Where did collies originate?

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well as you will know all dogs come from a wolf and have been bread to have small bodies or large tails as it depends what dog you cross it with but The origin and history of the Collie dog breed is not entirely know, but I do know that the Collie originated in Scotland and flourished in England since the 1800s
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Is a Webkinz collie out?

I know where the collie is .. They have in Dillars. There is a lot of them in there.

Who is Ronald collis?

Ron Collis a Private Investigator who practises in Melbourne, Australia. His speciality is the location of missing persons. He is also a Process Server.

What are the Characteristics of collies?

They love being in big open places. They have LOTS of energy so they need regular walking and they like to play with toys because they get bored easily and if they're bored the could be destructive! They also are VERY furry so they will need regular grooming and baths.

What does collie mean?

a collie is a sheepdog. it is meant to be the most intelligent dog breed.

Where do collies live?

Usually collies can be kept anywhere in the world as long as they are cared for!

Do collies shed?

Collies do shed but remember Collies need extra care with their fur and can't run to long in the heat without water.

Is there a type of collie called a fell collie?

Hi, not that i know of. There are 5 types of collie which are: Rough Collie Bearded Collie Border Collie Smooth Collie Shetland collie. these help more : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collie http://www.collienet.com/index.html

How big do collies get?

The normal Collie, or shelten sheep dog can be about 2 ft tall. There breed splits too ways. So the Miniture collie is around 1 ft tall.

Food for collies?

i recomend raw meat. because its much healthier than commercial dog food . commercial dog food has plastic,dog collers,rats,ginuea pigs, horse shoes amd things like that. all of the spare things that get left out all go into this mixer and created into commercial dog,cat, and other pets food. we hav ( Full Answer )

Where did collies come from?

If you mean what place of origin the United Kingdom. It was originaly called the Scotch Collie. It has been thought to have been brought to the New World (what is now the United States) by settlers. PS:I like your question

Are there collies on Dogz?

yes, collies are dogz.collies is a type of dog just like maltesse or pug they all are the same but some are meaner then others.

Are collies mean?

\nNo they are not mean. Well they can be mean if you are mean to them. But they are mostly sweet and loving dogs.

Who is Sofi Collis?

She won the Name The Rover contest and named the most recent Mars Rovers: Spirit and Oppurtunity. . She won the Name The Rover contest and named the most recent Mars Rovers: Spirit and Oppurtunity.

What diseases can collies get?

Collies, also known as the shetlen sheep dog, have very good amune systems. The worst recorded sickness for the are heartworms and all dogs get those. They are a skitish breed so the eat drt alot which is the cause of worms.

What collie was lassie?

Lassie was a rough-coated standard collie The one on TV was a rough coated sable collie, the one in the Lassie Come Home book is described as a tri color collie, but pictured as a sable. There are several color varieties of collies as well as some with a smooth or short coat.

How do you groom your collie?

It depends on which breed of collie you have. There are several, but they are very different: the rough collie, smooth collie, the border collie, and the bearded collie . The rough collie is the Lassie-type dog, and usually, having two brushes is good for normal daily purposes. Show grooming is much ( Full Answer )

Where was the Collie originally from?

Collies originated in the Scottish Highlands and were used to protect flocks of sheep or herds of cattle. These dogs were also probably used as all-around farm helpers and even hunting companions. There are several variations of the breed -- rough, smooth, bearded and border collies -- all of which ( Full Answer )

What state are collies from?

There are several collie breeds coming from Australia but all(even those coming from Austrailia) originated in Britain. If by "state" you mean in USA, none are from America. Do the Americans really think they can claim such a kind creature?! Jokes hon jokes.

What are mini collies?

Mini-collies are called shelties. They are about as big as a shizu, but their fur makes them look larger. They have the same traits and characteristics as regular collies.

What is collie?

A collie is a distinctive type of herding dog, ultimately originating in Britain , especially in the upland areas of the north and west.

What do collies like?

Collies are very loyal to their owner. They love knowing their owner is safe at all times, and they also enjoy lots of affection. They also enjoy chew toys and socializing with other dogs.

Is there any difference between a border collie and a collie?

The Border Collie has a more tall, lean and muscular structure- whilst the Collie has a much longer snout, head shape, and bone structure. I show Border Collies, and after a while- they look completely different. But they already do so I don't know what the problem is about noticing the difference.

Do collies have dander?

Yes. Most dogs do. If you're looking for a hypoallergenic dog, try shih-tzus, bichon frise, any hairless breed, border terriers, Irish water spaniel, lhasa apso, Maltese, samoyed, tibetan or wheaten terriers, or a yorkie. I'm sure there are other breeds out there as well if you don't care for any of ( Full Answer )

Are collies crosseyed?

I got a collie puppy form the RSPCA last Christmas and his eyes were slightly out. As he grew they became straight and now you could never tell that he had bad eyes when he was a puppy. However, this does not occur in every collie and is just a genetic glitch.

What is a collies temperament?

From my experience, they are very well mannered, easy to medium to train, fairly intelligent, good with kids, other dogs, and strangers. However, if they're all like mine-they need plenty of exercise, and lots of time with their owners. Otherwise, they get very frustrated and can start to cause prob ( Full Answer )

Is a papillon related to a border collie?

This is a hard one. After doing research I could not pinpoint adirect link between them. Though a lot of collie breeds can tracetheir roots to spaniel breeds. I found broad non-specific breedinformation about spaniels being bred to get certain traits in acollie. A genetic test would have to be run o ( Full Answer )

What do the border collies eat?

Border Collies mostly eat dog food but other human food can be eaten. They can eat green beans, hotdogs, roast beef, corn, sausage, and sometimes scrambled eggs are okay.( Note: I wouldn't give your dog to many scrambled eggs because sometimes dogs have a stomach that can only have just mostly dog f ( Full Answer )

What is a border collie?

A Border Collie is a herding dog. It is normally black ad white, but can also be tri colored, red or Merle. They are intense, hard working dogs and need a lot of activity. They are very trainable and are widely regarded as the most intelligent dog breed.

Do collies cast?

My collie DOSE cast but only twice a year. Before the spring/summer (to take of the winter coat) and before the autumn/winter (to take of the summer coat and to grow in a thick winter coat) if you brush your dog during this peiroud i really dose help!

Where can you get a Border Collie?

You can get a Border Collie from a reputable dog breeder if you want a puppy with a known pedigree and history or is interested in showing your dog. A breeder recommended by a friend or a relative is the best, as some breeders may sell unhealthy puppies. You may also get a Border Collie from an a ( Full Answer )

Vaccines for collies?

Same as any other dog, but they may need their eyes checked more carefully than other breeds.

Can you mate a red merle collie with a blue merle collie?

No (although rough collies don't come in "red merle;" they come in sable merle, though it can be difficult to tell an adult is a merle). In general, however, if you mate two merles, the litter will wind up including an average of 25% homozygous merles, which will usually be excessively white and hav ( Full Answer )

Is the collie the same as the border collie?

No. The breed referred to as just the "Collie" is a very different breed than the Border Collie. In fact, the Collie is usually called a Rough Collie or Smooth Collie, based on whether it has long or short hair. Some Hollywood examples of each: Lassie was a Collie. Fly from the movie Babe was a Bo ( Full Answer )

How heavy is a collie will he be?

i have a collie that weighs about 65 pounds but she is a little under weight an adult collie that is at the right weight should weigh about 70-80 pounds

What is a collie bitch?

It is a female collie, old enough and able to mate. All female canines that can mate are known as bitches

What is collie in Gaelic?

In (Scottish) Gaelic it is coilidh. In Irish (Gaelic) it is madra caorach (sheep dog) or sípéir ('sheeper'). In Manx: moddey cloh, moddey keyrragh

What is the same about the collie and a smooth coated border collie?

There isn't really a smooth-coated border collie. The border collie is a different breed, but the rough collie, with a long double coat, and the smooth collie, with a shorter coat, are pretty closely related. The rough collie and the smooth collie both originated for herding purposes in the British ( Full Answer )

Are Collies the same as Border Collies?

Nope. They're different dog breeds. Border collies are the smartest dog breed and the most common color is black and white but can also be brown and white. Both are great herding dogs but border collies are the best herding dogs because of their intelligence. Border collies also need a job to be hap ( Full Answer )

Can a collie and a border collie be called the same?

Kind of. They are both herding dogs, and they come from the same dog family, but border collies and collies look different. A border collie can be brown, or black, while collies are a bunch of different colors like: brown, light brown, and black. hope this helped!

Are collies endangered?

Smooth Collies are and soon Rough Collies will be too, because people are so focused on breeds like the Border Collie or a lab/retriever. It seems to me people are no longer fascinated by the breed or they have simply forgotten about this wonderful dog. I own 2 Smooth Collie's.

What is the meaning of collies?

Collies is the plural of Collie which is a type of dog. A Collie is a sheepdog with long hair and has traditionally bred in Scotland. These are extremely intelligent dogs.