Where did colonel Benedict Arnold capture a supply of weapons from the colonies at?

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Fort Ticonderoga.
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What did Benedict Arnold do?

He was a general in the American military during the Revolutionary War, but he betrayed America and helped Britain because he wanted money, power and prestige. Although he secretly sold the plans of West Point's defenses to the British, the spy transporting them was captured, and Arnold was exposed ( Full Answer )

Who was Benedict Arnold?

Benedict Arnold (1741-1801) was a colonial general who is infamousfor betraying his post and defecting to the British army. His namehas become synonymous with "traitor".

Who is Benedict Arnold?

He was in the Revolutionary War on the colonists' side, but after being found guilty of treason, he began helping the British.

Why did Benedict Arnold betray his country?

he wanted a higher rank and a better pay, for he was deeply in debt however, he mostly betrayed his country for his wife, margaret. if you research her, she is the real 'benedict arnold'. she had relations with another british soldier named andre and she got benedict to switch sides. there wasnt exa ( Full Answer )

Why did Benedict Arnold turn traitor?

It is believed that Benedict Arnold was frustrated over his situation and not optimistic about the future of the US. Although he was a very capable officer, he had been passed over for promotion several times and he had spent a large amount of his own money on the war effort. The British gave him ( Full Answer )

What did Benedict Arnold do to become a traitor?

Benedict Arnold became a traitor because he did not agree with America.He was a great general and will always be remembered. Benedict Arnold was dissatisfied with his treatment by the Congress and other army officers, feeling he was not getting the recognition he deserved for his part in major batt ( Full Answer )

Where did Benedict Arnold go to school?

Benedict Arnold was born on January 14, 1741 in Norwich Connecticut. He was the sixth child born in the Arnold family. Sadly, all but one of his siblings died early because of yellow fever. The sibling that survived the sickness was his sister Hannah.. He went to school in a town called Canterbur ( Full Answer )

How did Benedict Arnold become a trader?

Benedict Arnold is the most well known traitor in history afterswitching sides during the Revolutionary War. While serving as aMajor General in the Continental Army, Benedict became bitter aboutperceived slights. He felt he was being passed over for promotionsand had been accused of corruption by fe ( Full Answer )

What is Benedict arnolds legacy?

Benedict Arnold's legacy became known as a traitor and he committedtreason. During the Revolutionary War he switched sides from theAmerican Army to the British.

Who is related to Benedict Arnold?

Hannah King and Benedict Arnold Sr. are Benedict Arnold's parents.Benedict Arnold is most known for being a traitor in the AmericanRevolutionary war.

Where and when did Benedict Arnold die?

Benedict Arnold, the military commander who defected during theAmerican Revolutionary War, was born in Norwich, Connecticut onJanuary 14, 1741. He died in London, United Kingdom on June 14,1801.

How did Benedict Arnold become famous?

He was a American traitor and a British traitor in the Revolutionary War. He is the biggest traitor in American history.

Why is Benedict Arnold important?

Some people think that Benedict Arnold is important because he was a traitor in the American Revolutionary War. He was first a great general for the American soldiers but then things all of sudden changed and he went over to be a British Soldier because he thought that the American soldiers would lo ( Full Answer )

What was the name of Benedict Arnold wife?

Benedict Arnold had two wives. The first one was MargaretMansfield. She died in 1767 though. His second wife was Margaret"Peggy" Shippen. WAIT JUST A MINUTE! Both woman had thename "Margaret". Wow....

How did Benedict Arnold get caught?

Benidict Arnold did not get caught but General George Washington found out by spies o the british that he was a traitor.

How did Benedict Arnold wife die?

Peggy Shippen Arnold moved to London, England in 1792. She remained there after Benedict's death in 1801. She died in August 24, 1804 reportedly of cancer.

Did Benedict Arnold have a wife?

Benedict Arnold was born in 1740 and died in 1801. He was marriedto Margaret Mansfield and then to Peggy Shippen.

What is the definition of Benedict Arnold?

Benedict Arnold was one of George Washington's generals. He gavesecrets and aided the British during the American Revolution. Ithas been a term that has been used for years to call someone atraitor. Mostly now days it is used jokingly like if you lived inTexas and were a football fan for years and s ( Full Answer )

How did Benedict Arnold become a hero?

Benedict Arnold was never really a hero since he was a traitor. Although, many people have said that if it wasn't for Benedict Arnold, many parts of the American revolution would not have been possible.

How many siblings did Benedict Arnold have?

He had an infant brother named Benedict Arnold V who died before him, then his sisters Mary and Elizabeth died of the yellow fever at young ages. His sole surviving sibling was Hannah, who stood by his side his whole life until his passing.

What is the significance of Benedict Arnold?

Benedict Arnold is regarded by some as the greatest traitor in American History. See the article below to find out more.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benedict_Arnold

Why is Benedict Arnold famous for?

For betraying his own side during the American Revolution. He was a general who betrayed the American Continental army to join our enemies, the British. He was angry because other generals took credit for his accomplishments in battle, and he was not given a promotion by the Continental Congress. Hi ( Full Answer )

How did Benedict Arnold betray your country?

He obtained command of West Point fort (located in New York) on September 23, 1780, and surrendered it to the British. He did not surrender it because his army was really losing, but because he had already planned to do so.

How did Benedict Arnold betray America?

He contacted the British in May of 1779 with an offer of information about US Congress and or government in exchange for money.

Where did Benedict Arnold grow up?

Benedict Arnold Grew up on the frontier. He then became a comander for Washintons army. He was one of the greatest. But then he betrayed America by joining with the English for fame and respect. But he never did get respect and he was looked down on as a traitor. If George W. wasnt president Benidic ( Full Answer )

How did Benedict Arnold contribute to society?

He contributes to society because he was in the American revolution war he was a traitor because he switched sides and and got caught betraying the Americans in 1780.

How did Benedict Arnold get captured?

Benedict Arnold was never captured. It was British Major John Andre, who was involved in the plan to hand West Point over to the British, that was captured by the Americans and hanged as a spy.

What religion was Benedict Arnold?

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Who is Benedict Arnold and what did he do?

He was a rebel general and traitor in the Revolutionary War. He planned to give the British the fort of West Point, but failed. He soon went to England

Who is Benediction Arnold?

He was a general during the American Revolutionary War who originally fought for the American Continental Army but switched sides to the British Empire. While he was still a general on the American side, he obtained command of the fort at West Point, New York, and plotted unsuccessfully to surrender ( Full Answer )

What did Benedict Arnold help the us?

Yes he did help the USA He was a great commander and without him we might not have won the revolutionary war but he did trade sides and helped the British

Was Benedict Arnold friends with the British?

Not originally. Benedict Arnold was an an American hero and one of America's best generals. After the capture of Fort Ticonderoga he came within a hair of capturing Canada. At the Battle of Saratoga his horse was shot from under him and he was wounded in the leg by a British musket ball. After he wa ( Full Answer )

Was Benedict Arnold a Democrat?

I personally wouldn't call him a democrat. He's both loyalist and patriot though. I thinks he's more of a loyalist though. But that's just my opinion.

Did Benedict arnolds wife die?

Yes both of his wives died. His first wife Margaret Mansfield died in 1775 and his second wife Peggy Shippen died 5 years after Benedict in 1806

How did Benedict Arnold mother die?

Well she jumped really high and tried to touch a cloud, but she missed the cloud and accidently touched the moon. Then, she pulled out a chunk of it and bit it. It tasted rotten so she touched the Sun instead. She had severe burn injuries on he face and left arm up to her shoulder blade. She then ju ( Full Answer )

Benedict Arnold who is he?

Benedict Arnold was a successful American revolutionary war leader who betrayed his country by becoming a spy for the British just for more money.

Who did Benedict Arnold love?

He loved his dog Renoldo the third of the Higharcy of England under the rule of Tom III from Scotland. Or RTHEUNTRTIIIFS for short

When did Benedict Arnold Become important?

Benedict Arnold became important during the war, because he was the worlds biggest traitor. You might also hear the saying you're such a Benedict Arnold - meaning you are a traitor. If you mean another Benedict, so state. There are many historical figures with that first name.

Why was Benedict Arnold a hero and a villain?

he was the villain because he told the british everything he knew about the amerian forces like A SPY. HE WAS A HERO BECAUSE HE TOLD THE BRITISH ABOUT THE AMERIACANS WHICH HELPED THE BRITISH ALOT. COPYWRITED SORRY

How is Benedict Arnold a Villain?

Benedict Arnold was a brilliant, and once a highly sucessful general for the continental army, but his growing discontent with the leadership of the continental forces led him to begin conspiring against the revolutionaries. He began giving away troop movements and weaknesses, culminating in his att ( Full Answer )

What did Benedict Arnold do as a general?

Benedict Arnold was a general during the American Revolutionary War who originally fought for the American Continental Army but defected to the British Army. While a general on the American side, he obtained command of the fort at West Point, New York, and plotted to surrender it to the Britis ( Full Answer )

What was significant about Benedict Arnold?

He was an american but he was a traitor and he went to the british side because they would lethim go up to a higher rank. so that is another term for traitor

What battles was Benedict Arnold involved in?

Arnold helped capture Fort Ticonderoga, which was not a battlebut was very important, but most of the credit is due to EthanAllen and the Green Mountain Boys. Arnold led an expedition throughthe Maine wilderness and participated in the Siege of Quebec, whichfailed to capture that city. Arnold suffer ( Full Answer )