke out an offensive against the opposite Confederate positions but they were repulsed with a loss of about 7000 dead and wounded.

Where did the Cold War take place in Berlin?

A large part of the Cold War staring contest took place in Berlin, which was then divided, although the city was located entirely within Communist East Germany. Suggest you search "Berlin Airlift" and "Berlin Wall" for further info on Berlin's role in the Cold War.

Who beat lee to cold harbor?

Grant - but his big attack failed. Then Lee managed to beat Lee to Petersburg, where the siege lasted about nine months before the Confederates finally ran out of manpower.

What change takes place in the liquid inside a thermometer when it is placed into somthing cold?

The liquid inside the thermometer "contracts" when it is placed into something cold. This means that it decreases in volume and increases in density. This is the reason that the thermometer can measure heat: the volume of the liquid inside the thermometer changes as a function of heat, and the amoun ( Full Answer )

Did the attack on Pearl Harbor take place during World War 2?

The Attack on Pearl Harbor started WWII for the Americans but it was already going in Europe for several years. After the attack the Unites States declared war on Japan and Germany bringing the U.S. into the war.

What are the battle plans of Cold Harbor?

Grant put on a big offensive to try to destroy Lee's army in one day. \n. \n. It was a costly failure, and after that Grant settled for siege warfare.

What where the goals in cold harbor?

On May 31,1864, trying to attack and defeat the left wing of Lee's Army, Grant ordered Sheridan to seize and hold the position of Old Cold Harbor. Sheridan carried successfully out the action and repealed the Confederate's counterattacks, so that the place remained in Union hands. But Lee had extend ( Full Answer )

What was the impact of cold harbor?

Grant decided not to try any more big assaults against Lee's army, and settled down to a long siege, which ended by winning the war.

Where did it take place in cold war?

The cold war did not take place in any specific location. It did however involve the United States and Russia because they were the only super powers left in the world after WWII.

Why and when did the cold war take place?

The Cold War took place between the years 1945 to 1990. Both of the world's two superpowers of that time period, the US and the USSR, were deeply suspicious of each other and feared that they would become the victim of a global power struggle, therefore they both constantly maneuvered for any availa ( Full Answer )

What took place at the battle of cold harbor?

Grant's offensive aiming to breakthrough the Confederate center and right was beaten off. The Federals losses after about an hour of assaults were 7,000 dead or wounded against less than 1'500 Confederates.